The American manufacturer of military tactical equipment, the FirstSpear company, posted a small presentation of the Tubes X-Strap universal suspension system on its channel. This system allows you to quickly transform a platform vest using the FS Tubes fastening system into a lighter and more compact «bib» by dismantling the cover under the back plate and the cummerbund, if such is provided..


According to the manufacturer, this system allows you to comfortably use the vest paired with various backpacks, where the back plate can be placed, complete with soft body armor, as well as an independent element of universal equipment. The Tubes X-Strap system is formed by four adjustable nylon straps, which are connected in an X-shape through a wide and soft strap. At the edges of the lines there are adapters with a quick-release polymer fastener such as FS Tubes. The harness is available in four colors and is priced at $119.

  • Direct Action posted a video demonstrating the Warwick Slick Chest Rig.
  • Detailed video presentation of the new universal platform pouches produced by the American company Haley Strategic Partners.
  • Ferro Concepts has released a video showing their new DOPE Front Flap all-in-one platform system.

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