The Casio company recently posted a short video on its channel, in which it briefly introduced the key features of the new G-Squad GBD-800 watch model. This series of sports watches, which is based on the G-Squad GBA-800 models, was announced in August 2018, and initially consists of four models in different colors (GBD-800-1, GBD-800-2, GBD-800- 4,GBD-800-8).

The design and dimensions of the G-Squad GBD-800 watch case (54.1 x 48.6 x15.5 mm, 59 g, 20 ATM) remained virtually unchanged compared to the GBA-800. Sports shockproof watches are distinguished by the presence of a Bluetooth module and a three-axis accelerometer, which allows you to take into account the number of steps, the rhythm of the step, as well as the transition from step to run and back. Basic features include a world time function, an automatic calendar, five alarms, a stopwatch and a countdown timer with extended functionality.

Estimated retail price for the Casio G-Squad GBD-800 Series, regardless of color choice, is around $125.

  • Casio has announced a new series of sports shockproof watches G-Shock G-Squad GBD-200, which is initially represented by three models.

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