Popular German hiking backpack manufacturer Deuter has released a series of short videos this week showcasing some of its highlights this season, including the new generation of Aircontact Pro backpacks we’ve previously reported on. Backpacks, which will be available in four versions (Aircontact Pro 60+15, Aircontact Pro 70+15, Aircontact Pro 55+15SL, Aircontact Pro 65+15SL), have become 300-400 grams lighter, have received a modified unloading and suspension system and partially updated externally, without losing key functionality.

Backpacks are built on the basis of the updated Aircontact Pro System, which is based on profiled V-shaped aluminum armor, as well as ActiveFit, VariFlex and VariSlide proprietary systems. The suspension system, which is designed for loads up to 30 kg, has become lighter and more ergonomic, especially in the area of ​​​​the shoulder blades, provides a higher level of ventilation, and also allows you to accurately fit the backpack to the anthropological characteristics of the user.

The men’s models Aircontact Pro 60+15 (84 x 32 x 28 cm, 2.99 kg) and Aircontact Pro 70+15 (90 x 30 x 34 cm, 3.13 kg) are available in three color combinations, the retail price of the 70-liter version is set at within 350 US dollars.

  • Deuter is preparing for the spring of 2022 a major expansion and update of the Aircontact backpack collection, with the introduction of the Aircontact Ultra, Aircontact Core and Aircontact X series.

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