Australian Matt Munoz, founder of the small brand Go Walkabout, has launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign to create a line of durable and long-lasting Walkabout Ti and Walkabout Ti Ultralight water filters. The main distinguishing feature of the new personal water filters is that their body and cleaning membrane rods are made entirely of titanium alloy.


Both models consist of a cylindrical body, inside there are perforated titanium rods Ti Core, the pore size is not more than 0.2 microns in diameter, which allows you to purify water from various dangerous bacteria, parasites and lamblia. Almost all titanium construction allows the filter to survive drops, shocks, cooling and boiling without any problems.


Walkabout Ti and Walkabout Ti Ultralight differ in weight, dimensions and cleaning stages. The Walkabout Ti Ultralight is marketed as a compact 145g personal filter that measures 160mm in length and 25mm in diameter. In addition to the membrane, the filter has a pre-cleaning stage for large particles. The Walkabout Ti is regarded as a family filter, with a total weight of 455 grams, a filter length of 254 mm and a diameter of 38 mm. In addition to two stages of purification, the Walkabout Ti filter has a third stage of activated carbon purification, which improves the taste of water.

For a successful start and start of production, the developers of Go Walkabout need to raise 48,000 Australian dollars, at the moment a little more than 5 thousand have already been collected. The minimum order value, including international shipping, is $113 for the Walkabout Ti Ultralight and $191 for the Walkabout Ti Family Filter.

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