The American company Water One, which has been on the market for more than 50 years and mainly specializes in the production of purified bottled water, recently introduced its new product Pure2Go — a compact, lightweight and durable filter for water purification in the field. Despite its relatively small size, the manufacturer has placed a four-level purification system in its new filter, which effectively copes with almost all known bacteria, parasites, viruses, and even significantly reduces the radioactivity of water..


The filter housing, which is manufactured in accordance with ANSI/NSF 53 and P231 standards, is made of high-impact plastic and houses a basic mechanical filter and two replaceable cartridges inside the housing. The first cartridge is a microfiltration membrane that retains up to 99.9999% of all known bacteria and parasites. The second cartridge has a two-level structure, the first level is commercially called ViroBac, its task is to destroy up to 99.997% of known viruses on contact, the second level is layers of activated carbon, which also disinfects water, improves its taste and smell.


The new Pure2Go filter is capable of purifying up to 1135 liters of water at a speed of at least 453 grams per minute. After reaching the boundary threshold, a complete replacement of the entire set of cartridges is required. Regardless of the frequency of use, filter cartridges must be replaced at least once every three years. The cost of a separate set of cartridges will be about 30 US dollars.


To date, the company has already transferred two full-fledged kits for field water purification — the Traveler’s Kit and the Pure2Go-Kit. The first set includes the filter itself, a foldable and lightweight liquid container and a small transport case. The Pure2Go-Kit additionally includes a larger case, a pump, a drinking system with a two-liter reservoir, as well as adapters for integrating the filter with other drinking systems.

The Pure2Go filtration kits are priced at $60 and $95, respectively, and the kits are already available for order through the official Amazon storefront.

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