Sports complex — a sports simulator that includes a Swedish wall and other shells and elements (trapeze, rope ladder, swing, rings, etc.). Designed for the comprehensive physical development of children and adults.

Swedish wall (ladder) — universal sports equipment, consisting of vertical racks with transverse rounded crossbars. It is the basis of the sports complex. Allows you to perform a large number of exercises for various muscle groups. You can install additional equipment on it (horizontal bar, board for the press and back, rings, etc.).

Tourniquet — a sports equipment consisting of a crossbar, which can be supported on vertical posts, attached to a wall or installed in an opening. Designed for pull-ups, rollovers, etc. Develops the muscles of the shoulder girdle, back and arms.

Gymnastic rings — a sports projectile, which is a ring of non-deformable material, suspended on cable suspensions. Rings are used to perform twists, lifts, turns. Develop almost all muscle groups (especially the shoulder girdle, pectoral muscles), coordination.

Rope-ladder — ladder with wooden rungs and rope suspension. Strengthens the vestibular apparatus, trains the muscles of the legs and arms.

Trapezium — a wooden crossbar suspended on two ropes. It is used to develop arms, legs, abs and back, and also develops body control skills. In addition, the baby can use it as a swing.

Swing — are installed both in the sports complex and in the doorway. Swings serve mainly for entertainment.

massage path — a special coating designed to prevent flat feet in children aged 1 to 6 years. It is placed under the sports complex and fixed to the lower crossbars of the complex with Velcro straps. The massage path has pockets into which beads, cereals, dense crispy materials are poured.

Board for the press and back — an inclined board, which is used to develop these muscles, as well as to strengthen the spine. Children can use it as a slide, as well as walk on it to prevent flat feet.

Age of users

For kids — Designed for sports activities and games. The sports complex develops the muscles of the arms, legs, torso, trains the musculoskeletal system and improves metabolism. In addition, the children’s sports complex allows you to have fun and interesting time (swings, slides, etc.).

The equipment of the sports complex depends on the age of the baby. As a rule, a sports complex is bought for children who have reached the age of 1.5 years. It will be enough for kids of this age to purchase a Swedish wall and a sports mat. An older child will master the trapezoid, gymnastic rings and swings. The rope ladder is suitable for children from 4 years old.

For adults — differs from children’s in the presence of additional devices for strength training (for example, a barbell rack). If children work with their own weight, then adults often prefer to train with weights.

For adults and children — a universal option that allows adults and children to engage simultaneously. This has a positive effect on the health and relationships of the whole family.


L-shaped — the Swedish wall has an upper part that bends perpendicularly forward. A rope ladder, horizontal bar or rings are hung on this part. Attached to the wall.

T-shaped — the Swedish wall does not adjoin the wall, and its upper crossbars go in opposite directions. On such models, you can hang more mounted shells. Mounting method — in the thrust.

U-shaped (four-support) — two Swedish walls are connected by upper crossbars. The most functional — such models have a handlebar, you can hang a gladiator net, swings and other attachments on them, but they take up a lot of space. Mounting method — in the thrust.


Wood (birch, cedar) — eco-friendly, light, warm, pleasant to the eye and touch material. Inevitable during training, hitting a tree is not so painful and traumatic.

At the same time, this material is not sufficiently resistant to wear, is not able to withstand heavy loads (up to 80 kg), and is also subject to harmful environmental influences (moisture, UV rays, temperature changes).

Metal — durable and wear-resistant material. Withstands high loads and most negative environmental influences. Metal sports complexes are very diverse in design and are well suited to various interiors.

At the same time, the metal is subject to corrosion, and blows against it are very painful and dangerous.


  • metal Swedish walls should be equipped with non-slip pads on the crossbars, which increases safety and comfort;
  • the metal wall allows you to perform a large number of strength exercises;
  • for metal walls, the crossbars are thinner than for wooden ones, which is especially convenient for children;
  • they can be supplemented with a variety of different equipment.

Installation, fastening

wall — the most reliable type of fastening. As a rule, it is fixed in four places. Best suited for brick or concrete walls. The disadvantage is that you need to drill holes for fasteners. This method is not suitable if the wall is not strong enough and stable (for example, a plasterboard wall).

To wall and ceiling — used in some types of sports complexes. In addition to the wall, the structure is additionally attached to the ceiling.

In thrust — the structure is fixed between the floor and the ceiling. Convenient type of fastening, as it does not require drilling holes. This method is also good because it allows you to move the sports equipment to another place. Not used where there are suspended ceilings.

Main projectiles

Removable, children’s horizontal bar — differs from the usual horizontal bar in a smaller width, special dents for the child’s hands and the ability to move to any crossbar of the Swedish wall, depending on the height of the small athlete.

bars — a sports projectile, which is a longitudinal parallel crossbar, based on vertical racks. Push-ups on the uneven bars is one of the most effective exercises for training the pectoral muscles and developing the shoulder girdle.

Equipment for climbing

Handrail (horizontal ladder) — a structure consisting of vertical racks, longitudinal and transverse crossbars. Develops the child’s dexterity, courage, strength. There are several varieties («wave», «circle», «chamomile»). It may be part of a sports complex or be a separate building. Street handles are made of metal, home ones are made of wood or plastic.

gladiatorial net — a structure consisting of a rectangular frame and a climbing net. Climbing on such a net develops the muscles of the legs, arms, back in a child, and also provides foot massage, prevention of flat feet. The frame is made of wood, the mesh is made of colored propylene rope.

Wing — a thick rope made of hemp or cotton, suspended vertically or obliquely. It is used both for sports exercises and for games. There are two types: climbing rope and tug rope. Strengthens the musculoskeletal system, develops strength, endurance, coordination.

Additional projectiles

Matt – shock-absorbing floor covering, consisting of a filler (polyethylene foam) and a cover with a zipper. It protects against bruises and injuries, and is also used as an independent projectile during gymnastics, children’s fitness, yoga, etc.

Bench / Press — a sports device designed to train the muscles of the chest and abs.

Handles with parallel grip — special handles on the horizontal bar, designed to redistribute the load. So, exercises with a wide grip work out the back muscles well, and with a narrow grip, the load is redistributed to the arms (biceps and triceps of the shoulder).

Gorka — design with a smooth sloping descent, allowing you to climb up and slide down. Good for children’s sports development and entertainment. It may be part of a sports complex or be a separate building. The outdoor slide is made of metal, the home slide is made of wood or plastic.


  • First of all, you should decide on the purpose of the sports complex (Swedish wall) and its size. Be sure to measure the ceiling height.
  • Then you need to pay attention to the material from which the sports complex is made, the quality of the parts and the methods of fastening.
  • To save money, you can buy only the basis of the sports complex — the Swedish wall, and purchase the rest of the equipment gradually, since the child will not immediately need all the equipment.
  • The children’s sports complex should be placed away from furniture that has hard walls and sharp corners. There must be enough free space to perform various exercises.
  • Gymnastic mats should be laid on the floor. Remember that you need to install the sports complex in strict accordance with the instructions. It is better if its installation is carried out by a specialist.


It is conditionally possible to divide brands of gymnastic sets into two groups: goods for adults and children. Among the first popular brands are BH Fitness, HouseFit, Inter Atletika, Inter Fit, Kettler, Sprinter, Torneo, USA Style, Ladas and others. The most important details of all complexes: high-quality metal and fasteners. This is what you should pay attention to when buying even the simplest horizontal bar for the home.

There are brands of only professional equipment, for example, for boxing, as a separate group. Such products are very expensive and are not needed for the home. Among the brands, the Impulse company can be noted: they produce high-quality gym equipment, boxing equipment.

Among the manufacturers of children’s gymnastic complexes, the most popular are Babygrai, Irelle, Kindersport, Workshop of the Magic World. For the little ones, children’s slides are available. The cheapest models of complex complexes should not be trusted, since the safety of the child depends on the strength of the materials.


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