Trampoline — a simulator for jumping up, consisting of a polypropylene fabric (mesh), tightly stretched over the frame. It is used to train athletes (acrobatics, gymnastics, diving, etc.), as well as to entertain children and adults.


  • stabilize the work of the cardiovascular system;
  • improve emotional state;
  • improve coordination and control of their own body;
  • develop the vestibular apparatus;
  • increase endurance;
  • train many muscle groups (especially the muscles of the back, abs, legs and buttocks).

Important: for children, an inflatable trampoline will be the best option. It has an original shape (animals, a castle, etc.) and a bright design. In addition, the trampoline is lightweight and easy to transport, safe for kids. Popular and multifunctional trampolines-pools. For adults, spring trampolines are used.


Play trampoline — designed to entertain children. Such a trampoline is comfortable and safe, small and inexpensive, but not jumpy enough. Designed for easy jumps.

  • Stretch mini trampoline for small children — a kind of gaming trampoline. It looks like a small arena with a base stretched over a frame and surrounded by a protective net along the perimeter (the weight of the structure is 6-16 kg).

amateur sports — It is used both for home workouts and for classes in the gym or on the street. Such a trampoline allows you to perform quite complex jumps, and several people can use it at the same time.

Sports mini trampoline for adults — used for homework. Allows you to work out the main muscle groups, while not taking up much space and easily disassembled.

  • amateur water — a kind of amateur trampoline. It looks like an inflatable balloon with a stretched jumping canvas. Used for fun and training on the water (diving).

Professional sports — designed for training professional athletes and various tricks. It is a rectangular structure with a fabric mesh stretched over it. It is distinguished by high strength and jumping ability — it can throw an athlete up to 10 m in height.


Shape and size

Stretch mini-trampolines have a round shape with a diameter of 1-1.4 m, amateur (round, less often rectangular) sports models vary from 1.5 m to 4 m in diameter. For indoors, more compact models (up to 3 m) are selected than for the street. Sports professional trampolines have a rectangular shape — length 5 m, width — 3 m.

Important: large trampolines are installed in sports and entertainment complexes. Several people can work on them at the same time.


The most durable trampoline frames are made of metal tube (there are also carbon and plastic). An aluminum frame is lighter, but more expensive, a steel frame is cheaper, but heavier. The diameter of the tubes ranges from 42-48 mm.

It should be noted that the thin metal frame can withstand a small load. For example, frames with a wall thickness of 1.5 mm have shells for children and adolescents weighing no more than 70 kg. Projectiles for adults are made of pipes with a thickness of 2 mm.

Important: the steel frame, springs and all other steel frame parts should be galvanized to help protect them from the harmful effects of the weather. Galvanized frames are suitable for the house.

Maximum load

The maximum allowable load on a trampoline at which it can be safely used. Children’s trampolines are designed for 50-70 kg, standard trampolines for adults — for 100-120 kg, professional models can withstand 150 kg and more.

Important: if several people are engaged at the same time, then you should choose a trampoline of increased strength. It is worth paying attention to the reliability of the fasteners.

The weight

The weight of a trampoline directly depends on its strength, that is, its ability to withstand loads. Stronger shells with a massive frame and more springs weigh more. Children’s trampolines weigh up to 20 kg, equipment for adults — within 50-100 kg, professional sports trampolines — up to 300 kg.


safety net — prevents an athlete from accidentally flying out of the trampoline during jumps. It is especially important for sports trampolines. The net must be securely fastened around the entire perimeter of the trampoline.

Frame protective mesh – prevents children and animals from falling under the trampoline during its use by adults.

Spring protection — soft coating that protects the athlete from injury.

Roof (case) – protects the outdoor trampoline from rain and other adverse weather conditions. Helps extend its lifespan.

Stairs — provides a safe ascent to the trampoline and descent from it.

Sports mats — ensure the safety of the jumper during the use of the projectile. They are laid out around the perimeter of the trampoline.

Soundproof mat – reduces the noise level when using a trampoline. Purchased for home use.

Important: pay attention to the number of springs and their length. If there are too few springs, then the strength of the jump cover will be small, and if there is too much, the jump effect will be low. For trampolines with a diameter of 1-1.4 m, the number of springs is 36-48 pieces, for trampolines with a diameter of 3.7 m — about 80, for 4.3 m — 97-110. It is believed that long springs are better than short ones.


  • At the beginning, you should decide on the purpose of acquiring a projectile, then indicate its location (indoors or outdoors).
  • It is worth paying attention to the shape of the legs of the trampoline. Sturdy structures have a shape similar to the letter W. In addition, such legs are more resistant to deformation.
  • The fabric material must be safety, durable and elastic. The seam on the canvas must be reliable in order to exclude the possibility of rupture.
  • The protective mesh door closes with a zipper or Velcro overlap, which is preferable.


Excellent trampolines for children and adults are products of the brands BestWay, Berg, Garden4you, Happy Hop, Hasttings, Intex, Kids Exercise, Oxygen, Springfree, Tramps. Made of strong and durable PVC, it comes in a variety of shapes to keep kids entertained. The materials in quality trampolines are non-toxic and safe for children of all ages.

Among trampoline brands for adult amateurs or professionals, it is worth noting EnergyFit, HouseFit and Torneo. These are the most durable, technologically advanced and expensive trampolines. They are not required for home use. Among the products of these brands, you should choose cheaper models for home or summer cottages.


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