Ski — protect the athlete’s hands from snow, cold and injuries when falling. Such gloves favorably differ from ordinary woolen gloves by the presence of special protection in the area of ​​fingers and wrist (carbon or titanium inserts).

snowboarding — differ from the previous ones in reinforced protection of the fingers and wrist, as the snowboarder touches the slope with his hands while riding.


Gloves — have compartments for each finger, which allows you to perfectly control the ski poles. In addition, gloves make it easier to fasten and unfasten fasteners. Gloves are essential for riding difficult trails with natural obstacles. Professional athletes use mostly gloves.

Important: for freestyle skiing and riding in the park on structures and metal railings (snowboarding), it is better to choose gloves with short cuffs with fixed Velcro.

Mittens — have two compartments — for the thumb and all the rest, which provides better thermal insulation than gloves. However, gloves make it more difficult to hold ski poles and fasten/unfasten bindings. The mittens are good for skiing, skiing on light trails and are recommended primarily for women, as they are more sensitive to cold.

  • Three-Finger Gauntlets — the middle option between mittens and gloves. They have three compartments — for the thumb, index and other fingers (one type) or for the thumb, index and middle, ring and little fingers (second type). Three-finger mittens provide better control over ski poles than regular mitts, but are warmer than gloves.

Important: gloves and mittens with long cuffs prevent snow from entering the sleeves of the jacket. At the same time, gloves are better suited for skiing, and mittens are better for snowboarding (freeriding).


Men’s — are distinguished by large sizes (size grid 6-11 sizes) and a more strict design compared to children’s or women’s models.

Women’s — have smaller sizes (size grid 4-8 size) and anatomical shape, made taking into account the characteristics of the female hand.

Baby — the smallest model (size grid 1-3 size) and have the most striking design.


You should pay attention to the size of the glove, since the comfort during skiing and the thermal insulation of the model depend on this parameter. Gloves that are too narrow will be cold, and gloves that are too wide will be uncomfortable to hold ski poles.

In some expensive models, it is possible to adjust the glove to the individual characteristics of the hand. To do this, they are placed in a microwave oven and heated to a temperature of 80 ° C for 3 minutes. After that, the glove should be put on and within 3-5 minutes it will take the shape of a hand.

External material

Skin — durable, «breathable», moisture resistant and spectacular-looking material. The disadvantage is the high price.

Synthetic material (Gortex) – innovative «breathable» and waterproof material, somewhat cheaper and lighter than skin. Nylon and polyurethane gloves are also found, which are highly resistant to wear.


Membrane fabric — prevents moisture from penetrating into the glove. It is found in multilayer gloves, consisting of an outer layer, membrane fabric, insulation and an inner lining. Such gloves provide good thermal insulation and are breathable, but they are not cheap.

Important: you can purchase models that have a lower price: in such gloves, impregnated fabric is used instead of membrane fabric, and cotton wool and foam rubber are used instead of insulation. These models do not let moisture through, but also «do not breathe.»

Adjustable wrist — allows you to change the fixation of the glove for a snug fit depending on the thickness of the rider’s hand.

Reinforcement of the palms — leather or polyurethane pads that protect the palms from injury when falling. In addition, they increase the wear resistance of the model and provide good grip on ski poles. Such gloves are relevant for off-piste riding among rocks and trees, as well as for freestyle. However, the price of these models is higher.

Strengthening of the palms and fingers — Kevlar overlays and fabric, providing enhanced protection of the palm and fingers from injury. Found in snowboard gloves.

Carbine — a device with which gloves are attached to the ski suit (sleeves) or to each other. The carabiner will not let the gloves get lost. But it should be remembered that the suit must have special holes.

Pocket — you can put thin replaceable gloves, a chemical heating pad, a ski pass card — a pass to the ski lifts in it.

Electric heating — a good solution for harsh climatic conditions. Models with electric heating have several heating modes or one with a temperature of 40 ° C and can work for 10 hours. There are also solar-powered heated gloves.

GPS — a function that allows you to track the location, speed, height, time and distance traveled by the athlete.


  • Buy gloves in specialized stores, better known brands. In this case, the risk of buying low-quality goods is sharply reduced.
  • When choosing gloves, turn them inside out and feel them well. Qualitative models should consist of at least three layers.
  • It is better to choose gloves rather than mittens in the following cases: if you will use the lift system to make it easier to hold on; if the weather is not very cold; if you plan to ride with children, it is more convenient to adjust the details of the costume with gloves.
  • Pay attention to the cuffs of gloves and mittens. There are models that are tucked under a jacket (cuffs with an assembly on the wrist). The second option — the glove is worn over the jacket (the cuff has a Velcro fastener).
  • It is advisable to have two pairs of gloves with you. One pair — for skiing, the second — for climbing uphill and returning home.


Often novice athletes underestimate the importance of specialized ski clothing and buy ordinary gloves that are completely unsuitable for active sports. They quickly get wet and cold hands. Often even a small item of clothing, chosen incorrectly, can spoil the pleasure of doing your favorite sport. Therefore, we recommend that you do not save on ski clothing and purchase specialized gloves or mittens.

In the cheapest gloves of unknown brands, cotton wool is used as a heater, which quickly gets wet, gets heavier and dries for a very long time. The top surface is usually just an impregnated fabric that also allows water to pass through. There will not be much sense from such gloves. It is worth paying attention to well-known manufacturers of sportswear and equipment.

Models of the following brands are represented on the sporting goods market: Berghaus, Black Diamond, Burton, Dakine, DC, Fischer, Leki, Marmot, Millet, Rossignol, Reusch, Roxy, Scott. In addition to the use of technological materials, gloves are equipped with fall protection: this is an important element of safety. With a high-quality inner layer, hands in good gloves “breathe”, do not get wet and do not freeze.


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