Pelicans are known for making great, durable cases, but they occasionally make specific flashlights. And then I saw the light Pelican 9050. What to expect from him?

Despite the fact that the flashlight is made of plastic, it weighs 1.3 kg (1100 without batteries) and is frankly not compact (20 cm long), resembling the size of widely used plastic budget rechargeable flashlights. However, we should expect that, unlike the deshman, the model from Pelican will inherit the indestructibility and reliability characteristic of their cases.

A distinctive feature of the Pelican 9050 is the declared omnivorous nutrition.

LEDs? Not marked. Maybe Pelican thinks that no one needs information about the light source in a flashlight?

Brightness levels are not directly indicated in the table either. But the specification still states that there are two of them, the minimum and maximum. The manufacturer also keeps information about the minimum brightness secret. The maximum, fortunately, is known.

What is indicated?

  • 3369 lumens total maximum brightness

  • Li-ion and AA support

  • 4 battery compartments

  • Far, Near, Far+Near, Flashing modes

  • Charging base.

  • LEDs with customizable (green, blue, red) light in the tail of the flashlight

  • IP67 waterproof

  • Wide base

  • Charge level indication

  • Compliant with NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 1901 standard.

As for Li-Ion, nothing is directly indicated in the specification either. Indirectly, based on the datasheet for the battery pack, we can assume that we are talking about some kind of assembly of 2 * 2600mah batteries. 2600mah in 2022? An interesting solution for a flashlight for $470. As well as the idea to use the 18650 size itself, because now more and more flashlights come out on a much more capacious (and at the same time differ only by millimeters) 21700 power supply. Examples? Here popular budget long-range flashlight, and Here forehead.

Moreover, the most first headlamp on a 21700 battery came out almost 5 years ago and it is still being produced. The reason is simple — colossal brightness.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the charging station. How many will prefer it to a simple type-C charging connector, which seriously simplifies charging dead batteries?

LEDs with switchable color (blue, red, green) are installed in the tail of the flashlight. There is also a flashlight control button.

The head of the flashlight has a variable tilt angle. Given that the tail and base of the flashlight are large enough, the flashlight can be used as a source of emergency lighting.

As a rule, Pelican flashlights in bulk were aimed at an audience with their own specific requirements — firefighters. But for the Pelican 9050, in a promo video, the manufacturer outlined an application scenario that was completely unrelated to firefighters.

This is far from the first universal flashlight that has low and high beams. For example, for the price of Pelican 9050 indicated by American dealers, you can buy about 6 pieces of cardinally brighter Wurkkos TS32 or 2-3 Knightcore Frankenstein with laser LED.

However, one must understand that, of course, they will not meet the standard of the National Fire Protection Association.

official page of the model

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