Here on ixbt there is like my review Acebeam H30, the brightest forehead, and its opposite — compact Acebeam H40. And then I got my hands on a new headband from one of my favorite manufacturers, namely Acebeam H50. I suggest you take a look at what it is.

There are 3 LED options available. I got the brightest headband with the LH351D

LED modification:

  • Acebeam H50 — Samsung LH351D 6500 K diodes — cold white light with high color rendering and a maximum luminous flux of 2000 lumens and a luminous flux range of 137 meters.
  • Acebeam H50 — Osram KW CSLNM1.TG 6500 K diodes — cold white light with the maximum long-range focused maximum luminous flux of 1250 lumens and a range of 209 meters.
  • Acebeam H50 — diodes Nichia 219C 5000 K — neutral light with a high color rendering index — CRI≥90, the light is as close as possible to the shade of sunlight. The maximum luminous flux is 1210 lumens and the range is 121 meters.


Light source — 3 diodes Samsung LH351D or Osram KW or Nichia 219C.
The life of the LED is 50,000 hours (about 5 years of continuous operation).
The power of the luminous flux is up to 2000 lumens.
Range of the luminous flux up to 209 meters.
Luminous flux — up to 7100 Candela.
Lens — high temperature acrylic TIR optics, hotspot 125 °.
Reverse polarity protection.
Intelligent overheating protection prevents high temperature of the case in Turbo mode by reducing the brightness when the LED gets too hot.
Control — electronic button on the top of the head
Stabilized brightness mode (digital adjustment).
Power — Li-ion battery 18650 3.7 V. (Not supplied)
The operating range of the driver is 3 V. — 6 V.
Direct soldering of LEDs on a copper substrate for better removal of excess heat and its distribution throughout the body of the flashlight.
Low battery indicator — blinks three times every 5 seconds. when the battery voltage is below the critical value of 3.1 V. It is recommended to use original Acebeam high-current batteries (discharge current of 20A or more).
The battery is charged via USB Type-C with a current of ≈ 2 Amperes with an indication of the end of the charge: the indication on the button is red — the charge is in progress, green — the battery charge is over.
Charging method for Li-ion battery: CC / CV / TC.
The body of the flashlight is made of aircraft grade T6061 T6 aluminum with hard anodizing of the 3rd (maximum) degree.
FL1 Standard shockproof (drops from a height of up to 2 meters).
The increased tightness of the case according to the IPX-68 standard (immersion under water no more than 2 meters for 30 minutes).
Dimensions: length 83 mm, body diameter 26 mm, head diameter 33 mm
Weight: 62 g (without batteries).

Equipment: flashlight Acebeam H50USB Type-C cable, headband, silicone holder, spare rubber rings (2 pcs).

Packaging and appearance

In general, I have not yet seen anything from Acebeam products with bad packaging. Absolutely all headbands and flashlights had excellent packaging in terms of design and quality. As a gift — all at the highest level. All this is also true in relation to the Acebeam H50 — outwardly everything here is at the highest level.

Likewise, everything is wonderful inside. Acebeam is far from a cheap brand, and, to their credit, the price tag is worked out one hundred percent — no matter whether it’s about the packaging, the appearance of the flashlight itself, the light or the ease of operation. So here, look, everything is extremely neat and representative.

The headband block itself is made of foam rubber, while all other parts of the kit are waiting for their time in a black box with the Acebeam logo. The rest are: a head mount, a bag with o-rings, a type-c charging cable, instructions and a warranty. There is no battery, which is strange — at this price it looks like a redneck.

If the packaging here is chic, then the browband looks nothing more than just decent. No more. H40 and H30 on my opinion, were definitely more interesting — but also did not shine with high design. See for yourself

Well, here is the hero of the review. The usual t-shaped layout, the same button at the top in the center as in the H40 — only there are three LEDs, and they are all the same, not the “1 main and 2 additional” scheme like the H30. And this is not the multi-eyedness of the basement assembly, the ugly fruits of the unnatural incest union of stupidity and low quality flooded all stores, offline and online

In short, it looks good, mainly due to the frame that surrounds the LED.

In terms of size, logically, by virtue of power, the H50 sits right between the larger H30 and the compact H40. I don’t have the first one, but I can make a comparison with the second one by adding Skilhunt H03 as a well-known standard.

As you would expect from a T-shaped browband, its short length is balanced by a central ledge with LEDs. However, its dimensions here are rather symbolic. My experience of using T-shaped headbands shows that for a headband such an arrangement is more convenient than the more versatile L-shaped one of the same skillhunt. However, this is more of a difference between «very convenient» and «just convenient.» However, the subjective factor is present here and for someone else it may be different.

Well, let’s take a closer look.

The headband here is the same as in previous models, that is, it is wonderful, one of the best I have seen: soft, comfortable sitting on the head, with an anti-sweat gel strip on the inside and reflective elements on the outside.

By the way, there is no magnet under any of the covers. In vain, they could be generous.

The cover on one side hides the charging connector. Everything is great here — the usual red-green indication and a Type-C connector with an excellent charging current. Technically, the declared 2A is visible here, but only for a short time, then the charging current drops to 1.5A, which is a wonderful indicator anyway. The thread is well lubricated.

On the opposite side is the battery cover itself.

As with the H40, the button is square. In my opinion, they changed the orange color to black in vain, it looked advantageous. The button itself is soft with a shallow smooth stroke. Of course, it is easy to find, it sticks out enough that you can not be afraid of difficulties when using gloves.

On the opposite side is a symbolic set of cooling fins. As in the case with any forehead, I don’t think that with such a size they have a significant sense at higher brightnesses. But it’s better than nothing anyway.

As for optics, there is complete expanse — there are three options to choose from: bright Samsung with cold light and less bright Nichia with a high color rendering index and neutral light, and Osram, which is gaining popularity due to its good range. In my case it was Samsung. All three LEDs are covered with acrylic TIR optics. Everything looks neat.

OK it’s all over Now. The packaging is excellent, the appearance is good. Equally, you should expect the highest quality workmanship that is customary for Acebeam.


Acebeam was able to create a convenient and logical control that effortlessly allows you to switch both the number of LEDs and the brightness modes for them with just one button.

The only thing I didn’t like was that instead of instant access to the strobe, it would be better to make a much more demanded turbo.

  • Turn on/off: Press the button on the lamp body to turn on/off. When turned on again, the flashlight will activate the previously used brightness mode.
  • Changing the brightness level: With the flashlight on, press and hold the button to cycle between Low — Med — High — Turbo brightness levels. Release the button to select the desired mode. Changing the number of active LEDs: With the flashlight on, double-click quickly to select 3 LEDs, 2 or 1.
  • Moonlight mode: To activate the moonlight mode, press and hold the button for more than 1 second when the flashlight is off. If the last selected mode was moonlight, then when you turn it on again, the flashlight will turn on on it.
  • Strobe mode: It is activated by a short press and then a quick press while holding the button.
  • Flashlight lock/unlock: When the flashlight is off, press and hold the power button for more than 0.5 seconds, the flashlight will first activate the moonlight mode, then it will blink 3 times and activate into the lock mode. To unlock, press and hold the button for about 3 seconds, the flashlight will blink 3 times and turn on in moonlight mode.

How Acebeam H50 shines

In my case, the light, although cold white, but these 6500K from Samsung look quite tolerable live. Of course, I would prefer 5000K, but these do not leave a feeling of excessive blueness. By itself, the light is quite wide and filler. Of course, in the case of longer-range Osrams, the picture will be different — and that’s good. In my experience with fishermen, they always looked for the longest possible headband so that they could see the movement of the float.

720 high
720 turbo beam

As for stabilization, here Acebeam unpleasantly surprised me with the lack of decent stabilization familiar to this brand. Of course, in the case of a low brightness of the order of up to 300 lm (which, in general, is typical for using a headband), vision will adapt and the illumination level will seem the same to you until some threshold of its drastic drop. But not in the case of rage above this threshold.

I was pleasantly surprised that with its size, the maximum 2000 lumens of the headband, even without cooling, draws out almost 2 minutes. True, then the brightness drops dramatically lower, but it would be naive to expect anything else at this size. And the level at which the brightness falls is far from decorative — in most cases, one of them will be enough for you.

As for the light itself, here Acebeam H50 proved to be quite an interesting device. In addition to three options for light and light distribution, the headband offers in fact 15 (!) Brightness levels, if we count all available combinations. This allows you to customize the light for yourself with maximum convenience. One thing is 650 lumens from 1 LED, another thing from 3x — the picture will be uniquely different.

So, both in terms of brightness and light distribution, this headband is quite enough for the whole mass of everyday needs. Well, a turbo from 2-3 LEDs will even go beyond these limits for a short time.

720da4a1 1x
720da4a1 2x
720 da4a1 3x
720 da4a1 vs
720da4a2 1x
720 da4a2 2x
720 da4a2 3x
720da4a2 vs
720da4a3 vs
720 da4a3 2x
720 da4a3 3x
720 da4a3 vs

General impressions

This is the first Acebeam of all time that I can’t give a solid 5. Despite the abundance of such advantages as the variety of LEDs on offer, perhaps the largest charging current I have seen in the headbands and a fair amount of brightness with Samsung LEDs, convenient controls and a bunch of brightness levels, the Acebeam H50 does not demonstrate the same wonderful stabilization that other models have. However, I believe that if you do not plan to use higher brightness levels for a long time, then there will be no visual difference.

As a result, before buying, you need to fairly weigh all the pros and cons. Well, more precisely minus — stabilization. Even with it alone, the browband can be more interesting than the mass of browbands from other major brands.

If it is important for you that the headband has the highest possible brightness on the market, and that it is not something practical in terms of duration, then I strongly advise you to pay attention to the older model — Acebeam H30 with 21700 power, the only headband on the market for which the declared figures maximum brightness does not turn into a purely marketing 10-20 sec sneeze. And besides him, not a single headlamp is able to fully work without drawdowns at a brightness of about 1000 lumens. I have on the channel reviews of real users who are extremely satisfied with this model. In fairness, for the sake of buying, you will have to pretty much strangle the toad.

Well, below you can see my other collections of headbands. If H30H40H50 did not suit you, then maybe you will find something useful for yourself there. The link to the collection is below, in the «About the Author» section.

Where to buy and how to save

you can buy on Aliexpress ► YANDEX-MARKET ►SBERMEGAMARKET

You can save on purchases with coupons and promotional codes from the discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the “about the author” block

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