Acebeam makes great flashlights in general, and in the tactical-hunting L-series in particular. I already talked about the L17, a real laser sword in the form of a flashlight, I will soon talk about the L18 and now Acebeam was pleased with the news of the release of the brightest model in this line.

So, the specificity of the outgoing model is that here the manufacturer’s sight is shifted to brightness, in contrast to the range, and instead of penetrating XHP35Osram, XHP70 and a less bright, but somewhat more long-range LED from Lattice Power are installed here.

Power, which is good, from a capacious 21700 battery, which is logical for such a voracious LED

The result is a tactical flashlight, with exceptionally bright light that will be most effective at medium range, making it possible to illuminate everything around well.

Confuses the declared 5000 lumens of maximum brightness. As a rule, models with a single battery built on this LED do not exceed 4000 lumens, a similar Klarus 360X (review) is an excellent example here. But, what is well known, this LED gives out much more during acceleration, a powerful search flashlight would be an excellent example. Mateminco MT70 and heavy duty, gigantic Lumintop BLF GT70

Be that as it may, I am sure that in the future it will be possible to talk about the new Acebeam product as part of a full review, and not just news.

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