Working in the evening on the street or in a dark room requires good lighting. It is convenient if there are stationary network lamps or spotlights. However, if there are none nearby or there is no electricity, then a battery-powered headlamp can help out. Recently, in addition to the classic L-shaped models with a strap attached to the head, interesting options appear in the form of COB light panels and ribbons, they have a large glow area and illuminate the entire space in front of them at once. One interesting option, in the form of a bright light battery strip with double light and gesture control, will be discussed in this review.

The device is delivered in a very small box on which there is a detailed description:

Only the light strip itself and a short Type C charging cable fit in the box:

The headband is flexible and made of a dense silicone base with a built-in COB light panel. The second part, in contact with the back of the head, is a wide elastic band with a clip that regulates its length:

The tape can be bent and twisted into a roll, so it takes up very little space:

In total, there are 40 light elements on the flexible panel:

The junction of the elastic band and the silicone strip is very reliable:

On the reverse side of the silicone tape, in the part that adjoins the forehead of a person, there is an overlay made of soft foam material, on the one hand it prevents the tape from slipping off, and on the other hand, it increases the comfort of wearing it on the head:

To the right of the light COB strip there is a control unit and a second (side) light in the form of an XPE LED with a lens:

The lens is tilted slightly downwards to illuminate exactly the path ahead of the user when the browband is on the head:

Declared characteristics:

  • Maximum luminous flux: 350 lm
  • Max. lighting area 50 sq.m
  • Power: 10W
  • LEDs: COB and XPE
  • Battery capacity: 1200 mAh
  • Charging time: up to 4 hours
  • Number of modes: 5
  • Waterproof: IPX4
  • Working time: 2.5-8 hours (depending on the mode).

The control unit is completely covered with a silicone pad, which prevents water from entering from above, for example, when working in the rain. You can get it only by turning the silicone case, where it «hides», inside out:

There are two buttons on the control unit: the left one is responsible for switching the glow modes, and the right one for turning on the gesture detector. Under the buttons is a light indicator, as well as transmitting and receiving sensor sensors. The principle of operation is simple: in the on state and the activation of the button to respond to gestures, when you move your hand past the sensor data, the headband turns on or off. It is very convenient to control with a simple wave of your hand — you do not need to look for a button by touch, especially since your hands may be dirty or wearing gloves during operation. I waved it once — turned it off, the second — turned it on, etc.

The Type C charging port is under a protective silicone plug:

Dimensions. The length of the adjustment of the tape is enough with a margin for a head of any size.

The thickness of the silicone part is about 4mm:


Now about how it shines. And the COB strip shines really brightly. It works in three modes: 100% brightness, 40% brightness, flashing mode. The color of the emitted light is between cold and natural, it is almost impossible to look at the strip with the naked eye in the maximum brightness mode:

Comparison of COB strip modes when illuminating a large room. Maximum:

To the wall 3.5 meters:

40% brightness:

The XPE LED is also quite good and gives a focused cone of light. There are also two modes: 100% and 40%.

At the maximum:

by 40%:

Comparison in product shooting COB and XPE at maximum:

When the flashlight is on, the indicator on the control box lights up red, flashing when the battery is close to being discharged:

When the motion sensor mode is enabled, the indicator turns green-red, and on the camera you can fix the inclusion of the infrared LED:

The operating time on a single charge at maximum brightness is close to the declared: COB — 2 hours 35 minutes, XPE -3 hours 10 minutes. When charging, the indicator lights up red, after it changes color to green:

Charging current is about 0.6A:

The battery capacity was a pleasant surprise and amounted to 1400mAh, which is 200mAh more than stated:

Recently I used it in the cold for soldering a fallen off garland plug, it showed itself in the best way.

You can buy a head light strip with dual light and gesture control on AliExpress HERE (there are different configurations).

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In general, an excellent and thoughtful version of a headlamp for various tasks at home or in the country. It can illuminate both a large area around itself, and work to illuminate the path ahead, for example, when walking. A capacious battery provides quite a good operating time on a single charge. Very convenient switch on and off function with a gesture, good protection against water ingress.


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