Flashlight manufacturers love to lie like no one else on the market. Just brazenly raising the promised brightness, range or operating time is the sweetest thing. Or more cunningly, when the declared brightness is there, but dives down from the very first second. Technically, it seems to be there, but, in fact, the conditional 5 seconds are only good to have a reason to indicate this brightness in promotional materials.

I just recently talked about the wildly overpriced Xtar T1 flashlight that exemplifies this approach. Today the story will be about his older brother, Xtar T2. He is also pretty saturated with marketing lies, but, with all this, in fact, turned out to be quite an amusing model.

From the promotional pictures, fir trees are pouring like a waterfall.

Not only is there a separate instant access to the firefly, but it also has 3 modes to choose from!

Blocking! Finally!

So my God, what do you think I see here with my two eyes? There is also a magnet

And here the understanding user will already become thoughtful, having seen 650 lum and 26 min.

Declared characteristics

  • Model Xtar T2
  • Cree XP-G3 LEDs
  • Brightness 650lum (well, yes, well, yes …)
  • Light intensity 1056cd
  • Range 65m
  • Battery built-in 10380 Li-Ion
  • Housing — Aluminum
  • Modes — 6
  • Optics — TIR

Packaging and appearance

Pretty good tin. You can store all sorts of necessities in it, such as nuts and bolts and other useful placers. The contents will be visible through the window in the lid.

Inside is the flashlight itself, a type-C charging cable, a key clip (oh, they screwed up and more on that later), and an English-Chinese manual.

The flashlight itself is very, very small, which is very convenient. In terms of size, it is quite like a regular AAA key switch, like one of these Lumintops (I highly recommend it, by the way).

For what reason did the manufacturer refuse AAA or lithium identical in size to 10440 and decide to install 10380? With an insignificant difference in size, the capacity here will be pretty different and not in favor of the latter. Well, something like 280 and 350mah.

Clip can be removed if desired.

There is a magnet in the tail of the flashlight. Not the most necessary thing for an ultra-compact key switch, as it seems to me. But I don’t see much harm either. There is and is…

By the way, look how Xtar screwed up. The gap between the magnet and the sides around it is too narrow, and the complete carabiner just gets stuck there. In principle, any very small spacer ring and a flashlight will hang on the keys anyway. But as it is, it is impossible to use a complete set.

Xtar T2 is controlled by one rather convenient button. I have no reason to complain here.

During charging, the button glows green, after it glows unexpectedly — blue. When discharging — red.

Actually, TYPE-C charging connector. Unexpectedly, but the stub is quite reliable, I don’t see any chance to accidentally open it. Alas, PD Not supported. In the English-language review, I saw a mention of the opposite, but in my PD instance is not supported in any way.

Unlike the Xtar T1 (the whole rout is here), charging is quite long.

Behind the TIR lens is the Cree XP-G3 (at least that’s what they said).


  • Modes: (standard) LowMIDHigh; 3 levels of firefly moonlight — LowMIDHigh
  • From OFF:
  • Press and hold: last used standard mode
  • 2x click: last used moonlight mode
  • 2 clicks: strobe
  • 5 clicks: (time) lock
  • From ON
  • Hold — ON
  • 1x click — change modes
  • 2x clicks: exit to last used firefly mode
  • 1x firefly click: switch between firefly modes
  • 3 clicks: strobe

Has mode memory

How the Xtar T2 shines

Oh, wow, here on the promotional picture there is already a mention that the brightness drops from 650lum to 360lum

How interesting. Probably, Xtar is too busy and, having promised such exceptionally high brightness for a compact flashlight, they forgot that there should be some kind of access to it. Because now the user has only something just at the level of these 360 ​​lumens. I can’t measure the final numbers, but I’m perfectly capable of measuring the ratio of brightness in different modes. And high here ~ 3*MID. That is, there is either ~ 390 lumens, if at least with MID (3 * 130 lumens), or MID ~ 110 lumens, if we proceed from the fact that the maximum brightness here is still ~ 360 lumens.

A third-party brightness measurement in the English-language review just says so in favor of the second option.

That is, pay attention, here, as in detective stories, the scam is hidden in the scam. At first, you do not have the promised 650 lumens, but there is a brightness to which this maximum should jump. We count the MID from it and we get that even with an average brightness they fooled (proportionately with LOW too).

Well, the available maximum brightness here is also far from the declared 26 min. That is, from the moment you turn on the flashlight to HIGH, it will turn off after 26 minutes. But he crawls there already in complete weakness. This, by the way, is also a traditional and respectable way of fooling the buyer. We take the total running time and sculpt these crazy hours into a specification. And the fact that the brightness will fall there is tactfully ignored. Sometimes, when the operating time at high brightness is decent, then the latter is also indicated, but this is more often a pleasant exception. Actually, I talk about all these tricks and subtleties in a separate text “how to choose an LED flashlight”

Regardless, the flashlight shines well for its small size. And if we consider it as an exceptionally compact pocket flashlight, then it will be quite pleasant and convenient for itself. Well, a gourmet, of course, can spit from the cold light. But for the average user, everything will be quite convenient.

General impressions

Now the flashlight is being sold on Aliexpress at some simply astronomical, exorbitant and inadequate price. If such a price was intended, then in Xtar someone needs to show the door. If they simply drain the leftovers, then this is also strange, in such cases it is customary to reduce the price in order to somehow get rid of illiquid assets. The price tag on Banggood is also inadequate, but it’s like comparing an active pyromaniac and a quiet fan of chasing ants with a magnifying glass. The red sale price of such a flashlight should not be higher than 20, well, the edge of $ 25, if you start from the final functionality.

And let’s move on to it.

You get quite a good-looking compact flashlight with sane controls. It is worth noting that it will not look good for long, the anodizing proved to be clearly not the strongest here — with the most gentle use, a kotska has already formed above the button.

I don’t see any reasonable reason (except “Let’s not be like everyone else?”) why Xtar, with the dimensions of the AAA model, abandoned this size in favor of a rare and less capacious, and even built-in 10380.

But, honor and praise be to them, they have Type-C charging, there is a fairly sane control, in which Xtar generally jumped over their heads with not only access to a firefly, but even with 3 of its levels! It’s just wildly convenient for night vision and situations when you need to save battery power.

The maximum brightness here is overstated beyond measure. And even the one that is, does not hold for such a long time before descending to some relatively stable level. Luckily, it’s quite bright and long lasting for most daylight and even walking light needs. Well, for any searches on the shelf, even the long-playing Low mode is more than enough for you.

As a result, it turns out that functionally this is quite a good flashlight that does not cause obvious rejection, which is quite wealthy as some kind of pocket dweller. If desired, it can also be used as a key switch, here it is quite comparable in size to the same Lumintop Tool.

My question is not about the functionality, but about the fact that Xtar shamelessly pointed out in the comments something that is not there at all. And what is available is also not very consistent with what was promised. Ah, yes. And again the price. She so inadequate that it is appropriate to mention it twice.

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