Inexpensive and lightweight, powered by a pair of AAA, with a backpack mount, with additional red and blue light, with brightness stabilization — the Wuben H3 headlamp showed that the manufacturer is moving in the right direction and is gradually moving away from those crafts for which it was not so famous for a long time.

Packaging and appearance

This headlamp has an unexpectedly decent, undoubtedly gift-worthy package.

Inside there is a plastic substrate with the whole set: the headlamp itself, a pair of AA batteries and seals, a head mount, a manual. And nothing more is needed.

Here it is worth noting that in addition to the blue, there is also an orange version of the case.

Wuben H3 is a small plastic headband with good design. It is immediately clear that this is a branded item — and this is surprising given its frankly low price.

However, I think that with such dimensions it would quite fit a significantly more capacious AA power supply

The head mount is the simplest, but quite suitable. But the manufacturer forgot about the reflective elements …

And here’s another nice addition to the functionality. In addition to mounting on the head, the manufacturer made it possible to mount the flashlight on the strap of a backpack (or on anything similar)

What I did not like is that there are springs on both sides of the battery cover. It’s not cool, it’s easy to get confused. Yes, there is an embossing on the plastic that tells you what to put where, and in the depth of the case you can see where there is no spring. Only in the dark it will not be visible.

Buttons are on opposite sides. One controls the main light, the other additional.

The light source here is Osram P8 for the main and a pair of SMD2835 for red and blue additional.


Surprisingly good management

Button W is responsible for the main light and gives here such an important for a headlamp (and not obvious to many manufacturers) instant access to the minimum brightness by the standard hold from OFF.

ON (and OFF) main light with click-to-mode memory

Hold from ON — rewind modes incrementally

Button RB which is obvious (RedBlue) triggers extra light. And the management is the same W

2 clicks start SOS mode.

Well done, well done.

How Wuben H3 shines

To my surprise, the flashlight turned out to be completely stabilized and, with maximum brightness, it sags frankly slightly. For testing, 2 * Enelong batteries with real 800mah were used.

The flashlight will give 2 hours of quite decent and even excessive light for a headlamp, and then another 10 minutes of light in NC mode.

But Mid is much more interesting. Here the flashlight showed its best side in terms of the duration of the work. 4 hours at 50 lumens should be enough for a child for 1 evening.

I note that the flashlight would definitely not interfere with the mode at the level of 10-15 lumens. In a number of situations, 50 lumens will be excess light in terms of brightness. And 15lum will allow you to quite normally illuminate the table in front of you, the path under your feet in the camp and this mode will last frankly for a long time.

Let me remind you that there is still blue and red additional light

I don’t see the benefit of the first one. But the second one is good. It (and this is important) has instant access through the mode memory. A flashing red light would do just fine as a road beacon to identify yourself. Here you can simply attach a flashlight to a backpack, since the mount allows.

General impressions

A headlamp with 2 * AAA, powered by little finger batteries — this is not exactly what interests me. Here is the power format itself, and brightness. And if it comes to choosing a compact headlamp, then I would rather prefer 1 * 14500 AA power, which is much more capacious compared to a pair of AA.

But those are my preferences and the point of evaluating how the Wuben H3 turned out in the opinion of someone who is not the target audience for this headlamp?

If we evaluate the flashlight per se, then I consider Wuben H3 a suitable choice for a child for its price.

This headlamp is lightweight and easy to use. He has a good stabilized light — both primary and secondary. The flashlight can be attached to a backpack and used in this form. Here, by the way, flashing red is also useful for an adult.

2-3 pairs of spare AAA batteries will not take up any space at all. And if you have a power bank at hand, a portable energy storage device (see review) a solar panel (even such a budget one as this one) and charging for Li-Ion batteries, then you can charge dead ones and get by with one pair of batteries.

What is Wuben H3 missing?

  • As for me, this is a brightness level of the order of 10-15 lumens.

  • The flashlight would fit a third AAA battery at the price of an insignificant increase in size and weight.

But this is not such a critical omission, and I am quite ready to say that the manufacturer turned out a flashlight. If it cost 10 more bucks, I would already be more skeptical. But for its current price, I see it as a good headlamp for kids or NZ for an adult. I am quite ready to give such a headband to one of my children.

In short, Wuben well done. Wuben H3 confirmed the opinion that I had after reviewing the Wuben G3 flashlight — the manufacturer made the right conclusion and began to move in the right direction. The goal is not yet fully achieved, however …

Where to buy and how to save

You can buy Wuben H3 at aliexpress | Fonarik4you

You can also save on the purchase of this and other goods with coupons and promotional codes from my discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the “about the author” block.


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