Compact flashlight for everyday use — a useful companion for an active lifestyle. But there are few truly universal and bright models, or the price for them is off scale. WUBEN has unveiled its vision for an EDC flashlight: the X-0 Knight. The project has already achieved all the goals on the Kickstarter site.

The X-0 Knight model is planned to be produced in anodized aluminum case or titanium case in different colors. The body of the lantern is protected from water according to the IP68 standard. Two versions with different LEDs will be available (Osram P9 LED or Samsung LH351D). The battery is a 18350 lithium battery with a capacity of 1100 mAh.

The connector for charging the USB Type-C battery with water protection is hidden behind a magnetic cover, it is also a control button.

What is the versatility of this model? First, there are various options for placing a flashlight for lighting. Fastening with a clip or a magnetic end. X-0 Knight weighs only 82 g.

Secondly, clear control of the modes (5 brightness modes + 2 types of strobe) with one button.

And finally, sufficient brightness (up to 1100 lm) for different types of work.

Prices for the model turned out to be quite democratic: about $50 for the version with an aluminum body and ~$100 for the titanium X-0 Knight.



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