MHS stands for «Hybrid Series of Multi Purpose Flashlights». And in the line of this series, another model came out, intermediate between pocket and tactical. Apparently, the manufacturer is completely switching to 21700 batteries, which, being a few millimeters larger than the classic 18650 batteries, give a cardinal superiority in operating time in all modes in general and turbo in particular.

Despite the hybridity, the bulk of promo pictures are focused on the tactical side of this model.


  • LED Luminus SST-40-W with a maximum output of 1800 lumens;
  • Peak beam intensity 21600 cd;
  • Maximum lighting range 294 meters;
  • Ultra-clear crystal-coated tempered mineral glass lens;
  • Reflector with PDOT technology;
  • Powered by 21700 high capacity Li-ion battery;
  • Compatible with 18650 and CR123 batteries;
  • Operating time up to 1500 hours;
  • The side button allows you to switch between 5 brightness levels and 3 special modes;
  • Stroboscope with variable frequency flicker to enhance the disorienting effect;
  • The power indicator under the side switch shows the remaining battery charge;
  • Intelligent Li-Ion battery charging circuit via USB-C port;
  • NITECORE 21700 Li-ion battery included
  • Built-in automatic temperature control (ATR) module;
  • Electronic reverse polarity protection;
  • Constructed from aerospace grade HAIII military grade hard anodized aluminum alloy;
  • IP68 protection standard (with the possibility of immersion to a depth of 2 meters);
  • Drop resistance up to 1 meter

Packaging and appearance

Nice looking, black cardboard box with good design and printing. Great if you take a flashlight as a gift.

The kit includes everything you need: o-ring, manual, clip, lanyard, plastic quick-release tactical case, 21700 battery and 18650 adapter, flashlight itself.

Optionally, the model is compatible with a variety of appropriate mounts and accessories

The cover is original, purely tactical, sharpened for quick access

The appearance of the flashlight is quite attractive. You can immediately see that in front of you is a branded tactical flashlight.

In general, it is very similar to other recent tactical models from Nitecore, the same P20i (see review). It is immediately clear that they were cut according to the same patterns. But, purely by design, I liked the P20I more for the spikes and general aggressiveness.

As I said, switching to a capacious 21700 battery does not affect the size in any way. In this case, we have before us a fairly compact tactical flashlight, quite ordinary in size. If it were on an 18650 battery, the difference would be a matter of millimeters, which you would not feel in real use.

The classic tail button is responsible for control. It is open, so that access to it is convenient from all sides.

There is a double spring inside the tailcap

It is also present from the side of the head.

The thread is small, triangular, normally smeared.

This time, fortunately, the flashlight uses a regular 21700 battery, and not an expensive proprietary one, which has both + and — on each of the poles. The flashlight started up quite normally and when I inserted a 21700 battery from aliexpress into it, the well-known Liitokala

For owners of a large number of 18650 batteries, there are options to sacrifice battery life, but to take full advantage of their stock of 18650 batteries, there is an adapter included for this. Keep in mind that with such a turbo, cheap low-current batteries will not work here, at least decent medium-current batteries are needed

The knurling is classic diamonds, in general, the same as in the P20I. I really like it. There are also two smooth seats for a clip or tactical ring. The clip is normal, double-sided.

middle part symbolically smaller in diameter than the tail and head, but, in general, the grip is strong and comfortable even without the clip. And with her the question is removed altogether.

The head is the diameter of the body, very compact. Here is a completely EDC head, in which there is nothing at all from a tactical flashlight. The finning is sufficient for this size. Given the brightness in the turbo, you should still not overestimate the influence of cooling fins.

There is also a very deep type-C charging connector on the head. The cap is exceptionally thick and secure.

Charging current — 1.8A, which is very good, the same P20I had only 1.2A. But the current drops sharply after an hour and a full charge will still take 4 hours ….

On the opposite side of it is a small black flat button with a small blue indicator in the center. I definitely didn’t like it — you won’t be able to quickly grope for it, unless you put a clip on the opposite side so that the grip immediately lays down correctly. Yes, and with gloves, just pressing it will be frankly problematic. Taking into account the fact that the flashlight is turned on with a tail button and you should not be afraid of accidental switching on, it was definitely necessary to make the button protruding.

720 MH12S button

The bezel teeth have nothing to do with a tactical flashlight. The same P20i mentioned next to the MH12S looks like Taymazov next to Kasparov. Well, as I said, this part of the flashlight is purely EDC.

Glass, as usual, with enlightenment. Under it is a smooth reflector of the same size EDC, at the bottom of which is an SST40 LED.

Actually, this part is all. The flashlight looks very thoroughbred, I don’t see any jambs of manufacture. The flat button is a clear omission, and a good charging current, on the contrary, is a nice plus.


Very simple. There are two modes that differ in the number of special signals and mode memory.

in tactical mode you always start from turbo or strobe, in daily mode you turn on in the last used mode.

tail button:

ON-OFF — by pressing .

Half presses work.

Side button:

Switches between turbo-high->mid->low->ultralow (in tactical mode) and ultralow->low->mid->high->turbo (in EDC mode) by pressing

hold triggers a strobe. From the off state, the strobe cannot be started.

I definitely don’t like the reverse order, but I’m going to judge how practical it is for tactical purposes. Well, at least in EDC mode it is direct (do not look at the promo picture here)

Switching is simple. From OFF, hold down the side and tail buttons for 5 seconds. The button on your head flashes blue, you have switched.

How Nitecore MH12S shines

Of course, cold white light, you should not wait for alternatives from Nitecore. This policy of the company frankly upsets me, because it would be possible to supply 5000K, SST40 allows it.

The brightness is fully stabilized and you can count on a good run time.

When cooled, the flashlight pulls the turbo with all its might, albeit without any stabilization. To be honest, I’m surprised. You have about an hour of very good brightness, up to 40 minutes you will be above the same thousand lumens. And then the light will not turn off, the lights will still shine in LOW for some time.

As for the modes as such, then, the selection here is quite good. The hole between the mid-high strains only when looking at the numbers. In reality, the Mid is a quite suitable under-bush light for working within a couple of tens of meters or indoors.

Due to the small size of the reflector, the flashlight is quite suitable as an EDC. Due to the high brightness, if necessary, it freely covers a hundred meters, and even at a greater distance from it there is some practical sense, which you can see in the video review.

In general, the flashlight shines more than well for its size and purpose. At maximum brightness, it will completely penetrate one and a half hundred meters, while giving quite good side illumination. At medium brightness, it can be used outdoors, the minimum brightness proved to be quite consistent from the standpoint of grassroots light.

720 MH12S road
720 MH12S street2
720 MH12S street
720 MH12S da4a


720 MH12S


720 MH12S roof2

To my frank surprise, there is some use even for a distance of a couple of hundred meters, but this is already quite the limit. I can’t help but note that if you need a flashlight that is both bright and long-range, and somehow EDC will fit and last a long time — here is my review Nitecore EC4GTSby far my favorite model from Nitecore.

720 MH12S 250

General impressions

As in the case of the P20I, according to modern standards this new flashlight from Nitecore doesn’t show miracles of range or brightness. But in reality, 1800 lumens is actually in fact, it is bright and the lantern will close virtually any need for light within a radius of hundreds of meters. Well, in addition to lighting everything around in width, as the same flooder would do NitecoreTM9K.

Otherwise, it turned out to be a sort of push and pull, in full accordance with the name of the MH series that focuses on versatility. And personally for my needs, it does not arouse interest — I need an EDC without any tactical component. But these are my needs, and someone just needs such a universal flashlight. With good brightness, 21700 and type-C, the longest-running turbo.

It is necessary — you can use it as a tactician, instantly turning on the turbo and strobe, you can also fix it under the barrel (I remind you that there is a remote button).

It is necessary — you can use it as an ordinary pocket one to walk around and shine on the sides.

That’s just such versatility, as it usually happens, strikes at some special characteristics.

As a tactician, the MH12S is worse than specialized models with its peaceful and toothless head (here the P20I looks preferable). From tactics in it only management. Plus, the flat button makes it harder to trigger the strobe instantly. Oh yes. You cannot fire the strobe if the flashlight is off.

But the EDC component will fit perfectly if you are not jarred by cold light and the absence of bookmarks for maximum / minimum brightness. Note that I say “it will fit”, nothing more. This is not some kind of flexible pocket flashlight with a pleasant color temperature light. So for me it just «fits». If cold light is normal for you, then the rating can be raised.

And it’s stupid to expect a neutral light from Nitecore, they always put only cold light on, and I think that this suits the Nitecore audience. But if the flashlight had a convex button, it would definitely be more practical.

Now, MH12S can’t be called bad either. There are many advantages, in fact:

complete stabilization

high brightness, with the ability to extract all the juices from the turbo when cooling

work from any 21700 batteries

two modes: assault and normal EDC with easy switching between them

built-in Type-C charging with good current

complete quick-detachable tactical cover

normal selection of modes.

In general, if you are looking for something universal between a tactician and an EDC on a 21700 battery, then you can look at the MH12S, if the disadvantages I have indicated are not critical for you. The flashlight, in general, is quite ordinary, a universal workhorse, purely in the spirit of other models in the MH line.

Where can I buy

you can buy a flashlight Nitecore MH12S on ALIEXPRESS ► YANDEX-MARKET ►SBERMEGAMARKET


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