Acebeam X75 is an expensive and incredibly bright flashlight from one of the leaders in the flashlight market, which proved that it is possible to make a flashlight with the most extreme characteristics and at the same time it will be an easy-to-use beautiful thing, and not a clumsy flaw full of marketing at an insane price (which are riveted by you yourself know who )


  • Model name Acebeam X75
  • LEDs:12*CREE XHP70.3 HI cold light (67000lm 1.3km) 12*CREE XHP 70.2 HD cold light (80000lm) or neutral light (75000lm)
  • Nutrition replaceable battery pack of 4*21700 4000mah batteries each
  • Charging USB-C 60W mode power bank

  • Removable built into the handle fan

  • shockproof removable silicone case
  • Thread under a tripod
  • Dimensions And weight:176*92*57mm and 1.3kg

Packaging and appearance

Acebeam has never been cheap. Neither price nor appearance. So here too. You pay a lot, but you get the most out of everything.

The packaging here is a thick-walled cardboard box with a nice gift design. Good, but not amazingly good. I’ve also seen more impressive self-selling boxes.

The kit consists of almost everything you need: a flashlight, a silicone head cover, a 60w charging unit and a PD cable to it, o-rings and … what is it?

it’s a spare fan!

By the way, why “almost? It is clear that the case will be useless here, but at 1.3 kg of weight it would be worth adding a shoulder strap to the kit.

And here is the flashlight itself. If its younger brother Acebeam X50.2 was, for all its colossal brightness, a representative of the “soda can” format, then Acebeam X75 is much larger.


And here is the flashlight itself. Traditionally, this is a black brutal body with an exceptionally impressive turning and constructive. The flashlight is very far from what you will see on store shelves.

The flashlight pleases the eye with an abundance of all sorts of edges, sharp corners and other amenities of a brutal design.

The flashlight is disassembled into a battery pack and a head. The knurling of the battery pack is unusual and pleasant.

Like the Acebeam X50.2, the tail cover hides the charging connector

And there are not only the usual indicators (red-blue-green) of charging, but even a forced restart of the charging or discharging process in case something goes wrong!

Charging is fast, about an hour and a half. At maximum, the flashlight takes 60 watts, no more (I used a powerful 100w GaN charger from Ugreen).

In the power bank mode, Acebeam X75 honestly gives out the declared 100w, technically, you can even power a laptop from it. Drains 53 watts*hours of capacity. Let me remind you for the average user, in a 10000mah power bank there are 37 watts * hours.

Acebeam didn’t rely on the usual slip ring in such cases either, probably in case the user didn’t screw the battery door all the way in. To compensate for the latter, a huge spring-loaded patch of contact. By the way, pay attention to a bunch of through holes going up through the cooling fins

And here is the head. It’s just a head, not a head. Of course, I have seen heads and more, Mateminco MT90 PLUS is the same. Only Acebeam X75 can be used, MT90 Plus is not.

So, the head of the Acebeam X75 is noticeably larger than that of the X50.2. It can be seen that these are related models, but the X75 is radically more complicated in design and turning.

As with the X50.2, there is a special valve for the unlikely event that you need to bleed gases from the battery pack

The X50.2 button is located on the body itself, both the buttons and the mechanical switch for blocking them are placed on the handle

The handle is ergonomic, with good weight distribution. Control directly from the handle is more convenient than in X50.2

On the opposite side of the handle is a tripod mount

The manufacturer has done a great job in order to take enormous amount of heat.

Cooling fins here numerous And deepthey have the above through holes

But relying on cooling fins alone would be pointless here. So Acebeam took advantage built-in fan. But they fixed it not in the handle or on the sides of the case, but on special copper radiator!

Let me remind you that Comes with a spare fan.

Fanlet me remind you removable and in there is a spare. Of course, this design means that the X75 is not the kind of flashlight that should be dropped into a puddle and mud.

Acebeam X50.2 is not a simple flashlight, but I think Acebeam X75 is on a completely different level of engineering complexity.

And here’s something else that’s unusual: Silicone Case, which is worn on the bezel. In addition to the main purpose — protect the flashlight head when falling and hitting, it has an unusual feature: when heated it changes color from gray to white.

And what about the bezel? Behind the bezel are a dozen medium-sized reflectors with XHP70.2 or XHP70.3 nbut a choice. The first for greater brightness or neutral light, the second for range.

Please note — I have X LEDsHP70.3, dedominated, those. without light-diffusing silicone dome. There will be less brightness here, but range is noticeably higher.

I’m sure that many will be interested to look at the inside of the flashlight? Here are some photos courtesy of the manufacturer.


Simple and convenient.

Additional (the one that is bigger) button turns off the running fan, by three clicks it turns it on or off, just by clicking from OFF it starts the turbo

Yes, 10 clicks switches between POWER and ECO modes, which differ only in the operating time at higher brightness.

Main button works in the usual way:

  • hold off — Ultralow

  • by click OFF-ON

  • 2 clicks — turbo

  • 3 clicks — strobe

How Acebeam X75 shines

Unlike its competitor (well, you know who I’m talking about), if Acebeam promises stabilized brightness, it will.

The Acebeam X75 has an excellent runtime in higher modes. Even the monstrous, colossal turbo is here for more than a long time. From a cold start, of course. Repeated hot start dramatically reduces the duration of work and this is not surprising.

And here’s what surprised me. I turned on HIGH on a cold balcony, opened the windows for a draft, and this was enough to add the ability to add the built-in fan the ability to work for a very long time with an insignificant drawdown

Achtung! 990 lumens Ultralow is a level that 5-6 years ago and used to be the de facto turbo standard in EDC flashlights, until the SST40 raised it to almost 2 thousand lumens. And this is the minimum. 9.5 hours is enough for the night. But I would prefer another level of 300-400 lumens that way to have a reserve for the second night. Well, in a number of situations, indoors 990 lum will be too bright blinding light.

Although, of course, who decides to choose such a super-bright flashlight as the Acebeam X75 for indoor work …

I note that some modes worked longer than stated, some shorter.

At distances within hundreds of meters, both High and Turbo are redundant

Light is universal. It can penetrate into the distance, while maintaining a fair amount of side illumination.

As for the light, let me remind you that the one that came to my review XHP70.3 version is much longer than XHP70.2 version

But, of course, this is not some kind of awl at all. The light is actually wide and versatile. X50.2 is, of course, wider. Yes, my version with a neutral color temperature is much nicer than the cold light of XHP70.2. However, at low brightness the difference is not as significant as in High and Turbo, which highlight all the dust in the air.

The Acebeam X75 doesn’t need to go into high brightness even at 200m distances, which usually requires full range light. The flashlight illuminates quite well here in the distance and in breadth with medium, lasting hours modes

But for a distance of 350m, High and Turbo are required

The same is true for the 600m distance. The manufacturer claims 1.3 km of maximum range, but I look at things realistically. I would expect the Acebeam X75 to be able to give some useful light at a distance of just under a kilometer in Turbo mode.

To a greater extent, the entire range is achieved here due to the high brightness. The flashlight could work quite well at the same 600m and with one XHP70.3 LED — provided that it had a large reflector. Right there, 12 small reflectors simply cannot focus the beam enough to talk about normal operation beyond 600-700m.

Within this distance, the flashlight immediately illuminates both far and wide, becoming a real searchlight, the light of which will be seen by everyone.

General impressions

Acebeam successfully copes with an impossible task for almost all other users. It is a task to make flashlights with maximum brightness or range characteristics. And at the same time, the flashlight should be convenient to use and not be a marketing toy with a short turbopuff.

Acebeam has all this and I am sincerely happy with each of their flashlights: stylish, comfortable and practical. There are exceptions when they make just a good flashlight, and not a great one, but they single.

Acebeam X75 is just proof that Acebeam can. This exceptionally advanced flashlight, in every little detail of which you can see the attention to both design and construction, and — which many manufacturers forget about, to the convenience and logic of real use. What can I say, they even put a spare fan here, although they could only sell them separately and at a hefty price.

I believe that Acebeam X75 looks stunningly attractive. Although there is something to improve here, for example, to add some elements of color anodization — then the X75 would be simply irresistible.

At the flashlight capacious power supply from 4 * 21700 batteries And fast charging And powerful power bank mode. By the way, I would not abuse either one or the other — the less you load the battery when charging or discharging, the longer it will live.

Him convenient control, and the interface, and the speed of access to the buttons. Eat thread under a tripod. Not such a plus for many — but it is.

But t pen — a definite plus. Same Imalent MR90 with its built-in fans, it is simply impossible to keep it on higher modes. Here there are no problems at all.

Well, the main thing is the light. Light it’s just here phenomenally bright. Somewhat brighter with XHP70.2. version and long range with XHP70.3. And there is also XHP70.2 with neutral light! What surprised me was the cooling efficiency. In cold weather and with some wind assisted by the built-in fan, the flashlight will hold a whopping 20,000 lumens of HIGH mode with only a slight drawdown. Other modes, even the same Mid 2 at 10,000 lumes, kept quite normally even at room temperature.

One more time here stabilizednot sinking as the discharge brightness. The minimum brightness of the Acebeam X75 is at a level that not so long ago was a brief turbo mode for a flashlight. And here you get almost 10 hours of constant and bright light. I would even say that it is too bright and there is the only obvious minus for me. I think that the flashlight definitely needs a mode at the level of 300-400 lum that way. Still, by the way, it would be great to get an optional long 8 * 21700 battery.

The versatility of the light distribution will allow you to break through well into the distance, while illuminating everything around. Of course, I would not rely on the declared maximum range

All this honey, alas, has its downside. This is the oldest model in the Acebeam line and it costs most older models from other brands. Those. so many. Very. not frankly monstrously a lot, but still at the level that for an ordinary user this review of Acebeam X75 is interesting only from the position of entertaining reading matter, and such a user is more likely to take a much less bright, but versatile and the more affordable Wurkkos TS32.

But if your wealth allows you to take something the most powerful without exchanging for compromises — once again Acebeam will give you all this to the maximum.

Bravo, bravo Acebeam.

Where to buy and how to save

You can buy Acebeam X75 from official dealer | aliexpress | office manufacturer’s store

You can also save on the purchase of this and other goods with coupons and promotional codes from my discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the “about the author” block


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