A working lamp is a useful thing in the arsenal of any home craftsman or motorist, because. periodically there are situations when you have to do something or repair in the absence of external lighting. One interesting version of such a battery-powered lighting device with four modes of operation will be discussed in this review.

The flashlight comes without a box, on the product page there are several different options for the layout of the LEDs and size. I chose the largest one (Model S-255-B-Big). The device is made quite well from durable plastic in two colors:

The flashlight has a folding form in the form of a book, on the one hand the main unit with LEDs, and on the other hand a stand with a carabiner:

When opening, eight positions are available in total, each following is fixed with a click. The lantern unfolds almost 180 degrees:

In addition to the main unit with a large number of LEDs, there is a separate lens on the end that allows you to use the lamp as a regular flashlight:

The following LEDs are declared in the design: T6 (flashlight) + 28pcs / SMD2835 (main unit) + 5pcs / SMD2835 (red) + 5pcs / SMD2835 (blue).

The operating modes of the flashlight are as follows:

  • front light
  • main panel/high brightness
  • main panel/low brightness
  • main panel / red-blue strobe

Other available flashlight options:

On the side are: power button, remaining charge indicator, microUSB charging port. The button and port are covered with silicone pads. The flashlight offers some moisture protection from splashes and rain.

The deflected part of the flashlight serves as a stand and is equipped with a magnetic mount, a loop, and a 1/4 threaded hole for fixing on a tripod:

The lantern stands steadily on the stand and does not tip over to an angle of about 92 degrees:

In addition, the platform is also a spring carabiner, which can be used to attach a flashlight, for example, to a backpack, use it in a tent, etc.:



The flashlight shines very decently and brightly for its low price. Work in flashlight mode:

At a height of 60 cm from the surface of the table, the illumination is almost 1200 Lux, the light is cold in color temperature. The lens gives a fairly small diameter of the light spot. Works just over 3 hours:

In the bright mode of the main light panel, a large area is illuminated at once. The mode is great for work. The light temperature is not as cold as a flashlight, closer to neutral:

At a height of 60cm from the table, it shows 1100Lux, the operating time is about 4 hours:

Mode of low (relatively) brightness of the main lightbar:

Shows about 560Lux at the same height. Operating time just over 5 hours:

The fourth mode is a stroboscope, alternating flashing of the blue and red lines of the LEDs of the main panel:

In any operating mode, the indicator LEDs of the remaining charge are constantly lit in blue, when it becomes less than 10%, they start flashing red:

During the charging process, the state of charge is indicated by a flashing segment of the indicator. It can charge and shine at the same time.

Charging goes with a current of about 1A, for five hours. The battery capacity is about 3600mAh.

I note that the magnet in the platform is not very strong, but it holds the flashlight on a metal surface:

Let’s take a look inside…

I was pleased that the main light panel and the flashlight LED are fixed on a metal plate-radiator:

Plastic cone lens and end light LED:

As a power source — a pair of 18650 batteries connected in parallel. No markings:

In general, it is quite a worthy and inexpensive working clamshell lamp. It has good brightness, several operating modes and a capacious battery that provides a fairly long operating time. Adjustable angle of the stand, magnetic mount and carabiner, allow you to place the lighting fixture in a convenient place for work. Bought here


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