Over the past few years, Sofirn has played in almost all segments of the flashlight market, where it has released a number of interesting models. And if the extremely popular forehead Sofirn SP40 functionally corresponds to a small price, then the same Sofirn C8G and (especially) LT1 convenience and light much surpass their price tag. I propose to see if the Sofirn TF84 has become the same model, but for those who want to choose a good budget tactical flashlight.


  • Model — Sofirn TF84
  • Brightness — 1200 lumens
  • LED — 1xLH351D
  • Power — 1 * 18650 2 * CR123A
  • Size: 143mm (length) × 35mm (head diameter)
  • Weight: 120 grams (without battery)
  • Waterproof IPX-8 (up to 2 meters underwater)
  • Mode memory

Packaging and appearance

Packaging is at the lowest level, familiar to other models. For the sake of the lowest price, the manufacturer cuts all excesses, such as beautiful packaging.

I got almost the most complete kit, including a flashlight, 3000mah battery, Type-C charging cable, remote button, o-ring and manual. There are several configuration options, here choose for yourself what you are interested in.

Similar to the packaging, the appearance of the lantern is also budgetary. Do not expect any frills of knurling, colored bezels and other attributes of stylish thoroughbred models here. The Sofirn FT84 only looks better than a Convoy tactical flashlight could ever have been.

In short, everything is the same as before — Sofirn TF84 is a simple workhorse, not a trotter with ribbons in its mane.

143mm in length is a completely common length for a tactical flashlight, there is nothing unusual here. There are models a little longer, there are a little shorter, but, in general, this absolutely medium-sized tactical flashlight.

And if the models from Klarus from the photo above compare favorably with their stylish appearance, then Sofirn immediately makes them easy to control. In addition to the standard set of tail buttons + swing (it is worth recalling that some models from major brands have not grown up to this), the flashlight also has a button on the head.

It’s really convenient, you can use the flashlight in any grip

The tail cap can be unscrewed and replaced with a remote button. The one I didn’t like was the extremely short wire and the click that the little button makes when pressed. Yes, and getting used to the magnetic mount of the remote button in expensive tactical flashlights, you are already looking at this

The side button is pretty cheap. Non-anodized round with an indicator in the middle. However, it can be found without effort blindly — and much more expensive models hardly pass this test. Here, at the same time, you can appreciate a fairly good ribbing.

It is worth noting that the button sticks out quite strongly. If you put the flashlight with the button down, it can squeeze. And unscrewing the tail button will not save, there is still contact on the non-anodized thread. The most reliable way is 4 clicks of the electronic lock.

Both the side and tail buttons have a slight play.

Springs, of course, are both on the side of the tail and on the side of the head.

The thread is not anodized, inside there is an additional spacer for the signal from the tail cap. This is really good both by increasing the flexibility of control and the ability of the flashlight to work with any batteries. The same Nitecore and Olight (and Klarus is getting there) prefer to install their own expensive batteries.

The knurling is the simplest, but the flashlight sits perfectly in the hand.

The head is relatively compact. On the back side of the button is a deep and securely closed Type-C plug with a tight plug.

The bezel is simple, non-anodized, with medium sized teeth. Beneath it is a sleek reflector with an unexpected LED for a LH351D 5000K HiCRI tactical flashlight. It would be expected from some gourmet model with beautiful quality light, but not from a tactical flashlight. More on the latter later in the review.

There is no enlightenment.

That’s all. A very successful combination of controls, fast charging and a high-quality LED is wrapped here in an extremely simple case. Gift potential is extremely low. Reliability in work will be shown only by real long-term use, which I cannot give as part of the review.


Extremely convenient, in my opinion, management. Much, much better than anything I’ve seen in most expensive tactical flashlights from the big brands.

I, perhaps, can’t get used to the strobe by 2 clicks of the side button. All the time I expect that the turbo will start here.

How Sofirn FT84 shines

The light of the flashlight boasts stabilization, which is reasonably affected by thermal control. There is no crazy saw here (Klarus models are just infamous for it). Depending on the cooling after 3 minutes, the turbo will either drop to half or will gradually sag from 80%.

I do not agree with the 800lum intended in the foreign review. According to my direct measurement with a light meter, turbo is 2.4 times brighter than high. Even if we agree with the local high measurements of 400 lumens for 0.8A (which is generally consistent with the LH351D specification), then even such simple arithmetic should give 10% more, 880 lumens.

Well, even if the brightness was 450 as stated, 450 * 2.4 = 1080 lumens. In short, whatever one may say, 1200 lumens are not here at all. Vkrochem, quite enough and what is.

Even 1200 lumens is frankly mediocre maximum brightness according to modern standardsnot to mention the fact that in reality these figures are not worth waiting for. But if you do not look at the numbers, then you get a light that will cover all your needs within a hundred meters. That is, with such a lighting distance, Sofirn FT84 can be safely used with the same smoothbore. And here another plus of the flashlight appears — its color temperature.

With rare exceptions (for example, amazing Acebeam L35) manufacturers of tactical flashlights put cold light in them. Its only advantage is its high brightness, which means attractive numbers in promotional materials. And as soon as you use such a flashlight in smoke or, more importantly (tactical flashlights are still actively used by hunters) in the fog, all this small increase in lumens turns into a terrible reflected light. Where warm light breaks through the fog, cold light highlights all the moisture scattered in the air.

Yes, 5000K for Sofirn TF84 is not the most penetrating color temperature. But she much more comfortable than the vast majority of other tactical flashlights, your choice is limited to «cold» and «cold and green» forks

The site engine does not support gifs, if you are interested, in this album you can see how the brightness changes with greater clarity


75m (framed to show details)

200m (similarly, framing)

General impressions

Once again: only time will tell the reliability, convenience and practicality of the actual use of the surveyed tactical flashlight in specific situations of hunting / security / clashes. My review of Sofirn FT84 is purely peaceful and couch character. Objectively, I can only evaluate the light and stabilization.

Sofirn TF84 seemed to me quite a confident debut of Sofirn in the segment of tactical flashlights. Yes, it has a frankly budget design and packaging, but in many respects it was due to this that the flashlight received a very small price for this kind of flashlights. $42 in the minimum configuration “flashlight + battery” is almost half the minimum price for this kind of flashlight.

UPD. Now the price tag is much higher, but even so, the flashlight is more interesting than many tactical models from fat expensive brands, believe me.

And, in fact, all the budget is contained only in the cover, according to which, as you know, it is completely wrong to judge.

But in terms of its functional characteristics, I sincerely liked the flashlight. It normally keeps its low brightness by modern standards when cooled, and does not drop to the plinth after a couple of tens of seconds or does not go into the “saw”. And this brightness is enough for you in almost any situation, except for working at distances.

5000k here will be a sound compromise between the cold light familiar to tactics and not everyone will like 4000k for its yellowness. Personally, in the past few years, I have considered 5000k to be the optimal color temperature for everyday use. Although, of course, this is a matter of personal choice.

Although its use in a tactical flashlight puzzles me, but, whatever one may say, you get one of the best LEDs in terms of light quality — LH351D. And I am sure that for some people this combination of control and light will make the Sofirn TF84 a personal EDC model. I spent several evenings with this lantern walking around the SNT, and it proved to be excellent, giving a convenient running light and scaring away stray dogs, cats and hedgehogs with a strobe.

The mentioned management of this lantern is completely off-budget, a cut above cardinally more expensive models. This may be the weak point of this lantern. That ordinary user of all sorts of gonvozums, who is accustomed to the control of the “three modes and on-off” type, this control (no matter how convenient and logical it may look for a more or less sophisticated user) can lead to nervous bursting of blood vessels in the eyes.

But there are also moments that I did not like, in descending order:

a) 20 cm of remote button wires seem too short to me (although the hunter subscriber said that this is normal) and a clicking button.

b) the side button sticks out too much. can be pressed if put on a flat surface (but you can feel it without effort, which is definitely a plus for convenience)

c) the flashlight turns on if you put it on charge with the tail button pressed.

d) abandoning the lapel lock in favor of electronic locking.

e) brightness is less than declared

I think that Sofirn should make this model 3-4 dollars more expensive, but transfer it to 21700 power supply.

In the meantime, for its promotional price, the model seems to me no doubt an interesting solution for lighting and control. Provided that you are not jarred by a very simple design and a turbo at the level of 5 years ago.

I emphasize once again that my review of the Sofirn TF84 is purely couch character and only time will tell how comfortable the flashlight is under a gun. I think after a short time there will be a fair amount of comments and everything will become clear.

Where to buy and how to save

You can buy Sofirn TF84 on Aliexpress

See the coupon and promotional code on the product page, usually there is at least the first one.

Save on the purchase of this or any other product, you can use coupons and promotional codes from the discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the block «about the author».


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