Nitecore have released a very unusual flashlight. The Nitecore P35i combines the crazy range of LEP LED with the bright, near-friendly light of regular LEDs. Nitecore has never been afraid of experiments, and I rate a number of their results very highly (it happens and vice versa, in fairness). I hope that the Z5i will not disappoint either. This is actually an unusual model, large mass brands in this format of a combination of 1 * 21700 and combined light simply have nothing similar.

For those who are not in the know, LEP LEDs have made it possible to bring the range to unimaginable limits with a completely modest brightness and body size. The downside, I repeat, is that the light becomes like a laser beam and, in general, is useless at a distance closer than a hundred meters. Such a flashlight works quite well at distances of 500m+, for which an ordinary long-range flashlight needs to have either a large reflector to focus the beam or increase the brightness. There are models that combine both one and the other, bringing the dimensions and brightness to absolutely monstrous limits. A great example of such a flashlight is the Mateminco MT90 Plus, a real LED monster (review) with colossal brightness and range.

But its size makes real use a real challenge to hand strength.

A distinctive feature of the i-line was a capacious custom 21700 battery, with + — at both ends. Its advantage is the ability to place a second button or a tactical “rocker” on the tail of the flashlight without inserting an additional tube into the flashlight body to transmit a signal through it. The downside is that the user is limited only to such an extremely expensive native battery. A flashlight will not work with any ordinary battery, alas, and this has always been not to my liking. I think that the manufacturer’s desire to make more money by selling monstrously expensive batteries will result in him losing more money because the buyer simply chooses a flashlight from another brand with a regular battery.

The Nitecore P35i will be charged via type-c, the reverse mode is declared. I am glad that Nitecore made a fairly sane brightness, did not chase after lumens, and 3000 lumens in a case of such a rather rather large size should actually be long-lasting.

Here review the last model in this line, a bright long-range flashlight Nitecore P30i, here you can take a closer look at this battery

The manufacturer claims 1500m of range from the LEP LED and 3000lum of maximum brightness from conventional ones. It is not yet known what kind of LEDs they are, but, based on their overall brightness and quantity, we can assume that we are talking about models from Osram. For example, those used in Olight Marauder 2another flashlight that combines low and high beams

Nitecore P30i can operate in near and far modes separately, and in combined mode.

The flashlight has a display that shows the brightness, range in this mode and the remaining operating time.

The flashlight is a very unusual experimental model and costs a lot, here it is on Aliexpress.

UPD. The flashlight got to me. I turned it on, shone it on, and was pleasantly surprised by the light of the LEP and the controls that are sane for such an experimental flashlight. It is not frankly convenient (I miss starting from the minimum brightness), but it has everything else and even more, the same brightness preset for both types of light in mixed mode.

It should be noted that the topic of flashlights with low and high beams is becoming more and more popular.

Quite recently, the Imalent MR90 appeared on sale, once again convincing me that Imalent and I radically disagree in our views on the logic of developing the new product and the convenience of its use. Now the flashlight is in the process of testing and its results are such that there is every chance that Imalent will be asked not to publish this review.

Another novelty was the Lumintop Tiger, the price tag for which, unfortunately, will make this flashlight a subject of interest for a very small audience.

All these flashlights are frankly expensive, although their price is absolutely at the level that should be expected. But, fortunately, there is a flashlight that was created with the involvement of the audience of flashlight forums, and not from the thoughts of a project manager using a flashlight on a smartphone, as is often the case in the industry.

This is a flashlight with good flexible control. It has excellent range in high beam mode and high brightness in low beam mode. You can run both of these modes together at the levels you need for each. And this is very convenient, you can turn on the dipped beam at medium brightness and add a distant beam to it in the lower mode, purely to break through 50-70 m, which are unbearable for the dipped beam. Dipped beam, by the way, in one of the versions will be with a high color rendering index and a good color temperature.

Power will be from conventional inexpensive 21700 batteries, there will also be fast charging.

There will be, in general, absolutely everything that the user needs. People often ask about a flashlight that can shine both near and far. And the Swiss, and the reaper, and the player on the pipe. So here it is Wurkkos TS32 , and this is it, just the same universal flashlight, which, for sure, will be loved by many for at least one reason — it has a feasible price tag. And in August you will learn more about it.


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