Sometimes Lumintop releases very unusual flashlights. Last year saw the light of the smallest long-range flashlight in the world. And just the other day, the Lumintop Moonbox, an expensive and bright flashlight in an extremely rare form factor, went on sale.

The classic handheld flashlight has the classic shape of a cylinder or cylinder with a conical head. Here is a complete set of these in the photo below. Actually, the smallest long-range flashlight mentioned above Lumintop GT Nano is here on the left. In the right edge is the largest flashlight in the world in general — a real monster Mateminco MT90 plus

And here, as you can see, Lumintop Moonbox stands apart. Something similar has already been released. Moreover, something very similar. We are talking about Nitecore TM10K

So take a closer look at both flashlights

and Lumintop Moonbox. Find 10 differences.

The similarity, as you can see, is exceptionally high.

The Lumintop Moonbox is also powered by a single 21700 battery, which, combined with its size, means a symbolic long-lasting turbo. And this is a non-removable battery that you cannot change to a fresh one when the time comes — you have to charge it. Luckily the charger is great. Type-C 5v4a will allow you to charge the flashlight really quickly. By the way, the flashlight also supports reverse charging mode, allowing you to work in power bank mode too.

The operating time at maximum brightness will also be fast, for which 3 * Cree XHP50.2 LEDs are responsible here. Nitecore TM10K, by the way, had 6*CREE XHP35 LEDs and was limited to family seconds, so I wouldn’t expect the Lumintop Moonbox to be capable of anything more. The declared 30 seconds for such a brightness and a case can heat the case to a frankly unpleasant temperature, and with a certain probability 30 seconds are given here for the entire dive from 12000 lum to 1000. Manufacturers have been successfully using such a tricky “brightness-working time” feed for many years.

But all other brightness modes are quite good. The question is that even if 1000 lumens is a fair amount of brightness, but by modern standards it is frankly an unimpressive figure, which is easily mastered by some simple and inexpensive compact flashlight such as Sofirn SP35.

It is likely that Lumintop Moonbox is simply not able to remove heat and keep the stabilized brightness above this threshold. So the turbo mode here is more likely just an excuse for the price tag of $229 — that’s exactly what the manufacturer is asking for this flashlight. However, a sophisticated user will find an option for $149, which once again illustrates colossal, incredible margin for branded lanterns.

The manufacturer asks for this flashlight a frankly considerable price of about $ 250.



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