Once again, Convoy, the most popular flashlight on Aliexpress, has rolled out new items with 21700 battery. The other day I posted a review of the Convoy M21A SST40. These two flashlights are much larger and much longer. And, importantly, it is much cheaper than any comparable A-brand models in terms of range. Miracles do not happen, the difference in price will be reflected in … but more on that below.

you can buy both flashlight on aliexpress

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Packaging and appearance

The packaging is a thick-walled beige cardboard box containing nothing but a flashlight. Nothing at all, not even a lanyard or o-rings. It is clear that Convoy is trying in every possible way to help you save on your purchase. But the price of a lanyard or o-rings is close to zero, in contrast to the benefits of these things.

It is quite expected that the appearance of the Convoy L21A (both versions look the same, so I don’t specify which one here) is the simplest. I am sure the target audience of the Convoy is those who first of all want to buy an inexpensive and high-quality flashlight from Ali, and all sorts of design tricks inevitably make the price higher. I fully agree with this policy. Convoy flashlights are bought when you just need to shine without any additional requirements such as control flexibility or body beauty.

There are all sorts of outwardly exquisite things, everyone can choose the right flashlight for themselves. By the way, with regard to the latter, I recommend my article on how to choose an LED flashlight. Here in simple language it is told about all the basic nuances, the knowledge of which will help you choose exactly what suits you. As practice has shown, for the exceptional majority of people all these moments are unfamiliar.

A purely masculine, rather brutal-looking thing, together with the battery, it pulls 600g with its 18cm length!

In short, the flashlight is moderately large, in fact it is the good old L2 in a shortened version. On a good note, with such dimensions, a cover is already needed for it, it will most likely be inconvenient to carry such a carcass in a jacket pocket. standing in the middle of the M21A SST40 seems to be more practical for everyday wear. Of course, due to its size, its range will be less.

The tail button is still the same, power button. Nothing new. The spring is shunted.

The thread is large, well missed. in the XHP35 version, by the way, the o-ring got on the thread and was torn. This is where a spare would come in handy.

Large knurling squares are quite tenacious.

The balance is good and it’s comfortable to hold. And here, due to its size and weight, a lanyard would be extremely useful. When he shone from the balcony and held the flashlight with a reverse grip, he was nervous, as if not to drop it.

The head is rather large, with excellent deep ribbing. Given the brightness of each of the models, all this is a definite plus.

Glass with anti-glare, the reflector, of course, is smooth.

That’s all about the appearance. There is absolutely nothing new here, all this (except for the case for the 21700 battery) conceptually migrated from the Convoy L2 XML-2.

As for the quality of workmanship, then the same thing as it was. With the maximum probability, it will be quite normal, but in my case, the elastic band was torn, and someone complains in the comments about the soldered shunt (which, however, was easily resolved).


all the same. Exceptionally simple.

We wind the modes with full or half clicks and fix them with a full press. Strobosos, cheers, no.

How the Convoy L21A shines

Each of the Convoy L21A shines in completely different ways, you can choose to your liking. A typical XHP35 «awl» will be less bright in general and with dim side illumination in particular, but there is an option to choose a neutral color. And with the same brightness, there will be more candelas (i.e., penetration power).

Convoy L21A SST40 has a noticeably brighter side illumination. The brightness compensates for the lower range relative to the XHP35, and at maximum modes they, having different brightness, give a relatively comparable range. The reflected light test showed that the SST40 version is about 20% brighter than the XHP35.

beam 720

da4a vs 720

da4a sst 720

da4a xhp 720

Both flashlights have good stabilization. In cold and / or windy weather, a temperature control set to 55 degrees will allow you to work at close to maximum brightness for almost an hour. In the presence of spare batteries, this makes it possible to shine exceptionally far and for quite a long time.

And since I think that it is extremely rare to shine at a distance of more than 500m, it is quite possible to get by with the same previous mode and get a fully stabilized brightness for an hour and a half.

the declared 30% in the STT version actually turns out to be 40% according to my measurements. This is how I will call this mode in the charts.

Well, let’s see how both flashlights shine live. I think that such models will be of interest primarily to those who want to buy a powerful long-range flashlight, which means they are configured to work in higher modes. And here 0.1% of the SST40 version seemed unpractical to me, unlike the 1% of the XHP35, where this mode gave clearly visible light at a distance of 75m!

beam 2 720


definitely an excessive distance for maximum brightness, even a 3% mode for each of the flashlights will fit here, especially the XHP35.

3% 720

50m vs 720

50m xhp modes 720

50m sst modes 720


a much more reasonable distance for this kind of flashlight. I think that guards or hunters there most often need light for this kind of distance. And both models give here a wonderfully detailed light at 40%, and I still consider 100% redundant here. Just at this distance, the brighter side illumination of the SST40 version already appears.

75m vs 720

Here, by the way, you can see that even 1% gives a discernible light in the XHP35 version.

75m xhp35 modes 720

75m sst modes 720


Virtually all EDC flashlights fail at this distance due to the fact that pocket sizes simply will not give a sufficiently focused beam. And the optics of just bright flashlights on the same XHP50.2 XHP 70.2 (not to mention models with 3-4 LEDs) often gives more flood light to provide permanent work at this distance.

Of course, even a pocket ranger like the same Convoy C8+ quite normal to enlighten at this distance. The question is that it will be more like a 100% mode, which will not last long (although something like 30-50% will somehow fit). And both L21A are revealed here in full. The SST version highlights much more here. But personally, I like the light from XHP more.

175m vs 720

175m sst modes 720

175m xhp modes 720


The C8+ mentioned above shines here at the limit of its strength. I am, of course, talking about brightness, which has some practical use. Both L21As provide much more detailed light here. The 40% modes here are perhaps only slightly dimmer than the 100% of the C8+.

400m vs 720

400m sst modes 720

400m XHP35 modes 720

800(!) m

it’s hard for me to imagine a situation when someone needs light at such a distance, because with the naked eye it will be difficult even to distinguish an SUV from a car. Nevertheless, if the C8 + is expected to give light only at the level of “something glittering through the windows”, then both L21A broke through at a level that I had previously seen only in radically more expensive models of top brands. Working at such a distance is the lot of all $100-200 models: Olight Javelot Pro, Acebeam K6575T30, Thrunite TN42 and a couple of other models similar in octology and dimensions. And then a $ 40 flashlight hits only a little worse.

800m vs 720

Of course, in the video review there is also a little live video with examples of how both of these flashlights shine.

General impressions

Not everyone needs light with such a range. But! Prior to the release of the Convoy L21A, a customer who wanted a powerful long-range flashlight had to be prepared to spend dramatically more. It is clear that more flexible control, more modes and generally beautiful carcasses were added to branded models. Convoy L21A is deprived of all this.

All he has is a small price tag and excellent range, which you will not find anywhere else in this price category. And yet, after all, there is a choice not only between XHP35 and SST40 versions, but also the color temperature. And I think that’s enough.

In short, if you are looking for good range and relatively compact size, the Sofirn C8G is worth a look.

If the size does not bother you, L21A will not disappoint you — both models are exceptionally long-range.

What to choose, Convoy L21A XHP35 or Convoy L21A SST4? Exclusively a matter of taste. In the case of the first one, you get less side light, but there is a neutral light and good 1-3% lower modes. The second 0.1% is mostly useless, and the light is not warmer than 5000K, but the side illumination is very good.

Otherwise, each of them is a bright long-range LED flashlight, which, I hope, will be easier for you to choose after this review.

And it will be even easier to choose it if you look at a couple of texts below.

How to choose an LED flashlight — here are all the nuances that affect how the flashlight will shine and how manufacturers deceive the buyer.

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