A flashlight is a necessary and, frankly, useful thing Of course, the more expensive the model, the brighter, cooler and longer it shines. However, among inexpensive models there are also interesting specimens. One such option, a flashlight that combines as many as three different light sources, plus two magnetic mounts, will be discussed in this review.

The flashlight is quite compact, the body elements are made of aluminum and plastic, it looks quite decent. The flashlight comes with a short microUSB charging cable:

As I already mentioned, the main feature of the device is that it has three light sources. The first is in the front, like classic flashlights …

… and two on the side — a lens with a COB matrix under it and a pair of ultraviolet LEDs. This arrangement of the lens allows it to be used as a small working lighting device by placing (or magnetizing) it on the end. Unfortunately, there is no special attachment for the head in the kit, it would be very convenient.

I note that the flashlight can claim some degree of moisture protection, because. the power button and the charging port are covered with rubber pads:

Declared LEDs: XPE + COB LED + purple ultraviolet 395nm. In total, there are four modes in the flashlight, switched by a button: the glow of the LED on the end; bright glow of the matrix under the lens on the side; economical glow of the matrix by the lens; UV LEDs. Battery type 18650.

Flashlight size:

The flashlight fits easily in the palm of your hand:

Weight about 90 gr.:

The lantern, in addition to a clip for attaching, for example, to a pocket, is equipped with two magnets. The first is located at the place where the clip is attached to the case and is marked with a magnet icon …

… and the second one on the bottom end, holds well on a metal surface:

The light of the LED located at the front end of the flashlight is cold, and the side is closer to neutral. The side matrix is ​​brighter and gives more light than the LED on the end:

The end shines with a rather narrow beam:

The side lens gives a more diffused light, allowing you to illuminate a larger area. Bright mode:

Economy mode:

Photo of a matrix with a clamped aperture:

Ultraviolet LED is the cheapest — with a wavelength of 395nm. On banknotes, it allows you to see only luminous fibers, but for the manifestation of other degrees of protection, you need flashlights with a wavelength of 375-385 or even better 365nm:

The flashlight battery is charged with a small current for a long time, more than five hours. The battery capacity is about 1200mAh. As for the operating time, the end LED is enough for about 7 hours, the side LED in bright mode is 4 hours, in the economical mode it is about 10.

When charging, the red LED flashes, which changes color to green when it is completed:

In general, the flashlight is quite good — it shines brightly enough for its price of $ 7. It has already come in handy several times, I used it with a head mount from another flashlight. Doesn’t get hot during extended use. Bought here


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