Sufficiently compact, bright and long-range flashlight on exclusively a rare OSRAM CSLNM1.TG LED for long-range flashlights. If you are interested in something in the format of the same C8 +, but with greater brightness, I suggest you take a look.

If the size is not so critical, then the day before yesterday I published a review of a much more long-range lamp with a neutral light and SST40 LED Nightwatch NI40 — it might be right for you.

You can buy it at Nealsgadget, the final price with the NDF promo code and delivery to the Russian Federation will be quite affordable.
21700 battery can be bought in the same place or taken from aliexpress.

A general updated list of selections and promotional codes for aliexpress HERE

As for other Nightwatch models, versions with other LEDs are available here, which will give a definitely different light both in terms of brightness and light distribution, and in terms of graphics.

there is no data on the survey LED, I will give others.

however, judging by the fact that I have the same currents in the first three modes (I can’t measure the turbo), we can safely assume that it will be the same as in the NI 01L IRA, for which there is data. and they are like this:
OSRAM version:M(0.2A)-L(1.5A)-H(3.5A)-T(7A) and 1400lumens.

Packaging and appearance.

Exceptionally simple packaging. It does not pretend to anything more than the difference between «no package» and «there is a package.»

The kit, however, includes everything you need: a flashlight, a thick and good lanyard, a large and two smaller o-rings, and even a spare glass. Great.

The flashlight looks extremely simple. In design, he went not far from the level of some d * nofaer. As in the Nightwatch NI40, everything is put on the altar of functionality and accessibility.

From the point of view of both this and packaging, there is no gift potential. Here it is necessary to give it on the street and immediately turn it on to the turbo so that they don’t remember about the poor packaging.

The size is exactly the same as the C8 +. The head is symbolically smaller in diameter than the C8+ (41mm vs. 44.5mm), but the length is just the same amount longer (145mm vs. 142.5mm). Yes, and Sofirn C8G is only symbolically larger.

The spring in the tailcap is thick and off-center. Exactly the same spring is located on the side of the head. The head is not removable.

The thread is well lubricated, with two (!) O-rings.

The knurling is the most primitive, small rhombuses. Not particularly grippy.

Yes, the grip is quite comfortable due to its compactness and lightness. But, again, not the most tenacious knurling, the absence of a clip and the same diameter of the tail cap and the middle of the body (i.e. there is no saddle) make the use of a lanyard extremely desirable.

But the fins here are gorgeous, the cooling fins are deep and numerous. The same C8G cannot boast of these in any way.

The wide, flat bezel rolls up easily.

The reflector is deep and, of course, smooth. Let me remind you that different versions of LEDs are available. This one, Osram, is really tiny, only 1x2mm. It is clear that with such dimensions and the declared brightness, it should give a remarkable light in terms of range. Everything is neat inside.

The anti-glare here is kind of strange, it seems to be there, but you can see it is not as clear as in C8 +.

General impressions: the most primitive design and outwardly good build quality, with the exception of a crooked spring in the tail. I repeat, everything is done here in order to give you the opportunity to shine as far as possible at the lowest price.


exceptionally simple.

There is a mode memory.

Switching modes by gender (clicks)

2x click — turbo, 3x — strobe.

How the Nightwatch NS22 shines

Cold white light, a typical «awl» in terms of light distribution. Dim side illumination and a bright small center.

There is no visible PWM flicker.

Hereinafter, Convoy C8 + XPL-HI will be used as a comparison as the most popular inexpensive long-range flashlight, the light of which is known to everyone and sofirn C8G as similar in size and functionality. It can be seen that the NS22 has the most narrowly focused beam.

720 beam

For the review, I used not the most capacious (but cheap) batteries Liitokala at 4200mah. The most capacious banks at 4800-5000mah (you can buy them there from Neil instead of with a flashlight) will give a significantly better result. As for charging for the 21700 battery, I wrote everything about their choice here.

The stabilization is quite good, and taking into account the fact that even the MID is more than enough, the duration of the work is quite pleasing. In High, the flashlight will work for almost an hour and a half and without significant drawdown in the mode that is maximum for Convoy C8 +. Not to mention the turbo, where three minutes before the thermal control sensor (if without cooling) you can highlight almost anything.

With cooling, you get a little less than forty minutes, but the range of the flashlight will be at the level of some more overall 26650 long-range shots on the XHP35, such as the same Lumintop ODL20C

The thermostat is working fine. However, if you are looking forward to long-term use in the turbo, you should take care of the gloves.

There is a discharge indication by flashing every 5 seconds and overdischarge protection.

Well, the most interesting thing is what this flashlight is capable of?

Traditionally, I will shine at these points.


Well, it’s clear that the flashlight is at this distance. Here it will be much more practical just some kind of weak long-range type Convoy C8, which will have more side fill.

720 50m modes

720 50m

75m — here MID is enough for the eyes, even the minimum brightness gives a clearly distinguishable light.

720 75m modes

720 75m

In my opinion, just flashlights of this type are most often taken for work at distances such as 175m.

In the case of the NS22, it is clearly seen that the Sofirn C8G has a less focused light and the side fill is much wider here. But — which is logical, the center is weaker in brightness, it is not even brighter than High in NS22. And on the gif you can see that even Low at this distance gives excellent visible light.

720 175m modes

720 175m

400m. It can be seen that the flashlight gives a wonderfully detailed light, despite the fact that the eyes will no longer be able to make out these very details at such a distance. But I am glad that even Mid is far from useless here, and taking into account its duration, I repeat, it makes this mode the most convenient here in terms of functional balance.

720 400m modes


720 400m

800m — an exceptionally heavy distance for a long-range flashlight of this size. And I believe that the NS22 has successfully passed this test.

720 800m modes

Traditionally, the video version of the review contains much more visual materials.

General impressions.

Despite its extremely simple appearance, the Nightwatch NS22 demonstrates a clear superiority over the C8 + in terms of battery life, stabilization and range. This, I’ll tell you straight,exclusively long-range flashlight for its size.

As for Sofirn C8G, the latter is less long-range, but its side illumination will be wider and more convenient. Links to reviews of each model are given above in the review.

Now, for its low price, the Nightwatch NS22 is a very interesting choice for those who are looking for extreme range in the relative compactness that the 21700 power provides. Of course, for the mass of people such light is not needed at all, and if you need something brighter and more suitable for working at an average distance, it is most logical to take convoy s11 or convoy m3

I clarify once again — when choosing another LED, the light will be radically different, what you saw above is true only for the Osram LED. It is clear that the competitors mentioned in the review also have their strengths, in the post-Soviet space for the mass of people the fact that they can be ordered on Ali will be decisive.

+ affordable price
+ stabilization
+ thermoregulation
+ range
+ simple controls with separate tabs for turbo and strobe
+ 21700 power -> operating time

— exceptionally simple appearance
— symbolic packaging, almost zero presentability

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