The most popular manufacturer of budget flashlights has finally delivered its first headband. Convoy H1 is made in the same L-shaped form factor with neutral light, so it’s worth seeing if the throne does not stagger under the «folk» that has become over the past couple of years Skilhunt H03 , since there are no coupons for the last three months. In general, there is a clear reason to review Convoy H1 vs Skilhunt H03

Packaging and appearance

A rare case for a convoy — a relatively decent package, I once saw one for S2 +. Of course, it is clearly worse than that of all other manufacturers, but at least this is not that miserable piece of thin cardboard in which all other models are packed. Talking about some kind of gift can only be a stretch.

Inside, in the foam rubber, there is the headband itself, a head mount and a clip. Nothing else, no lanyard, no instructions.

The head mount is really cheap. I am now doing a review of a pair of penny foreheads with Ali, so the fastening fabric is better there. Equally, the gum here looks very cheap. In general, the ultra-budget in all its ugliness. With skilhunt and close not to compare.

The clip fits snugly, but not overly tight, which is good, does not scratch the anodizing. It has holes for a lanyard, you can hang it if necessary. It is also good.

Well, here is the headband itself. A solid, strong carcass in a format that will allow you to use the Convoy H1 also as a handheld flashlight. The view is quite decent, quite at the level of other convoy models. Without any design frills, but a solid and not warping look.

The dimensions are somewhat larger than one would expect, mainly due to the greater thickness of the carcass. 3mm is a lot, to be honest.

there is a good comparison photo

As for the weight, it is without a battery with a clip 74g, that somewhere 30g more than Skyhunt. With prolonged wear, this difference for some head can become noticeable.

The spring from the side of the tail is thick, with a large margin. The spring on the side of the head is thinner.

The headband is disassembled into three parts.

The carving from the side of the tail is rather large, rectangular, from the side of the head it is smaller and triangular, normally missed on both sides.

The knurling reminded me of the good old «lemon» with the addition of a bunch of small flat squares inside the main large ones. It is clear that in this form it is not very elegant, but it is very good in terms of grip reliability. I don’t think that the buyers of this forehead protector have a serious concern with the aesthetic component of the appearance.

Actually, the grip in the hands is a secondary matter here, after all, we are talking about the forehead. But, as I said earlier, it is actually reliable. It is clear that you should not overestimate the convenience of using the L-shaped headband as a hand flashlight, but due to the diameter of the Convoy H1 sits securely in your hand.

Outwardly, a simple, translucent button here clearly betrays the price category of the Convoy H1 forehead. On the other hand, it is quite a comfortable medium size, protrudes beyond the carcass and is easy to feel. It moves with a perceptibly pronounced click — in general, it is convenient to use it. And yes, there is an indicator light. It works only on a deep discharge, it starts to glow red.

Here, at the same time, you can visually assess the depth of the cooling fins.

The head is massive enough for a headband, but I see only a plus in this, everything is better for heat dissipation.

Glass with enlightenment.

If you have pliers or a watch opener, you can twist the bezel with little effort. Below it is a textured reflector of the usual size for a browband. So, now I looked closely, it seems that I measured the depth of the reflector together with the glass, so it’s more like 10mm there.

At the bottom are quite ordinary XM-L2.


Simple but not over the top.

Inclusion on click, shutdown on retention

Mode switching on click

Eat instant access to Low from Off on hold.

Convoy H1 in action.

Diffused neutral light, quite convenient for working close. I figured that the beamshots at a short distance are full of overexposure in the center (the dynamic range of the camera is narrower than that of the human eye, which sees the illumination much more uniform), so this time I didn’t take them here, look at the photo at a short distance, I think it will be clearer.

No visible PWM flicker in any mode.

currents: 0.028-0.085-0.48-1.65A

Thermoregulation? Are you laughing? So in a turbo it is necessary to use with caution, a flashlight really doesn’t get hot.

Stabilization… well, the usual schedule here for the bulk of the convoys, a smooth decrease in brightness as the battery is discharged. It will not work to discharge to zero, there is a cut-off somewhere at 2.7v. And somewhere in the same area, the red indicator starts flashing. What surprised me was that Panas rejection worked better at high than the significantly higher-end Samsun 35E.

Well, look live, I did a lot of pictures.

It is clear that the brightness is enough to work at arm’s length. But then there is a clear jamb in the form of a hole between Mid-High. Neat to accommodate order mode 130-150lum. The skilhunt does not have this problem at all, there are just levels of brightness in bulk for any need.

In general, I did not see a significant difference when working with some medium modes. More precisely, there is some difference in the light distribution, but in real use, In my opinion, can be neglected.

In this review, for some reason, there will be no familiar locations. I will limit myself to one suburban area. But, I am sure that from the photographs (+ video from the review) you can make a sufficient impression.

In principle, to move around without the risk of getting a branch in the eye and flying into a puddle, Mid is enough, this is quite a normal mode for unhurried movement.

The headband, though not designed to shine into the distance, but in conditions of something like a dark road, it can illuminate everything far enough.

the video review also contains quite clear examples of the operation of this flashlight in different modes.

General impressions.

upd-sofirn sp40 perceptibly better if you need to buy a good inexpensive headlamp, look in his direction

Convoy H1 far not a perfect headband, but good discount I think that you can close your eyes to its shortcomings, if we are talking about everyday use. I would characterize it as «well, okay, it will do.» Not “oh, not bad, not bad”, and even more so, no “zbs, give me two!”. Accordingly, the smaller the price gap with H03, the less interesting this model will be. And set.

And Convoy H1 would definitely be better with small, in fact, and not affecting the price improvements — 100-150 lumens mode and a magnet at the end. If the skill were sold at the previous price, and there would be no coupon for this model, I would probably add 5-6 bucks and take the skillhunt. Unfortunately, there is currently no such option.

By and large, the headband is the same ordinary convoy, only in the headband format. A simple, affordable and practical thing without frills. Something better, the same skillhunt in any of the versions of revision h03 will be significantly more expensive. And something cheaper is a maximum of some kind of boruite. In general, I don’t think that in the form in which it is now, the Convoy H1 draws on the title of “people’s forehead”. But it is quite possible that the next version, if these comments of mine are taken into account (and I already wrote to Simon about them) and the price tag remains the same, may become another super-popular convoy product.

Of course, it will not impress sophisticated lamplighters with the lack of elegance of form and control, the usual exhaust and the absence of a hi-CRI version (although, knowing the wealth of options for completing convoys, one cannot promise that there will be nothing there). But a simple user who is willing to pay an extra 10 bucks for a boruite or zoom lens will get a light that covers the entire spectrum of everyday household needs.

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