Which flashlight Convoy to choose? There are many different models. And a beginner may not understand how the Convoy C8 differs from the C8 +, and the Convoy L2 from the Convoy L6, and how that powerful Chinese LED flashlight shines in general.

before reading this Convoy flashlight comparison, I recommend read my guide on how to choose the right flashlight

I will not compile here another advertising «rating of the TOP-10 convoy flashlights» or some similar empty, uninformative footcloth.

I made this comparison of Convoy flashlights just to clearly show how different Convoy models differ and briefly outline their main characteristics, to show how they shine at different distances.

So if you still do not know which convoy flashlight to choose, then I hope that I did not work in vain.

in general, if the topic of flashlights is of interest to you, please my channel with reviews of all new flashlights. Visual comparisons, graphs and a minimum of water like the usual «TOP 10 flashlights from aliexpress», «The most powerful flashlights from aliexpress» and other water


It should be noted that since the year Sofirn has been successfully competing in the budget segment with a number of successful models, these are:

  • headlamp Sofirn SP40 which is head and shoulders better than the Convoy H1
  • flashlights Sofirn SP32a v2.0 And Sofirn SP35 which turned out to be no worse than many significantly more expensive models of top brands.
  • large and bright LED lamp Sofirn SP70.
  • wonderful in every way bright camping lamp Sofirn BLF LT1s
  • long-range awl Sofirn SF47T

In fact, if you ask yourself the question “what to choose, Sofirn or Convoy”, then the advantage of the latter is only the ability to choose the color temperature for a number of models … But the traditional advantage of convoys is the ability to customize the flashlight “for yourself” even at the ordering stage. And then elementary access to offal makes it possible to easily modify / repair a flashlight.

And it is precisely because of the easily changeable design that it will be wrong to say that «Convoy S2 + shines in such and such a way.» It’s like a cutlet. It may look the same, but, in fact, different meat gives a different taste. So almost any Convoy flashlight is just a case in which you can put givers considerably giblets differing in final light. And in general, you can buy only the case and at home already assemble the necessary flashlight yourself.

How to choose a headlamp? Basic knowledge

a small excerpt from the guide to choosing flashlights. Basic things, the knowledge of which will simplify this process.

A fair share of my survey flashlights then find other owners, and often even some basic things become a revelation for them. Well, a person didn’t see anything except a zoom lens, what to do.

So if you or your friend is looking for a flashlight, then it makes sense to spend a couple of minutes on the text below, it can make choosing a flashlight easier. After all, all this is true not only for convoys, but in general for all models. So, what you need to know when choosing a flashlight.

Those who are in the know can, of course, feel free to scroll further, I won’t say anything new here.

So, the time has come, I wanted a good flashlight for an inexpensive price and they advised you to “take S2 ​​+”. Everything would be fine, only when you go to the page of the model, you see such a thing and the spinal cord awakens the primal fury of misunderstanding.

To simplify, the line «emitted color» indicates the color temperature. To quickly navigate — 1A is as cold as possible, 7A is as warm as possible. Here, by the way, you can see the treasured T6, which is listed as an LED in all poor crafts such as zooms. It’s like the question «what kind of car do you have?» answer «diesel». There is NO such LED as T6!
So, choose a Chinese lantern. Why Chinese? Yes, because now all (there are exceptions, but these are expensive and / or small-circulation models) good flashlights are made in China. Acebeam, Fenix, Olight, Nitecore, etc.

In fact, here’s everything you need to know when choosing a flashlight.

1) The warmer the light, the less brightness and more heating. And, in relation to long-range, the greater the penetration power — and this can significantly negate this difference in brightness. The difference between cold 6500K and warm 3000K light will be especially good in smoke / dust / fog. No wonder the same firefighters need warm light. Yes, remember the foglights, in the end.

The most comfortable color for the eyes lies within the neutral range, between 4000-5000K. And here personal preferences already come into force, I personally like the upper limit of this range. As a rule, the 6500K versions are the cheapest and least pleasant in terms of light.

2) 7135 — they are stabilizers. The more of them, the more current, the brighter the flashlight will be. It seems to be here it is — take more, the same 8×7135 and rejoice. But no — the brighter the faster it heats up and the faster the battery is discharged, dropping the brightness (you don’t expect full brightness stabilization for 10-15 bucks?). Personally, for the same S2 +, I limit myself to 4×7135 and this is more than enough for me.

And one moment. For some it’s obvious, but for others it’s not. Brightness does not equal range. A less bright flashlight can shine much further than a brighter one. Why? What is worth knowing here, if simplified?

1) Smooth reflectorhe is SMOforms a bright «spot» in the center (aka hotspot), worsening side illumination. Textured reflector he isOPrespectively, does the opposite.

2) Than the larger the LED size, the worse the range will be (all else being equal). The big XHP70.2 will be brighter than the XHP35, but a lot of light will go to the sides. You will get more lumen, but less candela.

However, I can say that the dedominated XHP70.2, overclocked to 6000 lumens, in a smooth deep reflector, shows itself to be a wonderful searchlight with excellent range and side fill.
Here you can look at the BLF GT 70 as a clear example of such a flashlight. Mateminco MT70 is a more affordable and practical example. It’s one of the best search lights I’ve come across, to be honest. Yes, and Convoy L6 with a smooth reflector also shows a very good range.
I often hear a question like «need as bright and long-range as possible.» As a rule, these are all mutually exclusive requirements. But a small number of models on XHP70.2 with smooth reflectors meet these requirements.

3) Two identical LEDs will differ in range and brightness if one of them is dedomized (without silicone dome), and the second with it. This is often referred to as HI (High Intensity)HD (High Density). Previously, long-distance trucks used to have dedominated XM-L2s, now they are XHP35 or XPL-Hi.

Here I will continue to mention stabilization. This term refers to the dip in brightness as the battery drains. The light is fully stabilized if the brightness is kept at the same level. As a rule, at some discharge threshold, the brightness simply goes down a level. Full stabilization is available in 2-3 Convoy models. In the rest, the picture will be something like this. In principle, and this is not critical, since in a minute the brightness drops by some fractions of a percent and the eye simply does not perceive this.

Well, perhaps the last. In addition to the classic option with something like 1-10-40-100% modes, you can choose the biscotty driver, which allows you to choose between about a dozen different brightness levels. Exceptionally comfortable. You can, for example, set only one 100% mode or limit the maximum brightness to 50%.

I’ll clarify again. There are some models that I have not included in the line. They are rather experimental and may well go off the market. If there are any interesting ones, I will add to the list. Well, in the near future, we plan to make short videos with examples of work for each of the models. In general, the text will gradually be supplemented, but even now I’m sure it will give answers to as many questions as possible about which Convoy flashlight to choose for yourself.

Description of Convoy lines:

S: relatively small pocket flashlights with enough light for ordinary needs for a garage / vegetable garden / light on the sides when walking. People’s line of EDC flashlights.
M: Dimensions and light are right between C and S. A reasonable compromise for those who want to get more range at the cost of some convenience in low beams. in a jacket pocket.
C: A long-range line that actually boils down to Convoy C8 Convoy C8 +
L: the largest lights, as above, are actually two models L2 L6

There were even more dead-end branches, for example BD (a flashlight with built-in charging). They did not find wide popularity, and as part of the purpose of the review, I will bypass them.

The photo below shows the most popular models at the time of writing.

The difference in light is, of course, exceptional. It is worth clarifying that the Convoy L6 below is not in the stock textured reflector, but in a smooth one. Otherwise, the gradient from the center to the edges would be smoother, a la Convoy M3.

Convoy S


Height:118 mm Width:24.1 mm Weight:76 g

It is a deservedly «folk» flashlight, which, at minimal cost, allows you to get sufficient brightness. The XP-L variant will be somewhat more long-range. You can evaluate how the base model shines in the photos below.

Convoy S2+ XML-2 aliexpress banggood

Unfading version. Pretty bright light with a light distribution that is convenient for working near. There is a memory for the last used mode + several groups of modes. There is a discharge indication.

Many, by the way, use this model with a diffuser, it turns out a good camping light.

Again, this particular model is often used as a budget bike light.

Almost everyone starts with this model (well, or at least it comes after the zoom).

+ price
+ enough brightness for everyday needs
+ light is convenient for close use

— negligible range

The examples of light from different flashlights below include a bunch of comparisons with this particular reference model.

Convoy S2+ SST40

has great brightness. That’s just due to the small size of the case, I would not have chased her at all. The lantern will quickly heat up to the point that you will not be able to hold it in your hands. It is much more reasonable to take the Convoy S21A, which is discussed below.

Convoy S11 XHP 50.2

banggood review

26650 acc | length:139mm width:139mm weight:171g

Like the S21a, the Convoy S11 is the same enlarged Convoy S2+. 10-12 bucks is a small difference between these models, and for it you get drastically brighter, comfortable close and medium distance (with the ability to somehow play long-range) light with a remarkable duration of operation and complete stabilization. The difference in size with the S21A allows you to count on the fact that this big difference will not overheat the body and hands. The opposite is also true, in the pocket it will not be so convenient.

More than once I have met extremely positive feedback from those who used the Convoy S11 as a bike light.

The current price tag for this model is extremely modest in terms of the combination of its functional characteristics, and if you need a long-lasting bright flashlight for an inexpensive price, the Convoy S11 is one of those. For the price, this is a very, very good model. Once again, if you need really bright and inexpensive — Convoy S11 is for you.

What is the difference between S11 XHP50.2 and S11 SST40? The latter will be less bright and more long-range. Not outright long-range, of course. It’s just that it will be much more convenient from 7-10 meters that way. Ultimately, I recommend it. In my experience of direct comparison and real use, SST40 is better.

However, if you need a normal, convenient medium-range on a 26650 battery, look at Sofirn SP33S

+ price, brightness, neutral light, stabilization and duration of work, quite a good selection of modes
— I would add an intermediate mode of 10-12%

Convoy S12


Continuation of the development of Convoy, remarkable in terms of size-capacity-price ratio of 21700 batteries. The specificity of this model is that for a small price, the user receives no less than 3x Nichia LEDs, that is, a fairly bright neutral light with a high color rendering index. Like the rest of the 21700 convoy flashlights, this model has full stabilization. The light is quite convenient as a foot light, but due to the good brightness, you can also shine into the distance, up to a hundred meters, that is, for ordinary needs it will be enough for the eyes. A good option for those who do not pursue excessive brightness, but want to try high-quality light at a low cost. In this case, the size will be the same as that of the M1, that is, even if it is larger than that of the S2 +, but it is quite pocketable.

720 da4a 2 modes
Convoy S21A


Update S2+ with modern capacious 21700 power supply. The flashlight remained in the same design, increased in size by a couple of mm, but it became significantly brighter, began to work longer, received full stabilization. There are fewer color temperature options, however, but, as for me, 5000K is exactly the most suitable of all. Now if you choose between the old S2 + at 18650 and this new one at 21700, I will definitely choose the latter.

The same S11 will already be significantly larger and therefore less convenient as a flashlight (although it will work better and longer at higher brightness). In the photo, S21A is second from the left, right behind its predecessor.

720 da4a 1

Convoy M


CONVOY M2 bangood

The most compact model in the line, only symbolically larger than the S2 +. it’s hard to find on sale, now it’s more relevant to take the M21B

Diameter (head/body/tail): 31.6/25.8/27.5mm

Length: 135.2 mm

But the reflector is much larger, which makes it possible to fully shine at a frankly limiting distance for S2+ of 75m. Yes, the model has parasitic sidelight rings, but in everyday use, the target audience of convoys puts on them.

In general, this is a pocket flashlight for those who want to move the range slider in pocket sizes — the convenience of working near is a little more towards the first.

Convoy M3


A very decent model.

Diameter (head/body/tail):48.1/35.6/38.1mm weight:290g

This is the largest flashlight in the line. However, even so, it will fit in a jacket pocket. Taking into account the brightness, the dimensions and thickness of the case are rather a plus from the standpoint of heat dissipation. 1-10-40-100% brightness modes.

26650 power and XHP70.2 LED gives about 3000 lumens of brightness, which is enough for good detailed light in a radius of up to 200m. It makes no sense to buy a smooth reflector — the light distribution will simply worsen, the range will not increase. A big plus of this model is full-fledged stabilization, without the usual for convoys, a gradual drop in brightness as the discharge progresses.

Want something really flashy without punching a hole in your wallet? Convoy M3 is just for you, a real man’s flashlight.

upd. there was a question about a high threshold (somewhere around 3.9v), after which the turbo would no longer work. now this bar is brought to mind. 40% will definitely be running brightness. you will not be able to play from 100% all the way. here it is worth looking at 4x18A

In general, I liked the Sofirn SP33S better with 26650 power.

here is a visual comparison of the three models at 75m distance. M1 and M2 XPL-hi.

the version with XML-2 will be somewhat less long-range (and, logically, more comfortable up close — see the difference between C8 and C8+)

Convoy M21A SST40


The price tag of the Convoy M21A SST40 is very modest, a little more than the same C8 +. A little more here and the rest of this novelty Convoy: and size, and range, and power capacity. Is that the brightness is significantly different. In general, this model left me with the impression of a rather overclocked and well-stabilized old Convoy C8 with a more capacious power supply. A kind of flashlight, something between medium-range and long-range. If you sensibly assess your needs and are looking for something with such light and for such a distance, then I think that it will not disappoint you. However, I would take Sofirn 8G link at the beginning of the review.

Regarding the C8 +, there are advantages and disadvantages.

+ support for a radically more capacious 21700 battery
+ long range at max
+ better side illumination at the same brightness as C8+
+ full-fledged stabilization without a drawdown in brightness
+ thermostepdown

— Worst range at the same brightness as C8+
— only 4 brightness levels
— a gap between 3% and 40%.

Convoy M4U


The same Convoy C8 XPL-Hi in the light, but with built-in charging and definitely better stabilization

Convoy C

Classic inexpensive long-range flashlights

In principle, it makes sense to buy with a limited budget, or if you need warm or neutral light, then for the XML-2 LED there is a choice of color temperatures.

Here is a full review and comparison of Convoy C8 XML-2 and Convoy C8 + XPL-Hi with the addition of the most popular zoom

And so, if we are talking about a budget long-range flashlight, now I would without a doubt choose Sofirn c8G

Diameter (head/body/tail): 44.5/25.2mm Length: 144.5mm

A long-term hit with a lot of wretched copies in the same format (all sorts of g * nofires successfully exploit a recognizable body), Convoy C8 with XML-2 LED about a year ago got a significantly more long-range, XPL-Hi-based continuation of Convoy C8 +, again — there was a version with Biscotty. Yes, now there is still a version on SST40, but frankly it didn’t impress me and I’m not ready to recommend it.

The result of all this was a tangible increase in range, which fresh battery gives generally useful light at a distance of even 400m. The opposite is also true, when used in the near-mid range, the old Convoy C8 will be more convenient due to the brighter side illumination. Because of this, I consider it wrong to say that Convoy C8 is worse than Convoy C8+. I estimate the functional limit of the old model to be a couple of hundred meters, the new one is about 300 rubles.

The dimensions have not changed at all, the external difference between the models comes down to a different finning and knurling.

as for the light, from the photographs below you can clearly understand that for an exceptional mass of ordinary purposes you will have enough of this with a margin.

Yes, if you think like this «but I’ll buy zoom for 500 rubles, it will be convenient both near and far, ”then I have to disappoint you. At the far focus, the brightness is lost somewhere up to 1/3 of the already negligible level. And, for example, at a 70m distance, the frankly close-range convoy s2 + shines just as brightly and has a bonus in the form of side illumination. Up close, at the same time, the zoom gives a disgustingly dull bluish circle and also merges S2 +.

Convoy L

The largest series of all. Maximum range, maximum brightness. Once upon a time, about three years ago, the Convoy L6 caused a sickly seething among those interested, lowered the bar for a bright flashlight to a frankly budget level.

Diameter (head/body/tail): 64.5mm/35mm/37.2mm Length: 244 mm Weight: 448g


review (optional 1acc)


1×26650 promises a good duration of work, a hefty reflector allows you to count on a good range. I don’t have the L2 version on the XPL-Hi, but in reality it will be a C8+ with more range. The XHP50.2 version is a good search light that gives good side illumination at 2400 lum of brightness and a range that is a bit more than the C8+ XPL-Hi.
Now the driver for the XHP35 LED is being finished, with which this flashlight will become radically more long-range, the most long-range among all the convoys.

Below in the photo are examples of the work of the XHP50.2 version. A good balance between long range and comfortable side fill at medium-close range.

Convoy L21A


Not so long ago, shortened and long-range versions of the same L2 came out with different types of power supply from LEDs

They have an absolutely identical appearance, but quite different light. The model is certainly not pocket-sized, but it also has excellent range.

If the size does not bother you, L21A will not disappoint you — both models are exceptionally long-range.

What to choose, Convoy L21A XHP35 or Convoy L21A SST4? Exclusively a matter of taste. In the case of the first one, you get less side light, but there is a neutral light and good 1-3% lower modes. The second 0.1% is mostly useless, and the light is not warmer than 5000K, but the side illumination is very good.

Convoy L6 XHP70.2


Large and bright flashlight. Now it does not cause such shocks as in 2016, when only lamplighters who frankly paid off other money could hold something similar in brightness. At the same time, a bright flashlight became available to the masses. According to the link, there are only 110 orders, but this does not mean anything, from time to time Simon conducts an audit and replaces one lot with another. For gourmets, there is a shiny version that won’t show scratches and is easier to find.

What is important to know here. 1) the flashlight heats up in the turbo and you can’t stand it in your hands for a long time, but the previous level is enough for your eyes, believe me.

2) there is a version with a smooth reflector, it is in the photo below. This gives a certain increase in range without a clear loss in the convenience of working close. Actually, for this reason, I myself chose a flashlight in this version. Hands will reach — I will make a review, if possible, showing the difference between both reflectors.

This model has a good and more convenient alternative in the form Sofirn SP70

it’s important to note this: almost everything you wanted from the L6 you can find in the Convoy M3. What he clearly has less is range (which is bad in some situations) and hull length (which is almost always good). But the light, for example, is completely stabilized.

Convoy 4x18A


This model stands apart, outside the lines. In fact, this is something like the Convoy M3 on steroids. The flashlight is almost the same in length, but larger in diameter due to 4×18650 power supply. The latter results in an excellent duration of work. Well, the larger dimensions make it easier for the flashlight to remove heat, it holds 100% much longer than the M3.
Due to the larger reflector, it gives a more long-range light. Well, there is a built-in type-C charging.

But! a complete set (flashlight + power) in the case of the Convoy M3 will cost half as much as the Convoy 4x18A.

The model seems to be definitely more interesting than the L6. With the same brightness and even greater total battery capacity, it is much more compact and has built-in charging.

It is worth noting that there is an interesting version with a crazy SBT90.2 LED. It’s just a light gun, see for yourself here

  • + brightness
  • + stabilization
  • + built-in type-c charging with good current
  • + charging indication
  • + convenient control
  • + choice of color temperature
  • + camping light potential
  • + no visible flaws in manufacturing and design
  • + price relative to analogues
  • + capable of turning on turbo up to 3.3v inclusive
  • — equipment
  • — hole 1040%
  • — the strap at the cover of the charging connector will cling and open this cover, you need to cut it off.

Convoy H

So far, there is only one model in this line, here is a full review of banggood

To say it straight, so-so. Sofirn SP40 much better in this class

  • + fairly bright
  • + good heat dissipation due to size
  • there is a choice of color temperature
  • — poor head mount
  • -dimensions
  • — worth catching on stocks. for the regular price I would choose sofirn

Final thoughts.

The convoy was and remains a good balanced choice for the masses. Due to the price of flashlights occasionally (Here I almost never met, even in purchased ones) minor assembly jambs. They are either elementary corrected or have no effect on the work.

For each model, you can choose any color temperature, and for many also a reflector or a number of stabilizers that affect brightness. Look for this in branded flashlights … At best, there will be a choice between cold light and neutral. Sofirn, a direct competitor of Convoy, does not have such a choice of LEDs. But Sofirn has excellent control and almost always has built-in charging.

Models like Convoy С8+, S11 or M3 are very successful in terms of price / brightness ratio, they have full stabilization (a couple of the last ones mentioned above) and completely cover the need for bright pocket light.

But even the old models are quite, quite wealthy and will completely cover the exceptional majority of simple household needs. For the home/garage/private sector, buying something over $50 often doesn’t make a big difference in functionality to justify the multiple price difference. And usually it is a matter of wealth or a conscious desire to have a fashionable branded flashlight. If you want to save a lot, a couple of purchased convoys like S2+ and C8+ allow you to provide yourself with good light for years at any distance except frankly extreme 500m+ for a symbolic price.

Of course, there is a difference between an A-brand flashlight like Acebeam-Olight-Fenix-Nitecore and convoys and there is no point in hiding it. But for a simple user and for simple needs, the difference in functionality in most cases will not justify a 3-4-fold difference in price. Do not rub your cheek with it, grunting happily, on the titanium or copper body of a limited-edition carcass with a quadripple.

And yet, Convoy also has much more practical alternatives for many models from the same Sofirn.

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