Today on the review is the ONNIGHT 100 universal headlamp on batteries. This is an inexpensive flashlight with compact dimensions, low weight and more or less streamlined shape. Simple and easy to use, and at the same time quite functional. It fits snugly on the head, and the soft rubberized housing protects the flashlight from shock and water. It has 3 lighting modes: red, energy-saving white and intense white. In general, a good budget model that is great for any conditions of use. So, let’s start the review.



Power: 80 lumens
Dimensions: 60 x 40 x 31 mm (excluding strap)
Degree of moisture and dust protection: IPX4
Maximum light beam distance: 25 m
Nutrition: 3 batteries LR03-AAA
Working hours: 30 hours in eco mode and 10 hours in intensive mode
Weight: 85 g

Appearance and scope of delivery

The headlamp comes without any of the protective cardboard packaging we’re used to seeing on more expensive models. The flashlight is attached to an intricately curved cardboard backing, on which you can find all the detailed information about the model, manufacturer, as well as brief technical specifications and other data.

There are no detailed instructions for operating a headlamp. There are a couple of pictures on the back of the cardboard backing as a guide.

The delivery set is modest, it includes: the headlamp itself, a special rubberized case, an elastic band and three AAA batteries.

As for the appearance, the design is quite decent. There are no special frills, however, this is a simple budget model, so you should not expect anything special from it. The lens is made of durable polycarbonate. The case of the simplest form is monolithic from thermoplastic material. Water splash resistant (IPX4) and impact resistant. The material is pleasant to the touch, but easily soiled, collects dust well.

At the top of the case is a single round button. It is designed to turn on / off the flashlight and switch operating modes. It is pressed easily even with gloves and does not allow accidental activation inside the backpack. On the back of the case there is a model name and other data.

Head fastening — two symmetrical buckles and a standard removable elastic band without gel inserts inside. Fairly soft and light. Composition: 70% polyester, 30% natural rubber for maximum comfort. The elastic band securely holds the flashlight on the head. If necessary, it can be easily adjusted to fit any head, and is also suitable for use with a mountain helmet. The elastic is made in a light gray color, so with frequent use it can quickly become dirty. The seams are even, stitched qualitatively.

A light module is located in a dense rubberized case. To remove it, you need to make an effort, since the case fits snugly enough to the module itself, reliably protecting it from moisture and various mechanical damage. On the front of the light module there is a lens through which two built-in LEDs are visible. One LED is white, the other is red.

Inside the light module there is a minimum set of all its constituent parts and their optimal arrangement: a board with various electrical components and a place for batteries. This model is powered by three LR03-AAA batteries, which are included. There is no self-discharge in the device, so the batteries can be continuously inside for quite a long time and will be as good as new. Just put them in the flashlight and use.

Modes of operation and use

The headlamp emits a pleasant white light with a maximum range of 25 m (80 lumens). The body of the light module is completely transparent, it acts as a diffuser lens. In this model, the LEDs do not have their own reflector, a lens forms a wide beam, while the front of the case evenly scatters light, which provides good visibility in front of you and on the sides. As the batteries are used up, the brightness of the lighting gradually decreases to increase battery life. It should be noted that in this model, unfortunately, there is no vertical angle adjustment, which is a minor disadvantage. When put on, the flashlight shines into the ground at a distance of about 5-6 meters. Which is convenient enough for walking.

The flashlight has three modes of operation:

1. Red light mode. It turns on by simply pressing the control button on the case. The built-in LED is responsible for the operation of this mode, which shines with red light, which allows you to save night vision. Because when the eyes are completely accustomed to the darkness, then a person begins to navigate well in space and distinguish between various objects in the light of the stars and the moon. If at the moment you immediately turn on the white light of the flashlight, but the biological setting will instantly fail, and if you use the red light mode, then your vision will practically not change.

2. Energy saving mode. To enable this mode, you need to press the control button again. The second mode shines with a pleasant white light bright enough. Of course, you should not expect miracles from a compact headlamp. The maximum beam range in this mode is 15 meters, and the maximum power is about 30 lumens. The duration of the glow according to the manufacturer is up to 30 hours. All in all, this is a decent brightness economy mode, and you can rely on it if you need to light up a small area in front of you.

3. Intensive mode, perfect, for example, for a leisurely jog or a simple walk. The maximum power is 80 lumens, and the beam range is up to 25 meters. As for the duration of work, according to the manufacturer, it is 10 hours, in practice 8 hours. To enable this mode, you must press the control button a third time. The mode is quite comfortable, the beam is wide, it illuminates the space in front of you well.


I consider this purchase quite successful. This is a simple budget headlamp that sits quite well on the head, does not burden it or slip off. It has a durable housing of the light module and a fairly reliable external rubberized housing, which well protects the flashlight from moisture and shock. The flashlight in a good way has simple and convenient controls. There are three modes of operation. During use, the user gets a completely comfortable white light in two modes, and a good red color, which gives quite good contrast. The operating time of 30 hours in economy mode and 8 hours in intensive mode is enough for comfortable use. There were no particular shortcomings, the only thing is that it is not very convenient to change the batteries. In general, the DECATHLON ONNIGHT 100 flashlight gives the impression of a reliable and quite solid product for its price.


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