Cyansky is a newcomer to the lamp market known only to a few. One of their debut models was a long-range flashlight with a capacious 21700 battery and a modern, bright and long-range SFT40 LED. Let’s see if they succeeded or if the manufacturer screwed up from the very beginning …

Manufacturer Specification:

  • Maximum brightness: 1600 lumens
  • Maximum range: 600 meters
  • Light-emitting diode: LUMINUS SFT-40-W LED
  • Nutrition: 21700 5000 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Unique design: thread body with zirconia head (sorry not with tourmaline rug)
  • Waterproof: IPX8
  • Impact resistance: 2 meters
  • Size: 40*25*151mm
  • Weight: 133g

Packaging and appearance

Pretty good cardboard box. The design isn’t fancy, but it’s decent.

Separately, it is worth noting that the manufacturer has added a schedule for the flashlight, which I very, very welcome. However, there is also cunning here (I don’t remember seeing a frankly honest schedule), but at the end of the review I will clearly show what to expect from a flashlight in terms of operating time.

Everything you need is included: the flashlight itself, a capacious 21700 5000mah battery with a built-in type-C charging connector, a cable for it, a case, a spare tail button and an o-ring, a clip, a manual, a lanyard.

The lanyard, by the way, is very fat. I saw this with expensive top-end Fenix ​​flashlights

The cover is good, but nothing more. However, Cyansky H3 has it much worse

The battery charges quickly, in about 3 hours.

The flashlight is by no means compact, but, in general, it has quite average dimensions for a long-range or tactical flashlight powered by 21700 power. However, even here there are much more compact models like the same wonderful Wurkkos IF22a, but this is rather an exception.

Despite the fact that Cyansky is a young brand with a rather strange name (the head of the company decided that cyan, and not blue, is the color of the sky), the design of one of their firstborns turned out to be quite good. The flashlight is unequivocally attractive, except that the round button here stands out from the general row.

Once again I am convinced that matte anodizing looks much more attractive than glossy.

The flashlight is disassembled into 3 parts

You can position the clip as you like, the flashlight will still work

The flashlight is controlled by a standard bunch of tail and side buttons. The tail button is power, direct click, with a deep stroke.

The spring in the tail is long, quite a decent millimeter thickness.

But on the side of the head, instead of a spring, there is a completely unnecessary limiter.

The turner is impeccable, here the flashlight is felt at the level of well-known expensive brands. The grip is tenacious. The grip is comfortable and secure. The flashlight sits well in the hand.

Medium sized head. Cooling fins that are normal in depth would fit here, it’s strange that the manufacturer decided to do without them here.

I didn’t like the button. It is almost flush with the body, no contrast. If there is no clip on the opposite side of it, then you can quickly find the button only by chance.

Like the absence of a spring on the head, this is also a frankly impractical solution, given that the manufacturer emphasizes the tactical component here, i.e. lightning fast strobe access

The fact that the manufacturer is a novice can be seen not only from such stupid design decisions as the absence of a spring in the head and an uncomfortable button (the latter, however, often happens with very experienced and expensive brands). For me, a clear indicator here is something else, namely a stupid line about a “zirconium bezel”. Actually, the bezel here is just the upper twisting part of the head, the “crown”, “teeth”. And here the zirconium balls are inserted into it. «inserts» in English. Those. here both the developers and the marketing department simply do not understand what is needed, what is not needed, and how it all is generally called.

Under the bezel there is a fairly deep smooth reflector with a bright and long-range SFT40 LED that is gaining popularity. Actually, at the time of release, K3 was one of the first flashlights with this LED. Not the first, as they scream from promo pictures, but one of the first. There still were still frankly dull Fenix ​​PD35 v3 with its monstrous green light and quite cheerful Sofirn IF22Wurkkos FC12 (I recommend paying attention to the latter, in the current price realities)


Simple to primitive, which I never liked. For me, the standard here is management Sofirn C8G. Although, management is always a matter of taste.

Off-on by pressing the tail button

Change modes by pressing the side

Hold side — strobe.

How the Cyansky K3 shines

The flashlight has good brightness stabilization, and there are no complaints about the operating time. Turbo is quite good in duration.

When cooled (since this is a flashlight for outdoor use, it means there will always be cooling), it quite keeps a stabilized level of 800-900 lumens. The thermoregulation saw when working without cooling is quite small, only about 5%, the eye will not notice these zigzags.

In terms of light, the SFT40 is a very interesting LED. It feels very cheerful at high brightness, which allows you to achieve excellent range. Not some super-numbers, as in the case of Osram LEDs, with them even frank state employee can penetrate about 500m. But the range is still unambiguous, unambiguous Very good.

A flashlight with a margin closes any household needs in the high beam. At the same time, unlike those mentioned by Osram, the light here will not be reduced to one bright point without the slightest side illumination.

I can’t help but note that Cyansky, to their credit, unlike the same Fenix, installed a normal LED in color. It’s just a classic cold white light without the nasty green tint.

General impressions

Cyansky is a young brand. Were they able to make a good long-range flashlight? For the most part yes.

So flashlightlooks greatno worse than models from well-known expensive brands.

21700 battery this is good, although it is already the de facto standard and it would be rather surprising to see a model with an 18650 battery.

Control… a matter of taste. I don’t like it at all, it’s too primitive for my taste. But I know people who need just that.

Brightness flashlight is fully stabilized, and thermoregulation saw It does not interfere with the use of a flashlight.

Range excellent, I have no questions here. To be honest, I didn’t expect it to be so good. I don’t like cold light, but the SFT40 just doesn’t have neutral color temperature options.

And now it’s time for cons.

The first is the absence of a spring on the head. A rather dull option in the future of installing a flashlight under the gun.

The second and more significant minus for me is the button, which is simply impossible to find quickly.

In the bottom line, I think that Cyansky made a flashlight with good long-range light and ordinary, simple controls, thoroughbred appearance and long battery life. The question is that for $ 80 you can already choose from other models, I think that such a price is very bold for a newcomer to the market. I think that for such a price tag, a flashlight should be ideal, and K3, with its disadvantages such as an inconvenient button and the absence of a spring in the head, does not justify such a price tag for me.

However, Cyansky K3 is undoubtedly able to impress the average user and, due to the ease of operation, is quite suitable for him. A more sophisticated user will probably want good control and built-in charging, and they can give him significantly more budget and Sofirn IF22Wurkkos FC12 (especially the last one)

Again. I don’t think the Cyansky is a bad flashlight. I think that it certainly could have been done much better, just by adding a spring to the head and making the button more embossed. Asking 80 bucks for a flashlight in the form in which it is now, and even being an unknown brand, is, in my opinion, an extremely bold decision. It would be worth asking at least $ 50 to introduce yourself to the buyer, and then raise the price. Or initially roll out a flashlight that is ideal in design and functionality.

Where to buy and how to save


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