For a long time I considered Wuben a second-tier lame brand, a manufacturer of dull and boring glowing crafts. Suddenly, it turned out that either someone was fired or someone was hired (most likely both options) and the manufacturer began to make flashlights that look nice and are not bad to use. I will tell you about one of them — the Wuben G2 switch.


  • Maximum brightness — 500lum

  • Osram P9 LED

  • Size 27*56*9.2mm, 28g

  • Built-in 280mah battery

  • type-c charging

Packaging and appearance

As I said, the Wuben packaging, as well as decent selling promotional pictures, pleasantly surprised me. Keeping a designer (or paying a normal one) is obviously not a luxury that manufacturers like Wuben can afford. But in vain — if it is impossible to pick up a flashlight and try it, it is precisely such beautiful and high-quality pictures that are the most important means of motivating a potential buyer.

Briefly speaking. The packaging here is really good. It will not be a shame to give such a flashlight.

Everything you need is included: the flashlight itself, type-c charging cable, manual, removable clip

Keyhole flashlights are by definition a compact thing. The Wuben G2 is no exception, and is quite comparable in size to all other rechargeable headlights I’ve seen.

On a bunch of keys, it will look quite harmonious and not burden it.

Well, let’s take a closer look at this switch. The Wuben G2 is a small piece of metal that differs from other key lights I’ve seen in that it has an LED on the side. All the rest have a lot (once again — seen by me, mb and other such g-figures are, I’m not omniscient) flashlights LEDs are located at the end, for the usual grip

What is the advantage of such a solution? Obviously, this arrangement allows you to put a full-size TIR lens — that’s exactly what they did here. This time.

By the way, let me remind you that the Osram P9 LED is responsible for the light here.

Secondly, such an arrangement of optics, in the presence of a clip, allows you to use this key flashlight also as a chest flashlight, fastening it on a backpack strap. However, I suspect that the use of this is the same as that of attaching key flashlights to the visor of the cap with the usual arrangement of the LED.

But the magnet is great. If desired, the flashlight can be magnetized and illuminate the desired

The second magnet is in the tail. We remove the mount with the ring and, voila — the key flashlight can be fixed on some vertical surface

On the opposite side are a type-C charging connector and a small control button

The cover of the charging connector is quite tight, I consider it reliable. PD not supported charger only with a regular USB-A — USB-C cord, takes a little over an hour.

Cogs? Let’s unscrew them, see what we can get to. Well, things didn’t go beyond the battery, but at least you can see it. Interestingly, the specification indicates a 280mah battery, and the marking on it is 320mah. However, it’s good that it’s not the other way around.

1.53 watt * hour poured in, i.e. 410mah for 3.7v. Taking into account the loss of efficiency for charging, it is worth relying on the capacity from the photo, and not the specification. Unexpected capacity bonus…


It will do, it’s a pity there is no blocking. Although I consider the probability of accidental inclusion as low

ON on hold (rather a plus in case of accidental pressing)

OFF by pressing

Mode memory available

Switch modes on hold from ON

2 clicks from ON — Turbo

How the Wuben G2 shines

Cool white and very bright light. The light distribution is pleasant, suitable for all the typical needs of a flashlight

Of course, 500lum for this size will not last long. But I don’t think it’s a turbo. You will be able to boastfully show “But what I have”, and not really in a hurry to look around. And it happens that they make a flashlight, which has a super-bright turbo, but it only lasts 6-7 seconds …

Surprisingly, all modes except turbo are stabilized. Nice plus! Half an hour at 200 lum is actually a good indicator for such a crumb. Yes, and 2 hours at 65lum too — this is quite a decent brightness.

But what does it look like live? Here, see for yourself. Just now I saw a jamb with inscriptions, the turbo is not signed at all, the MID under it is almost Cyrillic in general. In general, you can’t go wrong with Turbo-mid on the right, tea.

Once again — high lasts half an hour. Agree, a lot, considering how well the flashlight shines at this brightness.

General impressions

Wuben G2, unexpectedly for me, turned out to be very bright and a good key flashlight. He has enough of all sorts of pleasantly surprising buns — brightness stabilization, a magnet on the back and behind a removable ring.

It has gift wrapping and a reasonable price (for this category of flashlights). It is clear that for these conditional $ 20 you can also find a compact full-size flashlight of the type Sofirn SC32 or take a classic AAA key switch for less money.

For some, due to the budget or willingness to compromise on size, any of these options will suit

The question is that there are people who just want to choose a flashlight with a built-in battery. This is the format in which the Wuben G2 is made. It was just such a flashlight that I used for years, perhaps 5 — until its battery finally died. And such a flashlight completely and completely suited me in terms of format. Wuben G2 is more versatile in application, it can be magnetized on the butt and back and can be used as a chest or waist light.

Yes, it has a specific placement of the LED, but someone will like it. I see no reason to call this technical solution a minus.

In general, I think that Wuben G2 turned out. Taking into account the fact that such a flashlight is taken for years to come, it will not punch a hole in the wallet. Access to the battery here is easy and, if desired, after years it can be changed (I admit that it is not easy).

The flashlight shines perfectly and here it is 100% well-founded from the standpoint of all those needs for which they buy a key flashlight.

The gift-like appearance and packaging, combined with the exorbitant price, make it a very promising gift.

In short, Wuben well done. Together with this key switch, I received a number of other flashlights of theirs, which I initially, frankly, did not want to waste my time on. I’m glad I ended up with them. Wuben is a rare example of how a frankly mediocre brand has changed for the better. Well done for giving someone a kick and finding the strength to change. Some brands, however, could not do this and have sunk into oblivion. However, some are alive and well, giving out some incomprehensible handicrafts from time to time.

Where to buy and how to save

You can buy this key flashlight in Fonarik4you or at aliexpress

You can save on purchases with coupons and promotional codes from the discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the “about the author” block


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