I don’t like flashlights with a built-in battery for a simple reason — you can’t replace a dead one with a fresh one. But headlamps with a built-in battery are a peculiar thing. They usually have a small size and weight, additional LEDs. And typical use at low brightness allows you to count on many hours of operation. And I was extremely happy to know that there was an update to the Nitecore NU25, by far one of my most favorite such headbands.

Relative to the first model released 5 years ago, the update slightly increased in brightness and capacity, updated the design and received modern type-C charging.

Otherwise, it’s still the same weightless (56g for the regular and only 45 for the ultra-light version with a head lanyard) headlamp with near, far, mixed and red light. As you can see, there are many options to customize the light for yourself.

Those who have not dealt with it may disparage the fact that, due to the size of the flashlight, without dips in brightness, it will work at 60 lumens of near or far. But in fact, this brightness is more than enough to work exactly at the distance for which headlamps are used — at arm’s length. And here you get 10 hours of quite comfortable light. The same brightness is also for the main beam, in our case, this is the level of the footlight that is comfortable in terms of brightness and range.

Separately, it is worth noting the simple operation and the unexpectedly good color temperature of 5500K for Nitecore

However, headlamps with a built-in battery lose in terms of functionality to classic models. And if you are looking for a headlamp in the usual format with a replaceable battery, you should pay attention to the review Würkkos HD15 this flashlight for a small price will give you absolutely everything you want: fast charging, low and high beam, magnet in the end.

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