Among a fairly large number of Fenix ​​bicycle lights, the BC25R is the most affordable model. This means that it is also the most popular for everyday intracity trips. Inside the city, there is no need for some colossal indicators of brightness or operating time. This model is far from new, its reviews are already in bulk — both text and video. I’ll add, perhaps, my 5 kopecks, namely, I’ll compare it with the most interesting Lumintop B01 bicycle headlight


Packaging and appearance

There is nothing new here, the usual and more than decent plastic packaging

Inside is a set of the Fenix ​​BC25R itself with a mount, a micro-usb charging cable, a pair of replaceable seals (thin and thick), manuals, and a warranty card.

The bicycle headlight itself is a hard-hitting bar, partly made of plastic, partly made of metal. Actually, the pros and cons of this solution are obvious. And, frankly, I don’t see any advantages for the user. Plastic removes heat much worse and has worse impact resistance. But for the manufacturer, plastic is a godsend, since at a relatively low cost, bicycle headlights will save a significant amount in the total circulation.

Be that as it may, the Fenix ​​BC25R looks and feels completely devoid of any hint of a budget model. Nothing creaks and backlash, there are no casting defects or gaps. If you do not take the headlight in your hands, you will never guess that part of it is made of plastic. Overall, clean to the touch, everything is at an excellent level, as expected from Fenix.

The mounting design is self-explanatory. It is attached to the headlight with a slide, removed quickly and easily — just press the corresponding tongue. Tightened with the appropriate bolt. There are pads of different thicknesses for a firm fit. In my dacha I had only a children’s bike, with both gaskets, the headlight even sat on it. Of course, buying such an expensive bicycle headlight for a child is not justified.

Despite the huge number of positive reviews (including about reliability), I don’t think that the plastic case will survive riding a children’s bike. And in general, most likely, it will simply be stolen. However, I am sure that you understand all these points without me.

There are a couple of bolts in the tail section, I unscrewed them. This did nothing, since the second part of the body went under the silvery plastic of the head. It was not possible for me to remove it without breaking off the side ears, so I gave up on this matter. And, in fairness, the average user does not need to get inside. Phoenix has excellent (checked personally) warranty support. If it’s time to replace the battery (here, see the reviews on the dealer page, it will come Very not soon)it will be replaced by an authorized workshop for a small fee.

On the opposite side of the tail on the body there are oblong cooling fins. Given that the case is plastic, I think they are nothing more than decorative.

Under the mounting rails there is a charging connector of excellent depth. It’s a 2019 model, so it’s micro-USB. The current, however, is suitable, 1A and a full charge will take about 3 hours.

The headlight is controlled by a single button, under which there is a simple 4-segment indicator. If the phoenix has a separate promotional picture, then I will not create the “management” section that is usual in my reviews for it.

And if everything is quite ordinary here, then the optics are undoubtedly interesting. There is a specific reflector here, which provides an optimal STG for cycling (light-shadow border). This optics cuts off the blinding beam moving towards the top. And in general, it gives a completely different type of light than the classic reflector of a lantern. More on this later.

The XP-G3 is chosen as the LED. A strange decision, to be honest. Working of course, but why XP-G3?

How the Fenix ​​BC25R shines

Here is a clear difference, which at the same time shows all the charm of optics with STG sharpened for cycling.

It is immediately clear at the same time that the two bicycle headlights have significantly different light distribution. The phoenix has a more uniform and wide light. Lumintop hits further (and in general it has a significant bOmore brightness) and gives a gap between the low beam and the high beam. Yes, and the light is noticeably warmer.

A better comparison can be seen here in gifs

As far as running time is concerned, cooling has a visible effect. And I’m sure that for the city the maximum brightness will be redundant. A graph without cooling will be more of a cognitive effect, since any cycling involves blowing and cooling.

Here pay Please note that after a fall from the turbo, the brightness stays somewhere at the level of the same High.

But if you start this mode separately, then even with cooling, the headlight still drops it. I don’t see any point in this.

General impressions

In my assessment, it is worth making an allowance for the fact that I myself did not use the Fenix ​​BC25R as a cycle light and tested it for a purely pedestrian review. The main goal was to show its light in comparison and make it clear what to expect in terms of work time.

But! The huge amount of reviews for this headlight gives the same collegial verdict that came to my mind after I tested this headlight. If you have this headlight, please share your opinion in the comments in the Fenix ​​BC25R review.

The light of the Fenix ​​BC25R is not enough for some aggressive high-speed road trips, neither in terms of brightness, nor in terms of operating time. There are other solutions for this. But if you are slowly moving around the city on a scooter or bike, then the average mode will be enough for you. It’s not even its full-fledged version, from which it starts, but on which it falls to last 7 hours later. There is always some kind of lighting in the city and an additional 200 lumens that way will give enough light for a leisurely trip. At a distance of 15 meters, everything will be normally visible both forward, and in breadth, and under the wheels. And the optics, at the same time, will not blind the oncoming ones, cutting off and redirecting the upper part of the beam. Budget options such as a conventional flashlight will allow this to be achieved through a collective farm with homemade reflective nozzles.

I do not like the built-in battery, I would always prefer a replaceable one. But it is for urban conditions, where there is no need for many hours of long-term light, this capacity will be enough for you. Again, read the reviews on the product page, it is written about it there.

The workmanship looks to be at the traditional Fenix ​​level, and I’m sure that even in a plastic case (that’s the only thing that I In fact I didn’t like it) the headlight will reliably protect the offal from impacts. Again, this is evidenced by reviews from real users.

All in all, I found the Fenix ​​BC25R to be a reliable and simple workhorse for your trusty pedal-powered Rocinante. You will not gallop with him, but you can count on comfortable movement at an average speed. Buy it or some other bicycle light, the same Lumintop B01 (see review) or some more powerful model from Fenix, since there are a lot of them there is a matter of personal choice. Here the buyer himself evaluates what is important to him in the list brandwarrantybrightnesspricereliabilitydelivery speed

Where to buy and how to save

You can buy Fenix ​​BC25R on Aliexpress ► YANDEX-MARKET ►SBERMEGAMARKET

Save on the purchase of this or any other product, you can use coupons and promotional codes from the discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the block «about the author».


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