In the choice between a compact key lamp with a built-in battery and a classic AAA model, I will prefer the first one. Their maximum brightness is much higher, there is additional light and, which is important for me personally, just plug in the cord to charge. The prospect of a drop in battery capacity does not bother me at all — the experience of using has shown that even after three years it is more than enough for the usual situations for key switches when you just need to shine under your feet on the way to the house or look under the hood of a car. So, with a fair amount of enthusiasm, I took the opportunity to review the Fenix ​​E03R, which I will share with you (a review, of course, not a flashlight).

If you still prefer AAA models, then I have a comparative review and such.

By the way, the last small flashlight from Fenix ​​that came into my hands was a very nice compact Fenix ​​E16 (review). The model is far from new, but still very interesting for those who are looking for something compact with good light.


  • LED MATCH CA18 white light and EVERLIGHT 2835 red light, life 50,000 hours
  • Built-in Li-Po battery 200 mAh
  • Battery level indication and low voltage warning
  • Automatic overheating protection to avoid high surface temperatures
  • Metal housing with high precision machining
  • Body Finish: Premium HAIII Hard Anodized, Scratch Resistant
  • Recessed button with lock function
  • Dimensions: 47 x 24 x 12 mm
  • Weight: 22g

Packaging and appearance

The lantern is packed in a dense black and yellow blister. It looks quite good and in terms of a gift would be quite acceptable.

In addition to the flashlight itself, the kit includes instructions, a warranty card and a tiny ring for fastening. In general, everything you need is here. I would only add micro-usb -> type-c adapters. not everyone has cables with the last type of connector, but everyone has micro-usb in bulk. Yes, and fit the cable in a blister would be very inconvenient.

The flashlight has a very nice appearance of a tiny gray-steel bar with a large button on top.

Probably unconsciously, but the bulge with the button is stylized as Thor’s hammer.

Sizes are small as mentioned.

The flashlight looks perfectly harmonious on a bunch of keys. Does not weigh it down and does not stick out.

This is the first key light I’ve seen with a Type-C charging port.

The battery here is not the most capacious, 200mah. For example, in my YAL Scorpio it is 400mah. But! I extremely, extremely rarely use it for more than 10-15 minutes a day. Usually, the key switch is needed to shine under your feet on the way to the car door or entrance. And this capacity is enough for more than one such trip. The charging current is quite high relative to the capacity, 0.2A.

I liked the design of the button. And a harmonious combination of color, and a rough texture. It is easy to grope with a finger. And, importantly, there is a simple lock! My key switch turned on more than once in my pocket. By the way, the button is located just below the level of the body, which also reduces the chances of accidental activation.

Of course, there is also a charging indicator, a red-green indicator in the center.

A pair of LEDs taken by shooting range optics is responsible for the light: red Match-CA18 and white light Everlight 2835.

In terms of appearance, everything is fine. The flashlight gives the impression of a solid branded item without any visible flaws in manufacturing or design.


It’s nice, for the sake of variety, to see that at least in this Fenix ​​model they made quite decent control.

OFF-ON — Hold

The launch is always from LOW, which is justified — you can get to maximum brightness in a second, but there is no chance of going blind by turning it on at night.

1.5 sec hold from ON starts toggles between red and white light.

Mode switching by pressing eco-low-mid-high red-flashing red

There is also a lock — 2 clicks.

how it shines

There is no complete stabilization. But for the switch, I don’t see this as a problem. In years of use, I have never had to use this kind of flashlight for more than 10 minutes that way. During this time, the brightness will drop insignificantly. So even taking into account the drop somewhere up to 60 lumens, the same hour at High is more than enough for you, look at the photo below what you can count on here.

As for the maximum brightness, it actually drops immediately, but not significantly. And if it weren’t for the luxmeter, I wouldn’t have known about it — the eye adapted to this 10% drop with lightning speed. And the brightness after the fall is still significantly higher than that of the AAA 10700 models. It is actually more than enough in terms of brightness and duration.

The light is somewhere around 5500K. It is quite pleasant and sufficient to shine under your feet and illuminate the path in front of you.

It is clear that there is no need to wait for some kind of range here, but a beam with such focusing will be rather inconvenient in normal use situations for a key switch.


5 lumens of red light here will be of interest rather in a flashing version, when a key switch suspended on a backpack or outside a pocket will allow you to identify yourself when moving. Although indoors, even such brightness will not be useless.

General impressions

Pretty good stuff, in my opinion. The maximum brightness here is not from the category of impractical marketing decorations and you can safely rely on it when needed. And so the average mode of 90 lumens should be more than enough.
The choice of modes is quite good.

The controls are quite sane, even definitely better than what I could expect from Fenix, where primitive controls are a traditional weak point. Type-C charging is also a trifle, but it pleases.

Good and appearance. Such a key lamp what to give, what to keep for yourself will not be ashamed.

The price tag is quite reasonable for this kind of flashlight. Many, of course, he will warp. Still, you can get a 50,000 lumen lens powered by 15,000mah for just $8. Anyone who has an idea about the cost of this type of flashlight is sure to agree that Fenix ​​is ​​not being greedy at all here.

In short, this is a rare case when I am satisfied with, perhaps, everything in the Fenix ​​flashlight. Well, I would add a capacitance, but, I repeat, for this kind of light source, this capacitance is enough. Who will use the key switch as a source of light all night? But a centimeter of length, which would allow to accommodate a more capacious battery, would definitely affect the convenience. In the segment of key lamps, they fight for almost every millimeter, and here the dimensions of the lamp are completely comfortable.

Where to buy and how to save

You can buy Fenix ​​E03R at ALIEXPRESS | Yandex Market ►SBERMEGAMARKET

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