Despite the fact that the EDC light segment is actually dominated by 18650 models, there is a category of flashlights that have been making for a long time and it seems that they will not stop making. We are talking about 2xAA and 2xAAA models. In fact, this is a technologically stagnant swamp, where it is extremely difficult to come up with something new. And now, only five years after the first version from 2015, Fenix ​​E20 v.2.0 has got new optics, it has become two times lighter and a third brighter. By the way, not so long ago I told you about a similar size (and less bright) explosion-proof flashlight from Fenix. Fenix ​​E20 v.2.0 is not as specific and more colorful, which makes it suitable for more different situations.


  • LED LUMINUS SST7, life 50,000 hours
  • Batteries: 2 x AA batteries (Alkaline) or rechargeable batteries (Ni-MH)
  • Digital current stabilization — maintaining a constant brightness
  • Overheating protection to avoid high surface temperatures
  • Protection against incorrect installation (polarity reversal) of batteries
  • One-handed back click button control
  • Body Material: Aluminum A6061-T6
  • Body Finish: HAIII premium hard anodized, abrasion resistant
  • Tempered ultra-clear glass with anti-reflective coating
  • Dimensions: 127mm (length) x 21mm (head diameter) x 16.8mm (body diameter)
  • Weight: 42 g (without batteries)

Packaging and appearance

Nothing new — the same black and yellow blister. In general, it looks quite decent, without any hint of cheapness.

In addition to the flashlight itself, the kit includes 2xAA batteries, an o-ring and a bunch of papers.

The dimensions of this category of lamps are quite ambiguous. On the one hand, Fenix ​​E20 v2.0 is slender, only 21mm. On the other hand, it is longer than the same S2 +, 127mm. However, in terms of length, the flashlight, in my opinion, still falls into the EDC category.

The only thing that somehow stands out in the rather simple appearance of the flashlight is the “brass-like” bezel, and the round TIR lens located under it. Otherwise, the flashlight looks, although not frankly budgetary, but quite simple

The flashlight is controlled by a tail button with a deep perceptible click. Start is always at minimum brightness, switching modes (half-) pressing. An extremely simple and logical way to control this type of flashlight.

On the reverse side is a spring. From the side of the head it is not there, there is a contact pad.

The thread is well smeared, relatively small, with many turns.

And, in general, in terms of turning, everything is neat and good. True, as I said, there are no miracles here, the knurling is the simplest in the form of many circles.

Flashlights of this size are extremely often used as inspection ones, they are hooked to a breast pocket or a tablet (not electronic, but classic). So, of course, there is a deep convenient removable clip. Although, few in any lamp it is not)

Due to the small diameter and decent length, the flashlight sits like a glove in the hand.

The head is small. In it, under the chic-looking optics, the SST20 LED is hidden. The phoenix uses this lens quite often and it is justified — it gives both a convenient light distribution and exceptionally ennobles even such a simple-looking flashlight as the E20 v.2.

In general, a fairly simple and concise design without frills.

How the Fenix ​​E20 V.2 shines

I can’t help but pay tribute to Fenix ​​- for all my complaints about them, they don’t try to sculpt cold light in each model purely in order to show the maximum brightness in the specification. Their 5500K color temperature I find definitely comfortable for myself. Now, if you lower it to 5000K, it would be generally wonderful. But this is purely a matter of taste.

The range of modes is completely comfortable.

Even mid is quite enough to illuminate with good detail about 5-7 meters in the open air. And high with its 350 lumens gives enough light to illuminate the surrounding bushes.

Important! The duration differs for me, due to the fact that the batteries that were available at the time of the test were tired.

And here, for those who are far from the topic of flashlight building, I will separately pay attention to something that surprised me a lot (in a positive sense)!

The flashlight is fully stabilized! And okay, in Mid, but even in HIGH. In the latter case, this will require cooling, which in itself is surprising. I don’t remember anyone implementing thermoregulation in this format at all. So if there is some kind of breeze or use in cold weather, you can count on one and a half to two hours (depending on the battery capacity) of light that is quite practical in terms of brightness.

Well, Phoenix, well done. Didn’t expect from them at all.

What am I talking about, despite the rather outdated power supply, the lanterns are quite consistent in brightness. Personally, my experience with EDC flashlights has shown that climbing above 200 lumens is very rare. Everything below is enough for your eyes to both illuminate the path ahead of you and rummage somewhere in the garage.


General impressions

Functionally, this EDC flashlight is quite good. It has a pleasant appearance, it is in itself convenient in size. There are no complaints about the light either — both light distribution and color temperature are comfortable. Yes, damn it, he even has full stabilization! Now I don’t see anything to complain about at all.

I just think that such a specific size, the need to also buy a couple of good AA batteries and, let’s be honest — far from a small price will make this flashlight more interesting for a foreign audience. No matter how good the flashlight is, I am sure that the local buyer will most likely prefer a brighter model with 18650 power to him.

Where to buy and how to save

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