Lost electricity? This inexpensive camping flashlight will help out a lot with lighting your house or apartment. Smooth brightness control, colossal battery capacity, warm light, type-c charging, power bank mode — it is worth every penny of its small price. And, of course, it will also come in handy in nature — although moisture protection leaves this in question.

Packaging and appearance

Of course, the packaging here to match the price. Not frankly basement wipe, but only slightly better

The kit includes the YN-X6 camping flashlight itself, a charging cable, a carabiner for suspension and a manual. Pretty much everything you need.

What other types of camping lights are there?

Here it is worth making a digression. There are 2 main formats for camping lanterns: barrels and saucers. The former shine on the sides and are comfortable on the table. The second ones shine down and are convenient in suspension. Sofirn LT1S is an excellent example of the former, an extremely successful model that I literally do not turn off in the country. This camping flashlight works for me as a night light and in this mode I charge it almost once a month.

Saucers are more difficult. Ali has long been selling inexpensive saucers with 18650 power. Cheap and disgusting in the world. There is a good light model from the Bright beam «Camping Chandelier-6». And between them is a saucer with built-in 3 * 18650 batteries, in fact, the younger brother of the hero of this review. There are good both light and price, but, alas, control of only 3 brightness levels.

Well, as a compromise, you can always put a silicone diffuser on a flashlight and get a very bright light in a suspension or on a table.

In general, we get the mentioned saucer. Quite neat and not frankly deshmanskoe in appearance. But, nevertheless, it is clear that this is not a product of some major brand. However, the design here is frankly secondary.

As in the 18650 model, either a magnet (more precisely, yes) or a strap is used for fastening.

The magnets definitely needed to be moved away from each other and slightly raised. Then it was possible to use them without having to remove the strap each time, it would be enough just to unfasten it.

Now, as you can see, the strap partially covers the magnets

The magnet is strong enough to hold the flashlight on a vertical surface.

At the end there are 4 small capacity indicators and two connectors closed with a rubber plug: Type-C for input and USB-A for output. Nearby is a rubber round button.

Like the 18650 model, this one is also easy to disassemble. Under the ceiling is a round with a bunch of LEDs.

And in the same way, there is not the slightest trace of thermal paste between this round substrate and the back (aka top) metal side.

The battery compartment is removable. Inside 3 * 21700 cans. And it’s not that good, it’s just wonderful.

In the power bank mode, 37 watt * hour is drained, which exactly corresponds to the capacity of a conventional 10000mah power bank. Despite the fact that such a power bank will give less, but here you get this capacity in its entirety. In short, this camping flashlight is quite wealthy in power bank mode.

That’s all. Simple to primitive design proved to be very reliable. This camping lantern from aliexpress fell a few meters from a couple of meters to the ground and to the tiles. Most often, the diffuser simply fell off from it, which I snapped into place.


Unexpectedly, but there is very good management. Not ideal, but good.

ON-OFF on click

A click from ON switches the light between warm and cool

Holding from ON smoothly changes the brightness up and down. This is exactly what I was missing in a camping flashlight with an 18650 battery.

Mode and color temperature memory

Camping flashlight in action

This is a budget model, so you should not expect full stabilization here, the brightness will drop as it discharges.

50% and 10% below are taken from luxmeter readings. I remind you that there are no set percentages, the brightness is adjusted smoothly.

But! I’ll tell you straight, 100% brightness is enough to fully and very brightly illuminate the summer house. However, I didn’t need it at all — half the brightness was enough for my eyes and you will see it further for yourself.

10% turned out to be too bright for the night light mode, there will be no comfort in the tent at this brightness. But in this mode, the flashlight shines for 30 hours!

As for the brightness alone, the maximum difference with the 18650 model is quite significant. There is a serious difference in capacity, and hence the operating time.

I bought this camping lamp from aliexpress in the winter, it worked for me in spring and summer as a light in the gazebo, I went several times with friends — the brightness was absolutely enough for all needs.

Moreover — at maximum brightness, this lamp is brighter than the incandescent lamp in my summerhouse. In fairness, it is dim, 50 watts that way, you don’t need brighter there — it will kill the comfort of summer gatherings.

If desired, it can be used as a flood light source. Sometimes, when he was playing with the dog, he acted in this way so that she could see where the stick had flown. But you should not overestimate this mode — the maximum brightness here will drop quickly.

General impressions

For its price, this is a very, very good camping flashlight from aliexpress. It has an exceptionally bright light, cool and warm to choose from, with smooth adjustment of this brightness for any need. If your smartphone is dead, then the power bank mode is quite working here, it can help. The magnet is strong and holds vertically. Convenient Type-C input.

Explicit and implicit constructive jambs:

  1. lack of thermal paste on the substrate, which is easily solved. And so, I always turned on this flashlight at half brightness, so the issue of overheating did not bother me at all. After all, the plate diameter here is large enough to dissipate heat even with such poor heat transfer.

  2. moisture protection. When it rains, water may well get inside. Here you can simply fill everything with silicone, spitting on the heat sink from the plate.

  3. there is no full flicker. For me this is a joint. However, the lantern can be wrapped in a bag to reduce the luminous flux.

The flashlight showed good survivability, not splitting after a series of falls on paving slabs from a height of growth. However, due to the excessive size and brightness, but weak moisture protection I see no reason to take it for professional tourism. Hunting-fishing-camping-dacha-NZ for the home — here he will show his best side.

Is it worth its price? Undoubtedly. Of course, for a lower price, you can take a similar 18650 model. She also has excellent brightness and operating time, but those preset brightness modes definitely merge the ability to customize them for yourself with smooth adjustment. But I would prefer to pay a little extra and buy a camping flashlight with 21700 batteries.

Of course, his first task is to give light down, hanging over a table or campsite. And here it is better than the «keg» shining on the sides. It will be more comfortable on the table. But if you cut off the top of a plastic bottle, leaving 10-15 cm and put this saucer on the rest, you will also get a good option. In general, I am sure that I have shown everything that is needed so that you yourself understand what to expect from this camping lamp with aliexpress.

If its cost or dimensions do not suit you, then there is a wonderful alternative, a weightless penny «remnant». It will fit any backpack, and will not punch a hole even in the skinniest wallet. I have bought them probably already almost a dozen for myself and my friends. 2 is more than enough to light up a garage, check out the review, it’s a very practical option for those who are extremely tight on size and/or budget.

Where to buy and how to save

Buy LED camping lamp with 21700 batteries here

You can save on purchases with coupons and promotional codes from the discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the “about the author” block


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