Fireflies is a very interesting micro-brand. He has few models, but they are all very interesting. Anyone can easily search my past Fireflies flashlight reviews. And now, after much more than the planned time, my hands reached their forehead. It so happened that I had two of them, with different LEDs.

I think that the combination of a 21700 battery, high-quality and bright light with Anduril control will be interesting for many, so let’s go.


Packaging and appearance

Very primitive in design, but quite reliable cardboard box

The kit is different. I received a complete set from the manufacturer, but when buying through banggood, you need to be careful — there may not be a head mount and a replaceable tail cap with a magnet. Actually, they are also optional when buying from the manufacturer — here you need to be careful.

The head mount is exceptionally cheap and simple.

The headlamp itself is in an L-format and its design is far from something attractive. In general, it looks like some kind of cheap headlamp from aliexpress. But the audience of Fireflies knows very well what they are buying, and this is exactly the case when an unsightly appearance hides a worthy stuffing. In general, the flashlight is quite compact.

720 vid

I blunted the clip in the photo, of course it should look in the opposite direction. What is convenient about the L-shaped format of headlamps is the ability to fasten the headlamp to a pocket or backpack strap using a clip

The magnet in the tail is quite reliable and confidently holds the forehead.

The headlamp disassembles into three parts.

The springs are quite thick.

The thread is large enough, lubricated without enthusiasm. To lubricate or not — it’s up to the buyer.

The button is recessed, quite comfortable and it is not difficult to find it blindly. There is also a backlight (which for a headband, I think, is more of a decorative option than something really practical).

The cooling fins are of medium depth, numerous and rather wide. However, with such a maximum brightness, I would not overestimate their influence.

A bunch of 4 main LEDs and TIR optics above them are responsible for the light here. As usual with Fireflies, in addition to the main ones, there are additional decorative LEDs that flood the optics with pleasant illumination. It looks really cool, trust me! For a headlamp, this is not as appropriate as for a flashlight, but let it be better, if you don’t need it, you can turn it off.

That, in fact, is all. The headlamp looks very simple, the only thing that attracts the eye is a nice-looking button and LED lighting.


In general, even an inexperienced user can use it. But in order to fully appreciate all the flexibility of the Anduril interface, the manual needs to be read carefully and for a long time. By and large, initially you just need to calibrate the temperature sensor (in my case, it immediately showed the correct temperature) and set the desired threshold for the thermal cutoff. Everything, if there is no desire to get into all sorts of tricky gates, then the basic controls are quite simple and intuitive.

I will not go into details here, since I have a separate text on how to work with Anduril.

How the Fireflies PL47 II shines

I had two versions on hand: a bright XPL-Hi 5000K 4500lum and SST20 HiCRI 4000K 2500lum. And even though the latter is almost half as bright, 2500 lum is all the same exclusively a lot for a headlamp.

It is worth noting that when buying on the manufacturer’s website, you can choose flood or long-range (throw) optics. So, if desired, with the same XPL-HI, the forehead will shine very far.

Of course, you should not wait for long work at maximum brightness, the turbo warms up the flashlight quickly. In general, stabilization is normal for a headband of this size, and if you do not get into level 6 and above, then the brightness will not sag. And, frankly, there is no particular need for this — there is more than enough level 5 on the street, and there will be airflow with which the brightness is stabilized. And for the room and 4/5 will fit with a bang, and this mode is enough for the whole night.

Well, if you need a bright headlamp that can keep a high brightness for a long time and stably, then I can only name the Acebeam H30, the only headlamp I know that can keep the brightness of about 1000 lumens without dropouts.

Let’s see how, in fact, both headlamps shine. There is more than enough light, to be honest, and for work at a distance of up to one and a half meters (and, I think, the bulk of situations in which a headlight is used lies in such a radius) can be limited to a seemingly dim 3/7. The maximum brightness, on the other hand, far exceeds everything that is usually required from a headband. You receive, however brief, a wall of light that will illuminate everything far and wide. Turbo completely illuminates the suburban area.

720 sst modes da4a 3
720 xpl modes da4a 1
720 vs 3
720 sst modes da4a 2
720 xpl modes da4a 2
720 vs 2
720 sst modes da4a 1
720 xpl modes da4a 3
720 vs 1

General impressions

The headlamp turned out to be very entertaining. It is clear that the control and the unfamiliar brand do not make it some kind of mass product — the average user will rather spit out from the need to remember all the nuances of control, it will be easier and better to get by with the very popular Sofirn SP40, which for $ 25 will allow you to get everything that the average user is looking for from a headlamp.

But a sophisticated lamplighter will appreciate both the flexibility of the Anduril interface and the ability to choose a light convenient for their needs with a huge margin of brightness. The price tag is about $45-55, depending on the light and configuration, it is quite at the level (or even less) of other branded headbands, which will also not be so bright. Of something similar, I can only name Lumintop HL3A. That’s just it will be at 18650 and without such a choice of LEDs.

Where to buy and how to save

You can buy Fireflies PL47 on the manufacturer’s website ► YANDEX-MARKET ►SBERMEGAMARKET

Save on the purchase of this or any other product, you can use coupons and promotional codes from the discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the block «about the author».


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