Hi all! In this review, I will talk about an inexpensive, but interesting keychain flashlight made in the form of a key. Suitable as a handy accessory that can always be at hand to illuminate, for example, a keyhole in the dark or a washer reservoir cap in a car, because. the liquid in it usually ends at night

The flashlight is made of plastic and although not as elegant as Xiaomi products, it is quite durable:

There is a rubber button on the back of the key head:

The “key” rod, on one side, is a luminous COB panel covered with a transparent protection:



It is interesting that this shape of the flashlight is very convenient for lighting — holding the key by the body, we get a stream of light at 90 degrees to its plane and you do not need to bend your arm, as with ordinary flashlights, to highlight something:

The color is white, closer to natural:

By unscrewing the aperture of the camera, you can see that there are 7 luminous elements on the matrix:

The flashlight has two operating modes: constant glow and intermittent flashing, they change cyclically by pressing a button.

Despite its small size, the headband is quite bright. Here is an example from a height of about 30cm:

Power is supplied by two CR2032 button-cell batteries, in order to replace them you need to unwind the case, which is not very convenient:

Of course, this flashlight keychain cannot be compared with similar devices of famous brands, however, for simple tasks related to local illumination of dark nooks and crannies, it does a very good job.


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