Smart flashlight powered by 18650 battery.

It shines a little brighter than the popular Convoy S2 +. There are only three levels of brightness. That is, there is no need to wait for technical innovations, the manufacturer has relied on the appearance.

Here is a brief description from the Russian store Lumintop.

I once purchased a deluxe edition with a case and a branded battery. Now it is difficult to find such an option on sale, but I will still show additional options.

The flashlight arrived in a thick cardboard box.

The contents are carefully packaged.

Inside the case there is a foam insert.

The leather of the cover is of rather mediocre quality — loose, the edges are shaggy.

On the right is a pocket with a button, made for the size of the 18650 battery.

The cover can be hung on a clip. She is also covered in leather.

Let’s take a battery.

Now let’s put the flashlight inside.

Side view.

The kit includes a quick start guide.

There are also two spare O-rings.

The battery was isolated from the contacts with such a gasket.

And here is the battery itself.

Judging by the inscription, the battery is protected.

On the negative contact is the manufacturer’s logo.

Battery weight 48.5 g.

This is what a freshly unpacked flashlight looks like. Copper elements are polished to a mirror finish.

Lantern length 114.4 mm, diameter 22.4 mm.

The head of the lantern is made of copper alloy.

The carcass, according to the manufacturer, with overlays of carbon fiber with gold threads.

The tail is also made of copper alloy.

These parts fit together very well. The cracks are almost invisible.

But with the clip, the manufacturer did not strain. It is steel and for some reason with a golden coating.

Now let’s start getting acquainted with the flashlight from the inside.

The thread works very smoothly, unscrews without the slightest problem.

The thickness of the walls of the case is 2 mm.

Let’s look inside the tail.

Unscrew the clip.

Here we see two small holes.

You can easily insert tweezers into them.

Copper tail body without filling.

And here is the content.


In this order, the parts are located inside the tail.

Now let’s take a head)))

Again there are recesses for tweezers.

Wow! And it’s done.

Copper body head.

Noticeably black O-ring for glass.

Clamping ring and isolation of the contact group.


Light-emitting diode.

Aluminum reflector.

Smooth. Well polished.

The LED is mounted in a copper «pill».

Glass with double-sided anti-reflective coating.

We collect the flashlight back.

Weighs 118 g.

Testing on the Lii-500 showed the battery capacity slightly lower than stated.

On the other hand, LiitoKala chargers are not the benchmark for measurement accuracy.

Things made of copper and bronze are valued by many for «beautiful aging», «noble patina», etc.

In this case, you won’t have to wait long.

He twisted the flashlight in his hands three times, a week of time, and there was not a trace of the primordial radiance of copper.

By the way, the golden coating from the clip was then erased very quickly, exposing the silver base.

This is how the flashlight looks like in the hands.

The body is smooth, but not slippery. Held confidently.

Now examples of lighting on the ground.

On the minimum mode, you can shine under your feet so as not to stumble on a cat.

Well, 2-3 meters to open the garage.

In the medium mode, you can already illuminate, at the very least, the area at a distance of up to 50 m.

At the maximum, the same 50m can be illuminated very confidently.

Comparative photo with flashlights on a 18650 battery.

Convoy S2+, Lumintop Prince, Lumintop FW3A, DQG Tiny 18650, Skilhunt H03.

The reviewed flashlight is slightly shorter than the Convoy S2+. But it has a longer reflector and therefore a slightly narrower illumination and a slightly higher range.

If someone needs it, I can shoot beam shots: individually or in comparison with the above-mentioned flashlights.

My verdict — the flashlight is not bad, made with high quality. But it shines a little better than the people’s Convoy. Is it worth the overpayment several times, decide for yourself.

Here is a link to the flashlight in the official store.


That’s all.

Thank you for your attention.


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