I didn’t even think that such a big brand like Nitecore would take a breather in pursuit of big promotional figures in the specification and release a flashlight with fairly ordinary brightness and range for today. Just a workhorse with a capacious 21700 battery and fast built-in charging.

If you were looking for a relatively compact branded long-range flashlight, then I hope that the Nitecore MH25 v2 review will give you an answer whether it is worth considering buying or not.

Packaging and appearance

The packaging is very nice, the box looks much better than the usual black and yellow ones.

As you can see, there is also a complete set for hunters: with filters and a remote button.

The kit includes everything you need: the flashlight itself, a 21700 battery and an adapter for it, a clip, a lanyard, a charging cable, a case, a manual, a warranty card.

In the MH series, Nitecore release multi-tasking models. So, if we consider the flashlight as a tactical one, then it has completely ordinary dimensions. If, however, as a long-range, then for its class it is relatively compact. Comparatively, because the small diameter of the head is compensated by a fair overall length of the body.

On the other hand, I personally like these sizes very much. The flashlight has excellent balance, it sits comfortably and securely in the hand.

It would be expected that the design will remain the same as that of the predecessor Nitecore MH25S (review) or MH25GTS. But no, Nitecore made the design of the novelty to the faceless restraint. He has no distinguishing features.

MH25S and MH25S GTS (2nd)

It just seems to be a branded item. Quite thoroughbred in appearance, that is what it is. But not more. On the other hand, this is a flashlight for work, not for admiring. I think it’s enough just the fact that he looks good. And he certainly looks good!

Of those design changes that actually affect use, one can single out the traditional tail button layout, with which the flashlight now stands as a candle (although who needs it).

Springs, of course, are on both the head and the tail.

The knurling is quite tenacious. I repeat, flashlight Very sits comfortably in the hand. Flawless lathe

The diameter of the head is definitely small in relation to its length. There are a lot of cooling ribs here, they are quite deep relative to the overall size of the head.

On opposite sides are spaced button and charging connector.

The button has an average depth move with a pronounced click. My initial fears about whether it would be easy to look for the button blindly or not turned out to be groundless — it can be easily found and pressed both with bare hands and with thick winter gloves.

The plug of the charging connector is thick. During the time I was reviewing the Nitecore MH25 v2, it never accidentally opened.

The bezel teeth are completely non-tactical, wide and low. The bezel, of course, is sealed — the head is not separable.

The reflector is smooth and deep enough. At the bottom is an unrecognizable dedominated (i.e. without a silicone dome that diffuses light) LED. Any idea what it is? Write in the comments. It is strange that Nitecore did not designate it in any way … Usually, if the manufacturer keeps something back, then there is nothing good in it. By the way, yes, it is.

Once again, the overall summary picture. The LED is rather big. Left XHP35 from Sofirn C8G, right SST20 Nitecore P20i UV.


The most classical (and therefore not the most pleasant for me) management designed for the masses.

On-off tail button, switching modes by pressing the side

Well, holding the side of the OFF launches special modes such as strobe-sos-beacon.

By the way, if you switch to a tactical scenario, then the brightness levels will go from top to bottom and only strobe will be available from special modes.

There is a mode memory.

I’m not exactly versed in tactical flashlights, but I think that a tactical flashlight is still must have access to the strobe from off. Immediately, the classic interface imposes its limitations and the strobe is only from ON.

In general, the most classic for a bunch of side + tail buttons control

How Nitecore MH25 v2 shines

The flashlight is well stabilized and works out the cooling perfectly, without falling off the maximum for a long time. In the scatter of modes me at all I was not pleased with the hole between 300 and 1300 lumens, here one more intermediate mode is obviously asking for, which could well be stabilized even without cooling. Let me remind you that here the maximum mode is called High, there is no turbo here.

The flashlight has a typical long-range light with a pronounced center and dim side illumination. Working close to such a flashlight will, of course, be inconvenient.

Light … really … clearly neutral, in the English-language review they intended 4200K! That’s just all this joy that finally, finally, Nitecore realized that the cold light is at all not what you need for a long-range flashlight for me is largely negated by a monstrous blockage in the green, which does not go away with increasing brightness. In winter, this greenery is visible just fine. However, in the summer, in the presence of vegetation, this creates a deceptive impression that the light is still much warmer, in such conditions the light does not really warp the eyes at all. However, this does not change the fact that I do not like the blockage in the green. I wonder what kind of LED is there?

As for the range, then everything is really modest. You will have good light within a radius of a couple of hundred meters, maybe 250m. It would be possible to achieve impressive range in such mediocre brightness with some kind of Osram LED (here’s example how it can be done for a penny).

Once again, by modern standards of frankly crazy range (which are largely set by the same Osram LEDs mentioned above), the flashlight does not show miracles. But if you remember that we are talking only about 1300 lum of maximum brightness, then you understand that the flashlight shines quite well for itself.

General impressions

Nitecore did, in general, not bad for the average user flashlight. With a decent range for its low brightness, with a capacious battery that gives a long time. With fast charging. With a case that is comfortable in the hand of a good design and charging that is understandable to any user. The maximum brightness here lasts a very, very long time.

But there are also downsides:

a) a green tint of light from an LED hidden in the specification. However, I am sure that the average user does not give a damn about this, and even in the summer this greenery will not be visible. But the fact remains. And this greenery can repel many.

b) frankly impractical hole between 300 and 1300 lum. Without a doubt, another mode is needed here.

And so… 4-5 years ago such brightness and range with such battery life, brightness stabilization and really fast charging would have made this model a real bestseller.

Now, both brightness and range are significantly less than modern market standards. There are a lot of 21700 flashlights on the market, and type-C charging has become the standard. So this is not a flashlight that will surprise you. It is strange that such a large manufacturer as Nitecore decided to release a frankly average model in terms of brightness and range.

And, you know what, I think it’s just for the best. Nitecore MH25 v2 shows quite reasonable and sufficient for most privates users brightness and range. I can well imagine what could have happened if Nitecore had chased big numbers here too. Loss of stabilization, a short puff of turbo puff… and all for the sake of numbers that are as beautiful as they are impractical. There are a lot of examples of this, including Nitecore itself. Although, to be completely honest, the same SFT40 LED would have shown itself much better here, I think that it would be possible to double the candela. Yes, the light would be colder, but already almost 2000 lumens and a significantly greater range. An example of what SFT40 gives in +- the same reflector can be seen in this review.

Nitecore MH25 V2 is just a workhorse and closes the corresponding empty niche in the manufacturer. This is just a long-playing flashlight that can shine into the distance, and how a basic tactic works. I repeat, there is quite sufficient brightness and range for the broad masses. There is a capacious battery with fast charging and excellent battery life. In tactical mode, there is an instant turbo and strobe.

If you need light within a distance of 50-200m, if you fundamentally you need a flashlight from a large well-known brand and if you are ready, according to the latter, to cover the accompanying considerable (and now especially, alas) price, then the Nitecore MH25 v2 may well suit you.

Where can I buy


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