In my personal TOP 10 Xiaomi products, this penny torch would definitely enter the top three. The model is not only useful, but, I’m not afraid to say, unique. Look, how long has the regular Xiaomi model been produced? Not more than a couple of years, for sure. And here almost 5 years without any changes. The reason is simple — I don’t think this miniature lamp can be somehow improved.

And if you don’t have it yet, then it’s time to fix it. I have two and use at least one of them quite often. I have been using it for a very long time and I want my review of Xiaomi USB LED Light 2 to inspire you to buy this gem among Xiaomi products.

Xiaomi, by the way, with all my affection for them, makes rather dull (and this is putting it mildly) flashlights. Ceiling lamps are great. Bedsides, too. But the flashlights — UG.


A little backstory. The first version was originally released. Somewhere half less bright and with one mode. And even it has become extremely popular Xiaomi products with an abundance of fakes. They cost (and cost now) about $1-2 and shine at the level of their price: cold dumb light. Also worse and plastic and build quality.

The second model compared to the first is just space. 5 brightness levels, warm lightt … And now they didn’t fake it.

The lamp is very simple, because of this, the review will be short, but I hope it will make it clear what to expect from this model.

Packaging and appearance

Over the years, the packaging left a memory that it was a simple, but branded zip bag. I do not think that this is important in the framework of the review.

The lamp itself is a 20 cm long plastic “torch” with a USB-A connector on one side and a thickening hiding the LEDs on the opposite side. Plastic, as far as I know, is heat-resistant, from the category used in the manufacture of LED light bulbs.

Unlike the deshman clones of the first generation, there is a pleasant softtouch coating.

Inside, LEDs screwed to the plate of the symbolic PhilpsOsram radiator. And this is very cool, let me remind you that Philips has its own very well-known division for the production of LEDs, including specific medical models. Well, Philips lamps are also widely known


long press — off / on

short press from on — change brightness levels

how it shines

nice warm and very bright light. PWM flicker is nominally present even in lower modes. Can’t catch the eye

Consumption in lower modes is negligible, you can work from a power bank all day long: 0.009-0.11-0.18-0.25-0.47A

By and large, I rarely even climbed into 4/5 or 5/5 most of the time Xiaomi USB led light 2 worked for me either as a night light from a usb wall adapter or as a dim lamp suspended from the ceiling of the veranda, under which I whiled away the evenings for reading books when the main camping light, great in every way Sofirn LT1 moved to the gazebo.

Xiaomi USB LED Light 2 you can hang it (the latter is especially convenient if you have some kind of long USB cable, see the link above) you can stick it into a standing power bank or, again, a socket with a USB output.

If you have a power bank with two outputs, then you really get very bright and long lasting light. Here the question is only in the competent location of this power bank

here in suspension

720 tent1

and here it is from a tripod.

720 tent2

indoors, there is already some sense from the lower modes, especially when the eyes get used to it. But overall, they are good nightlights.


A little later I plan to make a video review, but there will be nothing essentially new there. I think photos and gifs are more than enough to understand what to expect from this model.

General impressions

An amazing thing, deservedly not descending from the assembly lines of Xiaomi for many years. Personally, I don’t see any downside here. Although no, for a full-fledged camping light there is no moisture protection at the point of contact with the power source, the power bank will have to be wrapped in a bag.

Need a nightlight? Turn the light to the wall, it will not blind — you can go down, you can go up. To the left or to the right — it bends like the beliefs of the nomenklatura during the putsch. 1/5 or 2/5 levels is enough to illuminate the corridor.

Need a camping lamp? No problem, in the older mode, the luminaire can easily illuminate an entire gazebo if you fix it from above. The specific brightness is not indicated, I would estimate its lumens at 250-300, which is really a lot for such a crumb. And, I repeat, a pair of such torches will give an overall brightness at the level of top models like fenix cl30r sofirn LT1. By the way, yes, I have a separate selection of camping lanternsmaybe you’ll see something interesting there…

Another plus. Almost immediately after the release of this model, I made a review and one of the commentators decided to directly power the torch from a laboratory PSU. It turned out that you can work without problems up to 8.4v. With the same success there was a launch from a 6v motor battery and a pair of 18650. Luminaires, in short, are not only flexible in the case and in brightness levels, but also in the type of power supply.

This lamp is worth every cent of its $4 bucks.

It is worth noting that below, in the block about the author, there is a selection of links to my different selections of flashlights: hand-held and headlamps. Maybe there you will find a suitable source of light for yourself.

Where to buy and how to save


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