How easy and inexpensive to make beautiful any, even a completely neglected garden? Yes, with a garland. Decorative lighting will give weeds and windbreak a cozy and romantic flair. As long as it’s dark outside, of course. Recently, two garlands from my recent selection got to me, so I’ll tell you about them. So, the garland «bees» and the garland «balls», an overview of which I offer you

Packaging and appearance

Both garlands are packed in regular plastic bags.

The whole set consists of a garland (luminous part + battery pack) and a peg for fixing the battery pack in the ground

The garlands themselves look extremely simple and differ only in decorative figures: in one case they are bees, in the other they are balls.

The bees, to my surprise, were made pretty well.

The battery pack deserves special attention. The simplest multi-colored garlands have been working for me for several years (the code name is “unicorn vomit” — you will see it at the top of the photo with juniper, you can buy it on aliexpress here) and there are no differences between the monitored pair and the battery packs of these unicorn garlands.

On the back there are 2 buttons: off-on and mode switching (blinking-constant light).

A Ni-MH battery with a modest capacity of 450mah is installed inside (it’s real, I checked it on discharge). I did not put any larger one, because practice has shown that such a tiny charging panel will still not be able to charge it. And from the standard capacity, the garland fully works until dawn. Yes, it’s not very visible here, but there is a sealing gum

Garland at work:

The original plan was to braid the arch.

this is how she is during the day, completely zachuhannaya, for the abundance of other repairs, the hands do not reach her in any way during the day.

The experience of last year showed that the same multi-colored garland looks great on her. So I wound both survey garlands … and Alas, in reality it turned out that the minimum length taken for testing is insufficient, everything luminous ends at the middle of the arch height.

But even since there is an arch, it began to look much cooler. This is especially noticeable from afar. You go with the children from an evening walk and see through the chain-link through 2-3 neighboring sections how somewhere there this arch glows with a warm, cozy light. And my heart immediately warms up.

Leaving the balls on the arch, I relocated the bees to the blooming wild rose. And then everything fell into place. Rosehip grows right next to the gazebo and the glowing bees are clearly visible from it. It looks live, it’s just unrealistically cool, especially when the wild rose blooms. But, alas, I miscalculated with the length and here, it was necessary to take the maximum length.

As a test, I also braided juniper with garlands. It looks good, but from afar the bees are hard to see.

upstairs, above the fence, you can just see the multi-colored garlands bought in past seasons, also a good thing, by the way.

General impressions

Garlands in work look beautiful and glow with a warm cozy light. The barrel balls turned out to be good on the arch, I will order this garland in the maximum length and braid the entire arch. On a tree, bees look much, much more interesting. Of course, given the situation that it is close to a tree or a bush, and you will see that it is the bees that glow — otherwise there will be no difference. Well, something glows and glows.

Taking a garland in the minimum length was a mistake. Now I will take both but in the maximum version. The 20m version costs less than half as much as the 10m version — saving such a ridiculous difference was a mistake… so I advise you not to repeat it and go for the 20m with 50 LEDs instead of the 10m with 20 LEDs.

Despite the small size of the solar panel, from late spring to mid-autumn it is enough for me not to have to open the battery pack at all and charge the battery in an external charger. From the experience of using other garlands with a similar block, I can say that it has good moisture protection and nothing inside is oxidized even after a whole season in the country.

In short, the garlands are good and everyone approved them: both guests and neighbors. If the topic of country lighting is interesting to you, then I strongly recommend my review. Sofirn LT1 — the brightest and most functional camping lamp on the market today. It will become a bright and long-lasting light source with the ability to smoothly adjust not only the brightness, but also the color temperature! You can also illuminate the gazebo, and shine for weeks in the dim nightlight mode.

UPD. This winter, I didn’t even begin to remove the garland, I left it screwed on as it is — it works, somehow (the battery is freezing + little light) it shines. The brightness is the same, it just shines for a short time. I will buy more for the upcoming summer season.

Where to buy and how to save

You can buy garlands on Aliexpress: bees balls.

Save on the purchase of this or any other product, you can use coupons and promotional codes from the discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the block «about the author».


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