Another sprout has sprouted on the Chinese field of experiments. Wuben X-1, the most powerful quad flashlight with 2×21700 batteries and built-in fans, has appeared in presale.

Definitely, Wuben is not the brand that is expected from such technologically sophisticated solutions as the X-1 Falcon. Literally a few years ago, they riveted dull crafts that differed from each other only in the degree of marketing obstinacy, uninteresting for the end buyer, and craftiness traditional for the industry in specifications.

And so, something happened and the manufacturer began to produce really unusual and interesting models. Not all of them are successful, but they are undoubtedly interesting externally and functionally.

And Wuben X-1 Falcon stands out very much from all similar flashlights on the market. (now these are, in fact, confusingly similar Nitecore TM12K and Lumintop Moonbox, which you can read about here).

The flashlight stands out from them with an interesting design and constructive solutions. And if the first one is already clearly visible in the photographs, then it is worth telling more about the functionality.

Wuben X-1 Falcon unlike Nitecore TM12K and Nitecore Moonbox has replaceable batteries. More precisely, even, they are built-in, but only technically. They are not soldered and to access them you only need a screwdriver to remove the tail cap.

So if the flashlight is dead, you can change them, and do not doomedly put it on charge. By the way, the X-1 also has charging (however, this is a standard). Fast, via USB-C with support for PD protocol (9V2A). The manufacturer promises that the flashlight can be fully charged in 2 hours. The latter, by the way, is not such a plus in terms of battery life. However, they can be charged outside or choose a not very powerful charging unit.

The second plus is the ability to adjust all brightness levels within a given range (see photo below)

The flashlight has a complete bike mount. However, here again you have to work with a screwdriver, it is attached to the screws.

3*Cree XHP70.2 LEDs deliver (according to the manufacturer) 12,000 lumens of maximum brightness. Usually, the limitation of physics comes into force here, the flashlight heats up monstrously and quickly. That is why in Nitecore models (eg Nitecore TM10K) this turbo is limited to 6-7 seconds.

What to do if the flashlight gets hot? Wuben approached this problem with an already existing solution — they installed a fan. But it’s only one thing when the flashlight is large or just monstrously large, then there is room for a fan in the handle. And what to do when the flashlight is initially relatively compact? Wuben still managed and installed a fan, thanks to which, according to third-party reviews, the flashlight pulls out Turbo brightness for 30 seconds, which Very a lot of.

They are also enough for the flashlight to keep more than bright High mode with its ~ 2500 lum for 2 hours. Amazing result. However, there is no data on the temperature of the case. The same expensive and sophisticated Imalent MR90 with its built-in fans heated up to a frankly unbearable temperature, and the manufacturer, of course, kept silent about this.

In general, the flashlight turned out to be undoubtedly functionally interesting and innovative. But its pre-sale price on Aliexpress is frankly monstrously high, about 21,000 rubles.

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