When working in dark places, it is convenient to use a flashlight with a head mount — it shines directly in front of you and your hands are free. There are options in the form of L-shaped lamps with a strap mounted on the head, but you can also purchase a special light panel with a large glow area that immediately illuminates the entire space in front of the user. One such inexpensive battery-powered model will be discussed in this review.

The lamp is delivered in a dense cardboard package:

The package includes the device itself and a short charging cable:

I need such a thing for country affairs, for example, to climb into a water well, or to mow the grass late in the evening Naturally, the range of use of a flashlight is much wider than country-applied activities. It can be used for repairs, for example, in the garage or take with you on a hike.

The lighting device is a small box with a rubber strap on the head, the front panel of which is completely occupied by a COB light panel:

There are 40 elements on it in total:

The device can shine in three modes switched in series: 1 — bright (luminous flux 800lm), 2 — medium (luminous flux 500lm), 3 — strobe mode (blinking, luminous flux 500lm). Management is carried out by a red rubber button. Next to it is an indicator of the remaining charge. The declared capacity of the built-in battery is 1200mAh, and the operating time: 3 hours (bright), 5 hours (medium).

Below is the microUSB connector, covered with a silicone plug:

However, it is not worth building illusions about the increased moisture protection of the device. From splashes and light rain, this may and will provide protection, but no more.

On the reverse side, at the point of contact with the user’s head, there is a foam pad. Thanks to it, the light panel does not put pressure on the head and does not slide off:


Weight 90gr:

The rubber strap has a width of 25mm, there is a length adjustment, it fits the head well:

However, I note that the curvature of the flashlight body is very strange. It is designed for a very large head, this is what it looks like in reality. In principle, the contact patch with the forehead is large and quite sufficient for a comfortable and secure fixation on the head, but it looks a bit strange:

Now about how it shines … And the socket shines, as they say, for all its little money and even more. I honestly did not expect such brightness in the brightest mode:

This is how the working elements of the panel look like when the camera aperture is clamped (by the way, there is no ripple and PWM):

The brightest mode (it is almost impossible to look at the included panel with your eyes):

Second mode:

The panel is excellent for illuminating fairly large rooms, for example, a room below with a ceiling height of about 5 meters in the ridge. The flashlight gives a wide luminous flux and illuminates almost the entire volume in front of it. The color temperature is closer to warm light. Bright mode:

The second mode is two times dimmer, but the panel will work longer in it. I note that the brightness of this mode is quite enough for comfortable work in a small room.

During operation, the remaining battery indicator of four segments is on:

When charging, the segment of the indicator that corresponds to the current state of charge of the battery flashes:

The flashlight is charged with a current of about 0.7A:

It takes 2 hours and 40 minutes to fully charge. The battery capacity is slightly lower than stated, and is ~ 1000 mAh. The operating time in bright mode was about 2 hours 50 minutes, in the second mode — 5 hours 20 minutes.

Let’s look inside the device by unscrewing the four screws under the soft cover. Inside there is a control and charging board, a lithium-polymer battery, and a light panel on the back is covered with a metal plate (it looks white in the photo):

Larger control board:

You can buy a head-mounted light panel in different configurations on AliExpress HERE

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In general, the review device is an inexpensive and quite easy-to-use headlamp with an acceptable operating time for home and country affairs. A somewhat strange curve of the body does not interfere with its fixation on the head and use. A big plus, compared to conventional lanterns, is a wide and uniform luminous flux for illuminating the room or the road in front of you.


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