Built-in fan. Almost 2 kg of weight and 53,000 lumens of brightness, it’s worth it to read the review and watch the video, even if you are not interested in flashlights. Ali is full of all sorts of multi-eyed miracle plungers with a declared brightness of at most a thousand and two lumens on fresh accs against the declared 80,000. The Imalent MS12 is not like that — it is claimed to be the brightest LED flashlight in the world, and it is.

I remember a couple of years ago, with undisguised delight, I turned on the freshly received Convoy L6. Its three-odd thousand lumens seemed like some kind of monstrous level of brightness, and its range caused enthusiastic obscenities from its neighbors.

Time passed, and the brightness of the flashlights grew almost exponentially. For the last, perhaps, 10 years, the maximum brightness has been somewhere at the same level, increasing slightly. And the now standard threshold of 1000 lumens for inexpensive flashlights then required investments of a hundred bucks for some branded model.

Literally a year ago, after the threshold of 10,000 lumens (I’m talking about serial models) was overcome, a number of manufacturers — primarily Imalent and Acebeam — broke the chain, releasing ever brighter flashlights. Imalent ended up announcing the MS12 with 53,000 (!) lumens. Acebeam immediately rolled up a similar model ready for release, finished it, and after a short time updated the specification to 60,000 lumens. Unfortunately, I managed to get only Imalent MS12, it will not be possible to compare, but I will be sincerely glad to tell you about this one model. In general, Imalent has other extremely interesting models at the limit of performance in its fresh line, things like R70C.


  • 12 x CREE XHP 70 LEDs, maximum output of 53000 lumens.
  • Built-in safety self testing intelligent charging circuit, convenient, fast and safe.
  • Eight levels which can be exchanged quickly and instant Turbo.
  • Six battery capacity indicators around the flashlight head, shows the capacity any time.
  • Size: 258mm (length)*129.5mm (head diameter) *55.5mm (body diameter)
  • Netweight:1740g(battery included)
  • High efficiency constant current circuit will maintain constant brightness — complete nonsense
  • Built-in thermal control module will automatically adjust the brightness output, keep using comfortably.
  • Combination of toughened ultra-clear mineral and anti-reflective coating glass
  • Aluminum OP reflector
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body, wear-resistant Type III hard-anodized surface treatment
  • IPX-8 standard waterproof (2 meters submersible)
Packaging and appearance

Worth a flashlight Very a lot of. It is logical that in this situation the packaging is excellent. This is a hefty cardboard box with good printing and a logical handle for such dimensions. If you fork out for a gift, then you can not wrap it, let everyone around look, it’s worth it. It’s not exactly luxury suite, but very good.

Inside is foam rubber, in which they rest: the flashlight itself, a shoulder strap, a charging unit, instructions, a bag with o-rings. Actually, nothing more to add.

1) Beltcomfortable. Not just a strip of material with two carabiners, no. Here the top is anatomically curved for convenience.

2) Power supply. I liked that there is a plug for the plug) Here it is a little out of focus, visible as some kind of whitish thing behind the pin of the charging connector.

And here is the flashlight itself. I already had the predecessor, the Imalent DX80, so I was partially prepared for the dimensions. But still, I was quite impressed, after all, the difference between MS12 and DX80 is not only in brightness, but also in dimensions.

See for yourself, here’s a clear comparison. Remind me the dimensions: 258x129.5x*55.mm head and carcass lengthdiameters. and 1.75kg weight.

Here, here it is in its entirety.

The tail of the flashlight is flat, with eyelets for fastening. You can put a «candle» without any problems. In a normal situation, this is of little use, but here, due to the rather low center of gravity and the fact that the flashlight is really heavy, the MS12 is quite reliable. And this is important, since these squares that go along the bottom of the head (one of them is just above the button) are sources of additional illumination, red-green indicator and white lighting.
Here at the same time you can see at least some information about the battery, 92.2 watts / hour. We divide by 8 batteries, we get 11.5 watts / hour, i.e. something with a capacity of about 3200mah. This does not correspond in any way with the fact that in a number of stores they indicate 20700 food. Probably inside VTC6, at least I hope.

The flashlight consists of a head and a battery pack. Judging by what you read, there is an assembly of 8×20700 accs inside the latter, so you should count somewhere around 32000mah of the total capacity for sure. The variant with 21700 would even help to reach 40,000mah, but at the cost of an additional 5mm in an already impressive diameter.
Charging is done with the help of a complete PSU and a pin charger. 2A and 19-24c. It takes about 4.5 hours, as in the specification, I could not catch the exact cutoff when the indicator changes from red to green.

The thread is perfectly missed, the head is easily screwed onto the butblock. Here, I almost forgot. Initially, between it and the head is a transport insulating gasket. If such a flashlight turns on in the box … it will be sad.

And here is the contact pad, of course, at such currents, there is no question of any spring, it disappears as a class already at a thousand threshold of 3.5 lumens. Small dots in the center of the platform are just traces of grease that I did not notice when photographing.
I unscrewed 2 bolts, but it did nothing. It feels like it’s all packed in there. And since hell knows exactly how the giblets are laid there, with what margin along the length of the wires, that is, there is a chance to break them by pulling too hard on yourself.
Next in order we have button. This is an 11.5mm diameter metal round with little travel and a noticeable click. The button is not particularly embossed. Without gloves, this may not be a problem, but with gloves there is a chance to poke blindly. In fairness, let me remind you that it is cardinally more convenient to use a flashlight with a belt, and then you can fix the flashlight so that the button always looks up and then your finger will rest on it. But in general, the groove of the carcass here could be designated in some other way, let’s say to make some kind of rectangle around the button with a hollow under the button, as was the case in one of the flashlights I recently reviewed.

See the squares that say MS12? These are just the additional LEDs mentioned at the beginning of the review. When you turn on the flashlight, they light up green, when blocked with red + there is a simple white light mode in 3 brightness levels.

Head… Yes, it is huge. I would start to crumble with epithets like “monstrous”, etc., but I have another one in the process of reviewing — an even larger flashlight BLF GT70 and there is a head even more. But anyway, she’s really healthy.
So, look. imalent put inside fan. I unscrewed the bolts (see photo below), but this did nothing to parse what looks like a sealed head. I’m actually wondering what the reality is behind this promo picture. Realizing that it would not be possible to disassemble the head myself, I turned to the manufacturer with a request to provide photographs of the contents of the head. They refused with the wording “we don’t want competitors to find out.” To my reasonable answer that competitors (read Acebeam) if they wish, they can afford to buy a dozen MS12s, and at least I did not receive an answer to cut them with grinders.
I sincerely believe that IP-8 here applies only to the non-working state. In water, the fan will simply die.
But under the shower, the flashlight worked without problems. Be that as it may, it really works and it makes sense.
All I can provide is these photos. I can say that through the cracks in the head, the surface of the metal plate is visible, on which heat is removed from the LEDs. The fan itself is also visible. Interestingly, it is connected from the side of the LEDs, and not from the side of the carcass. In two places on the side of the impeller there are some flat ones. probably hollow «pillars» through which, I’m sure, the wiring to the LED substrate passes.
Despite its purely peaceful wow-collector character, the teeth of the MS12 bezel are quite high. They seem flat only in relation to the overall dimensions, in fact, they can be well attached if desired. Although the flashlight already has a good attacking potential due to its weight, such a club can easily break a head.
Well, here is the light. So, here we have 12x XHP 70.2. Right out of the box — the glass is covered with a protective film.
Often in such assemblies, due to the compactness of the flashlight, the LEDs are covered only with TIR optics for good flood light. Immediately, the dimensions allow you to allocate volume to each of them, perhaps no less than in something like the Convoy C8 +. Unfortunately, the bezel is also glued, it would be interesting to twist at least it, look at the backing and all that … but alas. There are no photos online either. Otherwise, everything is as usual — the glass has enlightenment, anti-glare, tempered glass, this is the standard that only frankly budget flashlights do not go to.


Taking into account the specifics of the flashlight, the management suited me quite well.
main light

On off

— on click, turn on at the last brightness level.

rewind brightness

on retention


— 2 clicks


— 2 clicks from the turbo. exit on click
additional light

on off

by retention.

rewind brightness

on click in the high-mid-low direction.
it is logical that with such dimensions, without blocking, this flashlight would become really dangerous for transportation.
3 clicks toggle the lock on and off. the additional LED ring flashes red.
similar to red, they flash when the battery voltage drops below 11.8v, after 11v they are constantly red.
4x click forcibly starts the fan (works in modes from 15000 lum). So the fan turns on when the threshold reaches 55C.

In work

There is no PWM flicker.

The light, which is not surprising, is cold white, since it was in this form that it was possible to achieve maximum and so important brightness from an advertising position. However, I think that for the target audience of this model, brightness is at the forefront, and not the comfort of color temperature.
Light distribution is unique. Technically, each of the LEDs is located in a relatively voluminous and deep reflector, but all of them together still give light that is much closer to floodlight than to long-range. Mid LOw approximately corresponds to the maximum for S2 + XM-L2, and I will compare them. I will not give beamshots of comparative brightness of all modes, since the minimum relative to turbo (with the exposure pair that will allow you to take the picture below the “white silence” level) will actually not be visible. It is easier to evaluate the spread on the video and photographs on the ground. Immediately, at the same brightness level, you can see how S2 + differs from Ms12
So, it is clear what such a carcass generates break through heat. Actually, in my video review, I will finally do what was in the plans for the last 3 years — I will cook scrambled eggs on a flashlight.
So, working at the top two brightness levels warms up the flashlight to such a level that you can’t hold it with your bare hands. Here, fortunately, there is a belt and this issue is removed.
The pulp is preliminary.
So. Remember what the specification tells us there?

High efficiency constant current circuit will maintain constant brightness

those. promise us a constant brightness (with a reservation for a reasonably limited time of operation of the two older modes).
They lie, they lie!
See. So you can lie in different ways, but here they completely lied.
The softest.
There’s really nothing to complain about here.
I’ll start with additional light. For me, this is more of a pleasant appendage than something really necessary, but situations are different and in some of them this light may come in handy. let it be better, but not needed, than it will not be when it is needed.
In reality, even by me, the person whom I saw, well, a hell of a lot of flashlights, the brightness of the Imalent MS12 is characterized by exclusively obscene epithets. He

VERY! (I hope capslock will be missed here) bright. Damn, yes, it has a minimum brightness at the maximum level for many ordinary EDC flashlights.

So it might be justified to add a couple more brightness levels, at the level of 50-100 lumens, for some very close needs. Within the same camp, so as not to blind anyone + have a colossal backlog of the duration of work. It would be possible to take it somewhere separately so as not to rewind a dozen brightness levels, which are already in bulk now.
Now the spread of Imalent MS12 modes looks like this.
Within the yard, the Imalent MS12 is, of course, redundant. This is especially evident in winter, when the light lying everywhere reflects the maximum light. Compare Imalent MS12 at Mid-Low with Convoy S2+ max level. Well, the turbo from imalent to heaps, for complete contrast.
And here are all the brightness levels
In the forest in the open air, you can already appreciate some range, and the main trump card — the huge brightness flooding everything around is also visible. Please note that almost immediately from the flashlight, the upper branches of the pines are also illuminated.
See the house in the distance? hundreds and a half meters to it, it must be. I move the focus to 200mm …
So, sir, there are more interesting shots. From the height of human growth, there is no way to fully appreciate what this flashlight gives out. Let’s shine from above. Everything here is much more impressive.
The specification states a kilometer of range … Well, what can I tell you. According to ANSI standards (i.e. to have 1 lum at this distance), the flashlight can and will get into the turbo. But if we are talking about real use, so that there is still some kind of light, then I would estimate that way at 300 meters. I shone on a new building, which is 450m away — there is almost no sense there, well, like from the old C8 on XML-2. She is in an uncomfortable position and could not take a picture, there would be wild light from a flashlight through the frame, it would be incomprehensible. In principle, knowing the dimensions of ordinary panels, one can estimate the range from the photographs above.
Yes, 300m for such a monstrous brightness is not much, it would seem. If not for one but. Within its radius, the Imalent MS12 illuminates

All around. Yes, you can actually see it. In the video review it will be seen even better.

By the way, I have a flashlight in my hands, which is even larger. What MS12 might seem huge to you from the photos at the beginning of the review, but there is also a council for it. Meet the BLF GT70.

So, they have the same LEDs. But the GT70 has only one and is in a huge deep reflector, which allows you to get a much more focused beam. And due to the rather not weak brightness (7500 in turbo) and the specifics of the LED itself, which, in general, is never long-range, it turns out to combine this with a relatively good side illumination.

General impressions
I am sincerely convinced that for real use such an extreme in all respects (i.e. price brightness size power) flashlight with this is of interest only to an extremely narrow niche of people.
Like the previous model, Imalent MS12 reveals itself not as a light source for real use, and not even as a collector’s item (I think that even in the camp camp countries, not every lamplighter can even pay off a coupon price tag for such a thing). This is pure water «wow thing» for those who can afford it. Here is the DX80, having played enough, I got rid of some crypto rich, who directly told me “I want everyone to go nuts.” As he later wrote, everyone went nuts, he was satisfied. Well, there are situations when you need to give a gift to a person who has everything. You won’t surprise him with anything, the limits in which he can afford to buy anything are much wider than usual. His gun is fashionable there, his car is powerful there. But a flashlight, as my experience shows, can be quite ordinary by today’s standards. And then a purchase instead of another Khrantsuz cognac, here is such a bandura (albeit in clubbing) actually really impress him.
Somehow like this. Be that as it may, I am sure that such a thing is also interesting to the broad masses of readers / viewers, albeit from the position of idle curiosity. After all, technically it is 1 of the two brightest flashlights at the moment. The specification of Aysbeam’s competitor calls for 7000 lum more brightness, but I have doubts about this. If Imalent could squeeze more brightness out of the flashlight, other things being equal, they would have done it anyway, but now everything is probably overclocked to the maximum for this type of power supply.
I’m definitely interested in where this race for brightness will lead. The maximum brightness that I saw from one XHP70.2 is 7500lum. that is, technically, from this dozen, you can squeeze out a monstrous 90 kilolumens (and I counted this with neutral light, even more with cold). The question is that in order for this not to become a purely marketing 3-second impulse, the power supply here will need something like 8×21700 (or even 12×21700), which will make the flashlight larger than the already monstrous BLF GT. There will be such a three-kilogram 40cm club. Just for people with the dimensions of Karelin-Valuev.
In general, I hope that from the standpoint of entertaining and informative reading matter, the review was interesting. Still, not every day such extreme things fall into the hands. Well, I hope that those who thought about buying, but hesitated in the absence of information, also came to some kind of decision. Yes, and my coupon at the beginning of the review will also suddenly come in handy.
Where to buy and how to save

Now it is problematic to buy MS12, there is a new brighter version of Imalent MS18 aliexpress or Banggood. The promised 100,000 lumens are not here, but 72,000 were intended.

However, it will be much more practical to take Sofirn SP70. Don’t chase numbers. All this crazy brightness lasts literally seconds and eventually drops to the same level that the mentioned SP70 will give you. And the price tag here will be much less.

You can save on purchases with coupons and promotional codes from the discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the block «about the author»

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