Before the monstrous BLF GT entered the market, 4×18650 long-range flashlights held the palm among long-range flashlights: Trunite TN42, Manker Mk35, Mateminco MT35 and, the hero of the review, Imalent R35. Due to the similarity in size, power supply and the LEDs used, they, although differing from each other, bypassed any other models with a margin.

It just so happens that I have a version of this flashlight on another XHP70.2 that gives a dramatically brighter light with decent side illumination. Due to this high brightness in a smooth reflector, an impressive range is obtained. It has long been interesting for me to compare a purely long-range «awl» with such a very bright flashlight. In the review, I will do this.

Packaging and appearance.

The packaging is very good. It’s immediately obvious that there is some serious stuff in there. And the dimensions are impressive, and the design of the print is also good. The carrying handle is comfortable. On the journey, nothing was wrinkled.

Inside, in a thick layer of foam rubber, lies the flashlight itself.

The kit includes everything you need: the flashlight itself, a case, a charging cable, a 4×18650 battery, instructions, a lanyard, o-rings.

The cover is the most common. But for its purposes it will be enough.

And here is the flashlight itself from all sides.

Outwardly, it completely and completely duplicates the Imalent RT70, the difference is only in the LED and the name. Otherwise, it’s still the same solid, weighty carcass. If you are one of those who use all sorts of rechargeable «Eras», then the size will not scare you at all. And so, of course, it is clearly larger than S2 +, C8 +, but, believe me, this is far from the size that negatively affects convenience. You can still carry a flashlight with you not only in a case, but even in your pocket (provided that you have a spacious pocket in your jacket)

The tail is flat. Since the flashlight is quite wide and relatively low, the “candle” stand is quite reliable and by placing an ordinary white disposable cup on top, you can make a bright and long-lasting table lamp.

There is no tailcap as such. The flashlight consists of two parts — a head and a «glass» with a place for batteries. The springs are thick and solid. From the side of the head, of course, a contact pad.

The knurling is small, ribbed. But, in general, the grip is comfortable and quite strong.

The button here is unusual. This is a slightly recessed metal rectangle. Medium depth stroke, with a noticeable click.

Under the button there are holes for the standard red-green indication.

On the reverse side is a contact for charging. And here, by the way, there is a difference between RT70 RT35. Connectors are symbolically different. In RT70 it is black, RT35 is grey. I did not remake the gif and here it is from the seventies, the difference here is only in color, so this is not significant. In general, I did not like how charging is implemented here. Usually the magnetic blotch is held quite firmly. Immediately she moves out and charging on the go will be virtually impossible. If you charge at home or in the car, then I do not see any problems.

Cooling fins here in bulk. In fact, they start from the middle of the body. There is nothing to complain about here.

The bezel is glued, it was not possible to twist. At the bottom of the deep, smooth reflector is the XHP35, the standard choice for long-range power. Glass, as usual: tempered, anti-reflective, anti-reflective. Here for comparison and Imalent RT70

General impressions are positive. Appearance is decent. The quality looks okay too. The only obvious minus for me is the poor tenacity of the charging connector. But this will only affect if you try to charge the flashlight on the go.



off-on by clicking, switching modes by holding

turbo in 2x click, (time) blocking in 3x. All.

There is a mode memory.

In general, it is convenient, but I would add such an obvious addition as entering Low by holding from OFF.

Flashlight at work

Of course and expected, only cold white light. It’s a pity, a powerful long-range flashlight with a neutral version would be noticeably more comfortable.

there is no visible PWM flicker in any mode.

The light distribution is absolutely expected for a long-range shooter: weak side illumination and a bright hotspot in the center.

Fortunately, I also have C8 + on hand, so at the same time I will add it for clarity in addition to RT70.

The charging current could be higher, now you have to put the flashlight on charge all night. 2A would be much more appropriate here.

Cooling is a strange situation. I can’t explain it at all. Without cooling in high, the flashlight works clearly less, while the brightness sags. With cooling, it keeps without a drawdown, and at the same time it shines longer, which contradicts any logic. I took measurements 3 times in each mode, I did not see the difference. By the way, it is also normal and stabilized after falling from turbo to high, the brightness is kept without any cooling. Which is not surprising, because 1500lum for such a carcass is nothing in terms of heat dissipation.

And the stabilization is pretty good. As well as the duration of the work. I liked the Mid Low mode. It is more than enough for any household needs within a 50m radius, while the duration will be 6 hours (+ 2 more hours after a 50% drop).

As for the work on the ground, here, of course, the range is more than enough. With big excess. as you can see below, at a distance of half a hundred meters, even the minimum brightness gives enough light to successfully highlight something.

Well, here are a bunch of different similar flashlights (except for S2 + as a regular reference) at maximum brightness. It can be seen that the RT35 bypasses them in terms of brightness in the center with a margin, except that the TK75 is still close to it here (albeit with a much brighter side illumination).

150 meters distance seems to be worked out by c8 + and BLF GT mini, but you need to understand that this only applies to a freshly charged battery. With a voltage drop, the brightness will drop significantly, while the same RT35 will work quietly at this distance at something like Mid Low with its 6 hours of stabilized brightness.

The 400m distance shows the symbolic viability of the C8+ and BLF GT Mini at this distance. They give some slight light, but (as I wrote above) after a short period of time, the brightness will drop and there will be no sense from them at this distance. The remaining three large flashlights: Imalent RT35, Imalent RT70 and Fenix ​​TK75 (2018) show that 400m is quite tough for them and the building is wonderfully lit here.

but 800 meters distance is the limit for RT70, after all, the specificity of XHP70.2 makes itself felt and it’s impossible to pull it out with high brightness alone. The Imalent RT35 and Fenix ​​TK75 (2018) perform pretty well. But, in fairness, I could only see the difference in the photo. The distance is already too great.

Therefore, all these proud statements on the specifications where 1km + range is indicated must be taken with a certain skepticism. The practical benefit of this is zero, both due to the distance and due to the extreme drop in brightness at such a distance.

If you are really interested, then in the video review there are also live shootings at different distances, everything is much clearer there.

General impressions

In general, this is a good and fairly powerful long-range weapon. Memory suggests that the TN42 will be longer range, while the RT35 will be on par with something like the Manker MK35. But this is also the level of range that will be enough for your eyes not only in the mass of everyday situations (which you can cope with at the first two brightness levels), but also if you need to light up somewhere for half a kilometer and further.

In general, if you need something long-range, inexpensive and with pleasant controls, see my review. sofirn C8G

+ good secondary packaging
+ decent appearance (and, as far as I can tell, workmanship)
+ simple controls
+ brightness and range
+ built-in charger
+ full set
+ price.

— not charging well
— low charge current for 4×18650

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