Inexpensive, small, with adjustable color temperature and brightness, and (wow!) built-in speaker for background music. I saw — and immediately realized that it was he who would shine on the 2nd floor of the dacha. Now, several months have passed and I am ready to tell you what to expect from such a typical “ketai ketai” decision to connect a lamp and a column.

Packaging and appearance

The lamp was packed in a regular cardboard box. Delivered quickly, picked up at the point of issue.

Inspection passed, you can open.

Inside, in the foam, the lamp disc itself, a pair of screws and dowels for fastening, a manual and a control panel.

The luminaire is the most common solution: a metal disk dotted with LEDs with a lampshade knob. Of the unusual, only the speaker in the center. The dimensions of the lamp are 33cm in diameter and 12cm in height.

It looks exactly at its price, but there is no feeling of an open basement. Just a cheap thing that works. The plafond misses, I don’t see any minus in this, rather a plus — there is less chance of cracking.

Inside, everything is quite neat.

There are no difficulties in attaching to the ceiling and connecting to the network, I don’t see any reason to clog the review with such obvious things.

Let’s move on to the main thing — how the lamp actually shines and how it sings.


This product has almost 2 thousand orders and a huge number of reviews, so I quite soberly assessed the area that it could cover. In my case, it was a nickel somewhere 3 * 3m and ~ such sizes flashed in the reviews.

So, there is a color temperature setting in the range of 3000-6500 degrees. There are 3 keys with preset (warm, cold and neutral) settings. You can adjust the brightness. There is no special application, of course.

But there are opportunities frankly meaningless for my needs to turn on green, red or blue.

This is what it looks like live.

Centered 5000k at minimum brightness. The warmest color temperature will be even dimmer, which is fine for cozy evening gatherings, but too bright for a night light.

Here’s a pretty useless photo. But the review should have photos?


Everything is simple here. We go to the settings of the bluetooth connection. There we see ilink, we join and your chandelier is ready to spew sounds. Extort and squeeze out too. You must understand that the power and quality of such a speaker is enough to accurately pump only these modest 9 sq.m. Of course, no bass. And yet, it may well create a normal background sound. That is, you sit there, chatting with friends, doing something — you can hear the music, it is legible. If necessary, even loud enough to be able to bounce bodies. Everyone is better than listening to it from smart.

Initially, I liked the idea of ​​​​a lamp with a built-in speaker because I expected that it would be possible to turn on audio books for children at night — for this it serves perfectly. As a result, the guests went to the second floor and crawled away to sleep, and the children just listened to music during the day. Their sound quality is quite satisfactory, me too.

Once again, this is not a party column. This column is stupid to turn on the music and you heard it. Well, like some kind of the cheapest desktop column.

Here I will tell a funny story. Directly under the on-off button, I mounted a socket in which a regular 2A charging block with an open USB connector always sticks out. You need to recharge, look for some of the wires that are always lying there (children constantly play, they are needed for recharging) and charge. And here is a summer morning, I drink tea in the gazebo, Alexandra comes down. She is a very kind and pleasant person, but up to her 20s she sincerely believed that sparrows are little snails. Chirp-chirp for a while and then chirp-chirp. “Your column doesn’t work,” he says, “it doesn’t work. I insert a flash drive — the music does not go. My eyes are on my forehead, what flash drive, what connector ?! I get up with it and see the charging unit, from which the flash drive sticks out. I laugh, Sasha goggles. Well, I told her that it’s time to throw the MB flash drive into the trash (it turned out to be all right). Went down and said. Everyone laughed. I hope you laugh too.

General impressions

A great example of «cheap and cheerful.» Yes, the power of the lamp is categorically not enough to decently illuminate something like a bathroom or a spacious closet. But in such a volume, its brightness is definitely enough, in my case, from a height of 2m it gives enough light to read a book. Lessons were done with her more than once, there was no need for additional light.

The remote control is almost not needed, it is enough to adjust the color temperature once and constantly turn on it.

I didn’t need to adjust the brightness. Minimum mode is still too bright for a night light (see photo above). There is some use here only about the red light mode at minimum brightness. Here it is actually dull, but not useless. Although, if mounted in a gazebo, then at 3000K it will be the most for night gatherings.

The sound is definitely frankly mediocre. But it is head and shoulders above smart and therefore is perfect for just giving background accompaniment. For these purposes, its volume is enough for the eyes.

I don’t see any functional disadvantages. Before buying, I perfectly understood what to expect, and exactly this is what I got (in a good way). There are no complaints. The lamp cost and is worth mere pennies and fulfills them 100%.

I consider it quite suitable and convenient for a bath / toilet, for a summer house or a gazebo, change houses — just those places where people, in addition to light, may also be interested in sound.

For a nursery, I would not buy, I strongly doubt that the light here is of high quality (pulsations CRI) and here I would in no way save on children’s vision.

Where to buy and how to save

I bought it here on Aliexpress YANDEX-MARKET SBERMEGAMARKET

You can save on purchases with coupons and promotional codes from the discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the “about the author” block. Just with might and main there is a sale on Aliexpress, it will be in the subject.


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