Forget all the flashlights you’ve seen before this Astrolux MF05 review! Monstrous in size, price and range, this flashlight captivated me at the time of release and continues to inspire disbelief even a month after I became its owner. This is the first time when the novelty of impressions has not lost its sharpness even after such a long time. To put it bluntly, this lantern is on the bedside table as a reminder that you need to do a review, and that’s what I see every morning when I wake up. And every, every time something freezes inside me. The last time for such a long time something impressed me was only in my childhood, I even remember very well what it was — an album with Mortal Combat stickers.

I already told you about the incredible lights. Imalent MS12 as the brightest, Lumintop GT70 as the largest and GT nano as the smallest and long-range. Different lanterns at one time greatly surprised me. But none of them impressed me as much as the Astrolux MF05 (aka Mateminco MT90 plus). So catch a review of the most powerful long-range flashlight in the world for 2021. I hope it will be interesting!

Especially for Banggood, many Mateminco models are sold under the Astrolux brand. The only difference is in the name. To optimize the search, I will call the flashlight below this and that.

The duration of work in the specification is clearly given with an error, in the same high we lost an hour … I contacted the manufacturer. will fix it.

Packaging and appearance

The lantern’s hefty price tag includes lightning-fast courier delivery, which brought the lantern from China right to my door in a week. I note that I had to pay a fee of about 1500r ($20). SMS came, followed the link, paid and that’s it.

I was ready that the box would be big. But damn, she was just huge!

Compiled according to the principle of «Kashchei’s death»: inside the main one is another one, inside the last one, in fact, a bag with contents.

The bag is well made, it is generally far from some kind of deshman. And carrying the flashlight disassembled in a bag is much, much more practical and convenient.

The bag is branded, obviously it was specially made specifically for this lamp — everything is in size, there are all the necessary compartments.

So here is the kit. It consists of a flashlight (head + handle with two cassettes inside), a strap, a handle with a fan (!), a manual, seals, an adapter for a tripod thread and screws for attaching the handle.

Traditionally, after the story about the kit, each flashlight review begins with a story about the dimensions.

So, in general, I was prepared for the size of this lantern. After all, the exceptionally large Lumintop GT70 and Imalent MS12 have passed through my hands. Yes, and Sauron’s club Sofin SF22, too, I remember, decently surprised by its spike and length.

Yes, oh my, how long have I been telling you about the recent range record holder, the wonderful Acebeam K75?

In short, I thought that nothing could get through me.

No matter how… it was enough to get the head out of the bag to start laughing nervously. In the case of a reflector, a significant range cannot be achieved from a small head. And since 3 km is declared here, the head of the lantern is the size of a small melon.

In general, for comparison, here is how this super-long-range flashlight looks against the background of both the usual pocket ones (#3, #4 on the left) and those large ones that I currently have in stock.

720 size

And, of course, a solo cosplay of the Titanic scene with Lumintop GT Nano starring. The smallest long-range flashlight in the world against the largest.

What about weight? Almost 4kg in fully curb weight. One only head weighs almost 3 kg!

720 weight

The design of the flashlight is quite simple and the usual size of a pocket flashlight, the design would probably seem ordinary. However, in the limited non-anodized version, the flashlight reminds me of a tool. No elegance, only the crosshairs of knurling diamonds and the metallic sheen of a bunch of cooling fins on a huge head.

Some ritual of use also has this. You take a bag, you open it, you articulate all the components. Well, as in films, when a special close-up shows a seemingly passing moment of opening a sniper rifle case by a criminal and its further assembly.

And, like many other rituals (with the exception of frankly obscurantist occult practices), this one is also pleasantly mesmerizing.

In short, the look is strict, neat and, on the whole, quite pleasant.

The flashlight is powered by 8 batteries placed in two cassettes. In the similarly sized BLF GT, the contacts of the cassettes went into each other.

In Mateminco MT90 Plus, they are connected by a kind of shock-absorbing spring-loaded tablet, which gently, like a piston, walks in the case.

But a much bigger plus is that they fully support flathead batteries.

Look, in the BLF GT70, the contacts were in the recess.

And how it became in MF05

The cassettes themselves are, in fact, made qualitatively.

The tailcap is huge. Containing 25 ml of liquid, it will also allow you to wash the purchase, if you are not confused by the presence of lubricant on the thread.

There is no spring in it, it is only from the side of the head.

The thread, by the way, is a completely normal size. Quite well smeared.

It is symmetrical, so you can turn the handle in either direction.

The knurling on the handle is the simplest, the usual «pineapple». To match the overall size, it is huge. Very deep and poignant.

That’s just, if you do not have the dimensions of a superheavy, then you can not do without a belt or a handle. Without them, your wrist will beg for mercy in just a couple of minutes.

The handle goes into the corresponding groove on the head and is attached with a pair of bolts. Fastened more than securely, but there is a small backlash that does not affect the use.

720 luft

The fan is powered by a 21700 battery. With 1.5A consumption, it will only be enough for a turbo. In fairness, in High it is no longer needed. plastic cover definitely bad idea in terms of moisture protection.

In general, the handle as a means of transfer is very comfortable, with neatly machined, ergonomic places for fingers.

Still, even with the handle, you will feel the entire 5kg weight of the flashlight relatively quickly. The belt in this regard will be, I will say frankly, an uncontested choice.

Astrolux MF05 is controlled by a single button. It is medium in size, is in the recess and the finger will not miss. The move is shallow, with a noticeable click.

During operation, the button is illuminated green.

720 button

On the opposite side of it is a hole with a 3/8` thread. Fortunately, the kit also includes an adapter from it to the standard 1/4` thread for most tripods.

And here is the head. With its huge size and many (to be precise, there are 15 large and 5 small!) cooling fins, it reminds me of a motorcycle engine. Let me remind you that one head weighs almost 3 kg.

In the case of an ordinary pocket long-range flashlight, the head and the rest of the body are related somehow like this.

In the case of the Astrolux MS05, the head and body are shorter than the head!

There is no surprise here, to focus the beam to the maximum long-range, you need the largest deep reflector.

And since, according to the manufacturer’s assurances, 32A at 8.4V go to the driver in the turbo, can you imagine how much the head warms up with the final power?

The bezel is wide, with symbolic teeth. It is probably planted with glue, as attempts to twist it have not been successful.

Inside, under glass with enlightenment, there is a huge bell of a smooth reflector, at the bottom of which is installed the most powerful and long-range LED for a flashlight at the moment — Luminus SBT90.2.

In conjunction with the appropriate optics, it is really capable of miracles, but it can also impress in a fairly small size, as I was convinced when I did the review Lumintop X9L. In a completely pocket size, this flashlight made it possible to give out the light of a completely adult search light, that is, far and without a significant loss of side illumination. For those interested, I have a review of another powerful long-range flashlight on the Luminus SBT90.2, namely Acebeam K75. Much more affordable and practical than the Astrolux MF05 from this review.

The downside of such impressive performance is, unsurprisingly, a fair amount of gluttony. However, as you will see below, 8 batteries give Very good working time.

That’s all. The flashlight has exceptional, amazing dimensions, a good design, a handy bag and a complete set of everything you need.


In general, quite comfortable. Since the flashlight is more of interest for a specific category of people, it would be worth relying on some kind of flexible interface in settings like NarsilAnduril.

In reality, you get quite a concise and not confused management. Although, it is not that specific, but it combines the features of both Olight Acebeam Thrunite`s and oak Fenix`s

For OlightAcebeamThrunite users, this control will be a step down, albeit a shallow one. A fan of Fenix ​​will discover the charms of moonlight and blocking that are well known to everyone else.

Find out for yourself what came from whom here:

  • Inclusion on click.
  • Shutdown on retention
  • rewind click modes
  • Instant Access:
  • moonlight from Off by holding the button
  • Turbo from any state — 2x click.
  • Permanent access to turbo mode (the flashlight will turn on only in turbo mode, you need to break the contact to exit) — 6 clicks.
  • strobe — 3 clicks
  • Voltage test — 4 clicks (out off). The button blinks off the voltage. 8 and 3 flashes = 8.3v/
  • (One) Lock — 5 clicks. Button only. The physical lapel lock does not work.

In short, quite suitable

How Mateminco MT90 Plus shines

The duration of work measured by me is slightly lower than the declared one, since I used 30Qs that were not specified in the specification, but less capacious, but significantly higher current Sony VTC5. Original, from Nkon.nl (I have been taking it myself for many years, and I recommend it to you).

The stabilization is complete. A handle with a fan gives a clear effect and is needed only for turbo, in High the case no longer warms up until the thermal cutoff is activated.

And as you will see further, in most cases even this mode will be redundant for you and you can safely rely on the modest MID1 for its half a day of uninterrupted operation.

Well, the most interesting (although it will be much more interesting in the video review). How does this monster lamp shine?

Let me remind you that with 7500 lumes, which are quite ordinary by today’s standards, it has incredible, simply fantastic 2,500,000 candela! And when evaluating the range, it is worth taking into account these last figures.

Just so you understand, for example, 250,000 candelas, 10 times less — these are indications for a very good long-range flashlight, such as the same Acebeam L18. 1,000,000 is already something exceptionally, exceptionally long-range. And already 2.5 million candel is frankly a fantastic figure.

For clarity, there is a comparison with the wonderful Mateminco MT70 search light. With a generally similar maximum brightness, the MT90 Plus delivers fantastic focus.

720 beam

Because of this, although I usually start the test of a long-range flashlight from a distance of 50m, but for this review I don’t see any point in the example of light at that distance, the flashlight will give a terrible light. So I’d rather show you how the world’s longest-range flashlight Mateminco MT90 Plus shines, starting from a distance of 200m.

It is clearly seen that even LOW, the minimum brightness gives a clearly distinguishable light here. And this is a whole day of work at such a distance. For those who assume that the exposure is simply turned up in the higher modes, look at the rest of the frame: everything is exactly the same.

For the eye, of course, in the center, there will be no such incredible overexposure to the state of a solid white spot. This is where the difference between the work of the human eye and the camera matrix comes into play.


This is what it looks like to the eye

And here is a crop for better visibility.

720 MT90 200

Let’s move a little further.



Low is already less visible, but still distinguishable. MID I MID II are the most practical modes here.

720 MT90 350

and run another 100m. Here, at the same time, on the scale of the building, one can estimate the angle of divergence of the beam at such a distance.



720 MT90 450


The naked eye sees almost nothing at such a distance, not the fact that you can distinguish a school bus from a truck. And the lantern stubbornly demonstrates its phenomenal penetrating power.

Here, the help of a 100-400mm super-telephoto lens was already required to distinguish something. I had to light out the window, which I usually avoid in every possible way (for this reason, for example, the finally populated new building almost ceased to appear in the reviews). However, at 6 pm in the middle of the week, you should not expect that 15 seconds of light will disturb someone.

Come to think of it, MID I still gives off quite a distinct light!

720 MT90 750


Almost a mile and a half!

Let me remind you how it looks live, to the naked eye. Something looms in the distance and nothing more.

It’s hard for me to say why anyone might need light at such a distance. But if you need to highlight something, then you will successfully do it.

720MT90 1350

Unfortunately, it was not possible to check the work at a distance of 2 km and beyond. Firstly, dense urban development, and secondly, during the month that the lantern spent in my hands at the time of writing the review, there were only two evenings when fog, snow or the reflection of city light from low clouds did not interfere with filming. And the terrain does not allow you to find something suitable outside the city. Here in the mountains, yes, it’s another matter — somewhere in the Urals, or the Caucasus, I’m sure the lantern would reveal itself in all its glory.

Of course, the Astrolux MF05 SBT90.2 video review contains much more examples of how this super flashlight shines, a colossal and ultra-long-range monster.

General impressions

So much to say about this unique lantern…

If we talk about the functionality, then this flashlight successfully does what it was created for: it simply gives out crazy in terms of range, a beam that allows even at low brightness to work at distances that are limiting for other long-range models. And work Very long without a drawdown in brightness. In fact, you have the whole night for full-fledged work within a half-kilometer radius.

But if the power of the flashlight is enough for the whole night, then the user, due to the fact that this flashlight is not only the most long-range in the world, but also the largest, will most likely last only a few hours.

That is why, due to its size, purely from the standpoint of everyday everyday use, it is as useful and in demand as some kind of heavy hammer drill or manual hydraulic shears. It’s easier and smarter to buy something compact and inexpensive for your home.

Something else justifies its purchase. Mateminco MT90 Plus Astrolux MF05 — flashlight, exceptional in all its characteristics: size, range, brightness and price. All this makes it a thing from the category of frankly male Wishlist. The soul asks for the very best that is possible on the market, so that no other lantern can be compared in range or size. To sing at the very soul, every time you turn on the turbo, and so that all acquaintances and strangers would have their jaws drop. And believe me, people really went nuts when I showed them this flashlight, without even turning it on. Photos were taken as a keepsake and swearing admiringly.

And if the means allow, then why not? Yes, $400 is a lot by the standards of flashlights, although this is just the level of the top models of famous brands. By the way, it is twice cheaper than long-range Nitecore™ 39 on the same LED. I would love to compare them, but the review of the Nitecore TM39 did not take place, because the manufacturer was not impressed with my frankness in the review of the two previous TM39 new products. Not to mention the gas dischargers from Polarion, which are still finding their buyer. And in general, so that your sciatic nerve soars with the fire of proletarian anger, here are the price tags of creations Lux RC.

Well, for 400 bucks, for example, even a good one new you can’t buy a guitar, or there’s a camera. This is a large, but not astronomical price tag, quite affordable for the average user, if there is a strong interest.

Actually, the dimensions, range and price make this mega-lantern, a monster lantern, a good addition to other equally expensive male joys — a good SUV, or a boat. Things that involve open spaces where you can fully enjoy the crazy range of this flashlight. And here, in addition to the range, the gift component of this mega-flashlight is also revealed. Agree, the owner of a boat and / or a good SUV, most likely, will not surprise you. Most of all Wishlist he can afford. And in such a situation, Astrolux MF05 will be a good choice as a gift that will be remembered and will be, no doubt, boast. And not another wooden box with a trendy single malt, or a cask of Armenian.

If we reduce the review of the Astrolux MF05 to one thing, then it will be «the very best flashlight.» In everything, the very best, except for brightness. Do you want to become the owner of the most long-range and largest flashlight? Or look for a men’s gift — Mateminco MT90 Plus is about you. I will say frankly, probably purely because of the size, it will be less practical than entertaining. But if you have a strong back and the need to light up to the level of the clouds if necessary, then the Astrolux MF05 will not let you down.

Having bought it, I regret only one thing, about what Vysotsky had in mind when he said “better than mountains, there can only be mountains where you have not been yet.” And here it is: this lantern beckoned me with the uncertainty of its colossal long-range power. Now, having learned what it is capable of, I am unlikely to be impressed by any other, albeit unrealistically powerful, long-range or search lamp. In the mountains, by the way, taking into account the relief, let me remind you again, the lantern should show itself just at 100%.

I will be pleasantly surprised if even 1 out of a thousand who read this review of the most powerful long-range flashlight from aliexpress is really interested in buying it. With all the advantages of its functionality, Mateminco MT90 Plus remains Very big and Very expensive, here a good compromise both in size and cost can be the above-mentioned Mateminco MT70, the capabilities of which are fully described in the review. Well, if you need to meet a very small amount and get a modern long-range flashlight with good control, then pay attention to Sofirn C8G. In its second version, it somewhat lost in range after replacing the LED with SST40, but it gained a wider and more practical side illumination near.

Where to buy and how to save

You can buy Astrolux MS05 SBT90.2 Mateminco MT90 Plus at:


You can save on purchases with coupons and promotional codes from the discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the block «about the author»


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