Terrifyingly worthless flashlights are obtained even from large manufacturers. The colossal brightness turns into a turbo puff, the control is devoid of any logic, the light of a disgusting shade is the main rake that someone steps on constantly, someone one-time, and someone manages to bypass them, creating wonderful flashlights from time to time. Acebeam is one of those. I have always, always liked that they manage to make flashlights from time to time that look stylish, are easy to manage and are good in terms of both quantity and quality of light. If there are exceptions, then they to the extreme rare.

So I’m always happy to talk about the next Acebeam novelty. This time we will talk about the update of the super-long-range flashlight Acebeam L19

Packaging and appearance

The box has changed color, now it is white, but still looks presentable.

Everything you need is included. Flashlight itself, 5000mah 21700 battery with built-in charging connector, cable for it, lanyard, case, spare button, o-rings, manual and warranty.

The case, as usual with Acebeam, is perfectly sewn.

The Acebeam L19 is slightly larger than the average 21700 battery long-range flashlight, but only a few. The budget bestseller Sofirn C8G is a great example here. And if the superiority of Acebeam L19 in size is insignificant, then the design of Acebeam is a cut above.

And in terms of design, the second generation of the L19 is only symbolically different from the first version. It’s still the same stylish mid-sized flashlight. His appearance is exceptionally good.

me at all exclusively I like the look of Acebeam flashlights. So much so that I, unable to resist, bought myself an Acebeam l18 in camouflage

At the tail is a direct click button. To access it, there are three recesses, I would prefer that they were not there and the button could be approached from all sides. Although, as it is, it is not inconvenient

That’s how it was with Acebeam L18 17 I like it better.

On the reverse side of the tailcap there is a solid double spring. The second is from the side of the head. Like the entire L-line, the flashlight will quite confidently fit under the gun.

An additional tube is pressed into the body to conduct the signal from the button. This is a common solution, which I wholeheartedly welcome. But another solution is to place + — and both poles of the flashlight, I consider it extremely, extremely unfriendly for the user, the desire of the manufacturer to cut the dough on monstrously expensive batteries.

And here’s another moment. I did not like that, unlike the first generation, the thread here is not anodized. See how it was and how it became.

Branded batteries from Acebeam are also not cheap, especially complete ones with a built-in charging connector. But they are still ordinary, and, if you need it, they can be replaced with some kind of flat-headed ones with magnetic spacers.

The knurling on the case is tenacious, I wildly like the combination of these large squares and matte anodizing. Turner, of course, flawless.

The grip is comfortable and reliable, largely due to the stop ring. By the way, it should be made polygonal, not round, so that the flashlight does not roll.

The head is quite proportionate to the overall size of the body. Somewhat larger than some of the usual popular long-range flashlights such as the same Sofirn C8g, but still not bulky. Looks brutal and impressive.

And here you can see another change from the first version. Namely, the blackened bezel and button. See how they looked in the first version. I’m not going to say which is better or worse. Both look good.

Although the button is flat, it is easy to find. The ride is smooth and shallow. But without a doubt, a more convex button would be more convenient here, at least for winter use with a gloved hand.

I can’t help but note last year’s comment by one of my subscribers who used the L19 exactly as tactical underbarrel lamp. He rated the ease of management quite low for just such purposes. The short stroke of the tail button made it difficult to work with half-presses, the side button turned out to be too small for confident work with gloves. Well, the remote button did not look to him. Everything was arranged in the world. So take note. But for normal peaceful use and hunting, there should be no problems.

To the side of the button is a charging indicator.

Battery charge indication:

  • Green — more than 30% charge

  • Red — charge 30% — 10%

  • Red blinking — the charge is less than 10%

The bezel is “evil”, with an abundance of teeth similar to a cutter. It is glued, so without a building hair dryer it will not be possible to get to the giblets and look at the lens up close.

And under the lens is the main difference. In the first version there was Osram KP CSLPM1.F, right there SFT40, another popular modern long-range LED. It is significantly less long-range, but at the same time it is about a third brighter. Here, in fact, there is nothing to show, everything is hidden behind the lens.

However, the promo picture gives some understanding of the overall design.


All the same. Classic and really comfortable.

Physical locking with a slight flap of the tailcap

The tail button only works to start the turbo.

Side button:

From OFF

Hold: 3 seconds — moonlight. 5 seconds — electronic lock.

One click: switch to the last memorized mode

2 clicks: Turbo

3 clicks: strobe

FROM ON: Press and hold: Switches the brightness levels from the last saved Low->High mode.

1 click: off

2 clicks: Turbo

3 clicks: strobe

How Acebeam L19 shines

The flashlight has a well-stabilized brightness. Two minutes in the turbo for the eyes is enough to highlight everything you need. As is the case with many other flashlights, chances are you’ll be working more in High or Mid mode.

As for the light, the first generation was the purest «awl» without the slightest side illumination. With a third less brightness, it had a third greater range.

Now the range is comparable to Acebeam L18, but the light is clearly brighter and only some wider. It turns out that working at the same distances as L18 Acebeam L19.2 will give more side illumination, which I like. But I just liked the color temperature more in L18.


The maximum range here is declared at 1 km with a penny. But now, judging by what I see in the photo, there is light to the house located 1.3 km from me somehow gets. However, in any case, there will be no sense from him at the maximum distance. And in general, here the shooting angle can create the appearance that the light is reaching.

A video review of Acebeam L19.2 and additional photos from a different angle will be in a few days.

General impressions

Acebeam L19.2, as usual for Acebeam, has an exceptionally pleasant appearance and impeccable workmanship. The flashlight has a wonderful, convenient control and is powered by a capacious 21700 battery.

The only tangible drawback for me is the button, which definitely should have been made convex.

So, in general, everything is fine. And then you already feel that it should go «But …»

But, frankly, I don’t understand why Acebeam made this model. The second generation remained with the dimensions of the first and the L18 range. No, this is a very impressive range and it looks like a step back only when compared with the exceptionally long-range Acebeam L19.

If these two models did not exist, then the L19.2 would be a wonderful powerful medium-sized long-range flashlight. But since they are, the second generation looks like just some kind of step sideways. I don’t really see any quantitative and qualitative development here relative to the first generation. Well, yes, the brightness has increased. But, let me remind you — the range has decreased. And we are talking about a long-range flashlight …

In general, I thought, I thought who could be the target audience of this lamp novelty. It seems that this should be a user who wants to work at decent distances, while getting more side illumination and brightness than modern penetrating «awls» on Osram LEDs give. However, this side illumination bonus should not be overestimated — there will be an inevitable difference for a long-range flashlight between “not at all” and “well, at least like that”.

Personally, for myself, I would prefer Acebeam L18, which I consider an exceptionally successful model. Once again, I don’t use long-range lights at all, but I couldn’t resist and bought myself an L18 in camouflage. This is probably the first time in the last 5 years that I bought himself a flashlight, and did not leave it for personal use after the review. I think of all the major expensive flashlight brands, only Acebeam mass-produces actually interesting flashlights.

In short, if you buy — you will not regret. L19.2 is, in my opinion, between L19 and L18 (fortunately, in terms of price too) and you should decide very carefully what exactly you want to get. Any flashlight from this trinity will give you a fantastic range and the joy of owning a beautiful, high-quality and functional thing.

Actually, links to reviews of the mentioned versions:

  • Acebeam L35 is an awesome mid-ranger. Powerful and stylish, it will show itself perfectly at a distance of up to one and a half hundred meters.
  • Acebeam L18 and Acebeam L19 are a logical addition to it, which are revealed at distances of hundreds of meters.

If you do not need to shine far, but just need a very powerful flashlight, then here is an overview Acebeam X50.2it’s a real killer of darkness.

Where to buy and how to save

You can buy Acebeam L19.2 from an authorized dealer acebeam-russia.ru Fonarik4you (10% promo code Lumeniac) or at aliexpress

You can also save on the purchase of this and other goods with coupons and promotional codes from my discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the “about the author” block


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