Wuben is the last thing on your mind when choosing a camping lantern. If you think about them at all. But the brand has such a model. The manufacturer is trying very, very hard to get better and is doing really unusual things now. So their Wuben F5 turned out to be quite interesting in terms of functionality. Let’s see?

Packaging and appearance

Good packaging. Not enough stars but good

Everything you need is included. Flashlight itself, type-C charging cable, carabiner, lanyard, manual.

Silicone lanyard. The solution is rare, and I myself do not use lanyards at all. Well, plus, few people will put a lanyard in a camping flashlight. So I’m not ready to comment on how the silicone lanyard is in place here.

The charging cable is the most common.

And here is the camping lantern itself.

They are of two types: saucers and barrels. Here Wuben F5 is made as a variation of this saucer, it is square instead of the usual round one. Size and weight: 85*78*25.5mm and 203g.

See for yourself, for comparison, I take an extremely popular camping lamp with 3 * 18650 batteries, a review of which you can read here

By and large, Wuben has everything the same, but in a much more decent branded wrapper.

There are many things to mount. For example, a ring for suspension and a magnet for magnetization.

The ring walks with a pleasant stiffness, if necessary, the lamp can be leaned on this ring

In addition, there is also, in fact (more on that later), an important tripod mount for this model. In general, with the Wuben F5, each side of the body went into action. On one thread for a tripod.

On the other charging-discharging connectors, they are closed with a tight plug. There is USB-C for input and USB-A for output.

Working in power bank mode is now the standard, and the Wuben F5 camping lamp supports this standard. The current output is not impressive compared to the modern one — 5v2A is not so much. However, believe me, 2A is more than enough for me.

And in general. Let me remind you that literally 5 years ago, not every flashlight had a charging current of 1A. You get used to good things quickly, right?

Charging is similar, Wuben F5 charges in about 3 hours.

The control buttons are on the opposite side.

And on the last side is the simplest indicator.

Oh yes. LED panel. Here she is. Matte, wrinkle-resistant plastic

Not bad, not bad. Monolithic pleasant to the touch contraption. I do not see any visible flaws in design or workmanship.


Nothing complicated

W switches color temperature by 2 clicks

+ — decrease or increase the brightness by pressing (preset modes) or smoothly adjust (ah well done) on retention

But turning on the modes for a camping flashlight from the memory is not good. Turn on in the tent and go blind. Here, either every time at night, turn the brightness to the minimum, or when you turn it on, press it against you and immediately press on ««

The traditional bookmark on the minimum brightness to hold off would be ideal here.

How Wuben F5 shines

The light is stabilized, but there is no reason to calculate a long maximum brightness. However, even 300 lumens, which you will have for almost 4 hours after falling from the maximum, is more than enough for camping light. Let me remind you, there is a smooth brightness control. I would wind something around 200lum, this will be enough for both brightness and duration.

Let me remind you that Wuben F5 has three color temperature options: 3000, 4500, 5700K

Unfortunately, I messed up with a photo in a cold color, a curtain fell in front of the lens. Now there is no way to retake. I think that everything is clear. MID, with all its low brightness, quite well illuminates the gazebo for evening gatherings.

General impressions

Wuben F5, in general, is a good piece of functionality that has everything you need for a camping flashlight.

There is a smooth brightness control (this is really good) and a choice of color temperature. Sufficiently modest size will not burden the backpack. There are working magnet and suspension.

Unlike this super-saucer, there is normal moisture protection. To be fair, the battery capacities are there at all different (however, if we evaluate the capacity and brightness relative to the size, then the Wuben F5 battery is quite on the level)

There is a thread for a tripod, which may appeal to those who are looking for some kind of flexible near photo-video light in settings.

There is a power bank mode.

For me, there is generally everything you need except for a firefly that way at 0.5 lum and instant access to it. 7-10 lumens of minimum brightness is too much for a number of situations. Everything is there, but there is no particular liking for Wuben as a brand. It is frankly difficult for me to step over the rooted dismissive attitude towards him. But progress in comparison with what Wuben did just a couple of years ago is obvious.

In general, if you are okay with the built-in battery and if you need something compact and shining down, long-playing, with smooth brightness control and normal color temperature, then Wuben F5 does not cause any logically justified rejection in me.

The question is that you can pay a little extra and take a much more flexible Sofirn LT1S in settings (albeit in a barrel format). Or, in the same budget, take a significantly brighter and longer-lasting super-saucer from the link from the review above. Another option for an ultra-compact camping light is a chic LED torch from Xiaomi (see review), which, in conjunction with a power bank, will give an extremely pleasant light in terms of quality and quantity. I have 2 of these, for example.

The chances are extremely small that a professional tourist will be interested in what Wuben does. Here, a regular flashlight diffuser or some functionally short, but indestructible model from Fenix ​​in the CL line will be more in demand.

In general, the point is that there seems to be nothing to complain about — there is almost everything that I would like to get in a camping light. But the heart still does not sing. Although, maybe I’m just snickering.

Where to buy and how to save

Buy on Aliepress (there is an unnamed alternative cheaper, without smooth adjustment and with complaints about the opening plug — I don’t see much point, but it’s worth mentioning)

You can also save on the purchase of this and other goods with coupons and promotional codes from my discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the “about the author” block


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