A novelty based on the bright and long-range SFT70 LED has been released in the “i” line of Nitecore tactical flashlights. Both this LED and the «i» line have their pros and cons, let’s see what to expect from the Nitecore P23i, judging by the specification.

The main feature of the i-line is a battery with + and — placed on each end. This allows you to make control through the tail button noticeably more flexible. This is usually solved by installing an additional tube in the housing to conduct the signal. This method is simple and allows you to use any suitable batteries.

In the case of the ‘i’ ruler, Nitecore flashlights support the work only from the batteries designed for this series, the price of which much exceeds the cost of ordinary.

And if in the first 21700 models of this line there was still an adapter with 18650 batteries, then in the subsequent ones the manufacturer changed it to an adapter with extremely rare CR123 lithium-ion batteries.

The tail cap has a type-c charging connector, you should expect it to be fast

The usual bunch of tail buttons and a “swing” recessed flush with the body are responsible for control

Since the flashlight is tactical, then, of course, contacts are spring loaded on both sides.

Responsible for light SFT-70 Light-emitting diode. Its advantage is the combination of high range and brightness. And for the Nitecore P23i, the manufacturer claims 3000lum and 470m, which are considerable for a tactical flashlight. There is also a drawback, at low brightness this LED is noticeably green. However, for tactical needs, this, most likely, will not play any role at all. Here is an example of the light of another tactical flashlight with this LED

However, the manufacturer claims that this is also a flashlight for ordinary needs and shares such scenarios for using it in control, which differs in that in tactical mode the brightness goes down, and in normal mode it goes up. Also in tactical mode, there is no High at 1500 lumens.

It is worth noting the strange decision to make ultralow 50 lumens. That night vision saving and non-dazzling mode, which is called ultralow, usually has a brightness of 0.5-2lum. Right there in the Nitecore P23i Ultralow turns out to be brighter than the Low mode of many (including the same brand) flashlights.

Of course, the flashlight has springs on both sides, it must confidently hold the return.

The Nitecore P23i is compatible with a variety of standard Nitecore mounts and accessories, including diffusers and a replaceable illuminated tailcap.

It is worth noting that in the same line, Nitecore released the Nitecore P35i, a frankly unusual and impressive tactical flashlight that combines an ultra-long-range laser-pumped LED with an array of classic low-beam LEDs.

official page of the model

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