Sofirn SP33S is a complete rehabilitation of the manufacturer after crap with the previous version. Now a flashlight exclusively good. In my opinion, this is the most interesting flashlight with 26650 battery and XHP70.2 LED in terms of price and features. If you want to choose a bright EDC flashlight with a long runtime, then it is quite possible that the review of Sofirn SP33S will convince you to choose this model. The intro oozes honey, yeah But these are sincere words. And below I will show you why I have such a good opinion about this lamp.

What kind of crap? Yes, they just added convenient controls, built-in charging, but for the sake of a completely unnecessary increase in brightness, they brought it all to naught by the lack of stabilization (which is tolerable) and the thermal control that drives the brightness up and down extremely aggressively (which is not encouraging).


  • LED: 1x 6000-6500K CREE XHP70.2 with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Operating voltage: 3.0–4.2 V
  • Battery options: 1*21700 (without protection board), 1*26650 or 1*18650
  • Size: 126mm (length) × 36mm (head diameter)
  • Weight: 139 grams
  • Waterproof: IPX-8 (up to 2 meters underwater, not for diving)
  • Mode memory: remembers the last brightness level used in the main modes (Eco/Low/Medium/High)
  • Reverse polarity protection in case of incorrect battery installation
  • Low Voltage Warning: When the battery voltage is too low, the LED indicator on the side switch will flash quickly. Please recharge the battery.
  • Low Voltage Protection: The flashlight will automatically turn off when the voltage is lower than 3.0V. It will also automatically turn off if the voltage gets too low. Please recharge the battery.
  • Advanced Temperature Control (ATR) Technology: When the temperature rises, the SP33S is programmed to automatically dim and brighten. These thresholds are set to 45°C, 55°C and 65°C. The higher the temperature, the more the brightness drops. As soon as the temperature drops, the brightness will increase again according to the mode you have selected.

Packaging and appearance

That black and yellow packaging, which, in contrast to the usual beige cardboard, plays the role of luxury at Sofirn.

Inside the substrate is the entire usual set: the flashlight itself, a 26650 battery, a lanyard, a type-C cable, a manual, a pair of o-rings. Everything you need is there except for the case.

The flashlight retained the design and dimensions of the previous model, i.е. this is the most common and fairly compact 26650 flashlight

126mm length x 36mm head diameter, 140g without battery. Quite a normal size for this category of flashlights. Jeans will no longer fit into a pocket, but in a jacket or shorts pocket it will be quite comfortable.

Left to right: Wurkkos TS21 Sofirn SP35 Sofirn SP33S Convoy S11

The design is quite simple. As usual, Sofirn looks better than the convoy, but worse than almost any more expensive brand. But, believe me, it only looks.

Personally, I don’t like the anodizing the most here — the flashlight would definitely look better if the anodizing was matte.

As usual, Sofirn SP33S is disassembled into three parts.

The tail cap is flat, the flashlight will stand up as a candle without any problems. It is convenient when you can direct the light to the ceiling and illuminate the room with reflected light. I often do this when there is a need to create twilight in the room.

From the side of the tail there is a fairly thick spring, but from the side of the head there is already a nickel of the contact pad.

The knurling is quite tenacious, the grip is certainly comfortable and reliable. There are no questions about the lathe.

The head does not stand out in size and simply continues the body. The size of the cooling fins is far from decorative. However, even so, I would not overestimate their overall influence.

The button is small, but easy to find due to the fact that it is located on a flat area. The symbolic backlash of the button does not interfere in any way. Of course, there is an indication of the charge level with a simple red-green LED in its center.

On the reverse side is a Type-C charging connector. Thick and durable looking. Charging is fast, in the power bank mode, the flashlight is also good — it gives 15 watts.

3A for charging, this, of course, is sooo good!

The bezel appears to be stainless steel. Glued to the head. Beneath it is a medium sized textured reflector with a Cree XHP70.2 on the bottom.

In general, what was — is what remains. Quite budget, modest appearance. Comfortable grip and backlash button as the only visible flaw in the manufacture.


But the management made me happy. Here, a budget flashlight stands head and shoulders above the mass of significantly more expensive flashlights from non-budget brands.

In fact, this is the well-known OlightThrunite interface with an addition in the form of a ruler with smooth brightness control. Control Very convenient.

By 5 clicks, you can switch the backlight of the button (on-blinking-off).

Group 1: step mode group (default)

  • OFF-ON by click
  • Rewind modes (Eco — Low — Medium — High) on hold
  • 2 clicks — Turbo (2 cheeks from turbo — transition to moonlight), double clicking again to activate moonlight mode.
  • Hold from OFF — moonlight

Group 2: Ramping Group

  • OFF-ON — on click
  • Increase-decrease brightness on hold
  • 2x cheek — TURBO (2 cheek from turbo — moonlight)
  • Hold from OFF — moonlight
  • Strobe — 3 cheeks (2 cheeks cycle through SOS-beacon-strobe)
  • (times) Lock — 4 clicks from ON. By holding the button in the locked state, moonlight is launched
  • Switch between mode 1 and 2 — 4 clicks from ON.

How Sofirn SP33S shines

Let me remind you that I highly appreciated the previous version. For the sake of increasing brightness, the manufacturer buried stabilization and added extremely aggressive thermal control.

In Sofirn SP33S, this question is no longer at all. Brightness stabilized. Thermal control is still scary with a “saw”, but it is far from being so aggressive.

Already 600 lumens MID is a perfectly decent brightness, which is enough for most everyday needs. And here this brightness is kept without cooling.

High is declared at the level of 2000 lum. Let it be even 1500, even so — with cooling, the brightness does not oscillate, and without cooling, the «saw» appears after almost 20 minutes. With a high probability, you will still leave this mode in the same MID even before the thermoregulation is triggered.

In a turbo «saw» is inevitable. However, even so, the situation is still quite decent. From a cold start, well, or with MID, you will have at least a minute in the turbo and even more with cooling. From a “hot” start, there will be about 30 seconds with cooling, or almost nothing without the latter. However, turbo implies nature, open spaces, where there is always some kind of breeze. Not to mention the use of a flashlight in the cold season.

By the way, Sofirn SP33S works quite well on external power even without a battery, only turbo mode is not supported here. I saw a comment from a person who made a bicycle headlight from a power bank and the head of Sofirn SP33 v3. Well, you can actually pull off such a number.

As for the light, here we have a completely ordinary universal bright medium. The light is quite comfortable at close range, it performs well at medium distances. In other words, it is a universal comfortable light for maximum domestic and recreational needs. Yes, I don’t see any reason to wait here for the 5000lum promised by the manufacturer. There is no way to measure the brightness, but all other analogues walk within 3500-4000lum. I would rely on this figure (closer to its lower limit).

I really like this combination of the XHP70.2 and the shallow textured reflector. The resulting light is pretty versatile. The beam does not need to be driven back and forth, the side illumination is wide enough. Good brightness allows, albeit rather poorly, to highlight some moderately distant objects.

I can not get past the color temperature. They sent me a 6500K version for review, but now you can buy a 5000K version, which I recommend in every possible way, since now I like this particular color temperature. And, of course, I hope that a 4000K version will also appear.

If you need a bright flashlight in a relatively small package, that is Wurkkos TS21. It has a wider light, it is more compact, but it also holds older brightnesses worse. However, I use it with might and main and for everyday purposes it is very rare to get into a turbo. Another option is Sofirn SP35 (review). It has less brightness, but more range. Management is also very convenient.

You should not look for range here, the wrong optics and the wrong LED. But due to the high brightness, you can quite somehow, but you can highlight something at a distance of a couple of hundred meters, no further.

General impressions

This is exactly what Sofirn SP33 v3, released a couple of years ago, should have become. And if I frankly recommended avoiding that one, then I safely recommend this one for purchase.

Yes, it has a budget look. But at the same time, completely non-budgetary functionality.

Judge for yourself. At the flashlightexcellent flexible control with smooth and step modes of brightness adjustment. And this is not Anduril with its frighteningly huge scheme of all kinds of settings. Management here is quite familiar and it has absolutely everything you need: from an instant firefly and turbo, to blocking.

The battery is capacious and inexpensive, the run time is very good. Charging is exceptionally fast, try to find 3A somewhere else. In case of need, it works as a power bank with a 15w output.

In the flashlightbrightness stabilization and the quickly turning on swings of thermoregulation disappeared. They are still present, but at a justified level. Thermoregulation drives the brightness up and down, but only in turbo or high (and there without cooling and not immediately).

The light is good and versatile, both in terms of brightness and light distribution. Convenient at the most popular distances in everyday life, i.e. near and mid. Sofirn SP33S is good both indoors and outdoors as the same walking light. Due to the huge brightness, it will allow you to light up far enough.

If the battery is dead — in case of frank need you can power the flashlight directly from the power bank without a battery

At the time of writing the review, the price was also in the minuses ($ 45-50) and it was higher than they used to pay for Sofirn products. But the situation has changed, and from the minuses the price tag turned into a plus.

Price. Sofirn SP33S is more expensive than the previous version. But with a coupon and promo code, it costs $38 for full set. The same Convoy M3 without a battery costs a couple of bucks more. And it does not have fast delivery from the RF warehouse, unlike Sofirn SP33S.

And if you look at the ratio of price and functionality, then it is excellent. For these $40, any major brand will not offer you even some basic and primitive 18650 flashlight. I remember that models with the same size, power supply and LED as Sofirn SP33S (for example Klarus G20, Acebeam EC50, Olight R50) always cost twice as much. Yes they significantly won in design and packaging, but lost in management and charging speed.

In short, for me, everything looks like Sofirn released another budget bestseller, which was Sofirn C8G like a long-range flashlight and Sofirn SP40 like a headlamp. I highly recommend Sofirn SP33S for purchase.

Where to buy and how to save

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